Microsoft has Officially Released Windows 11 – Available as a Free Update

windows 11 by microsoft

Windows 11, a successor to Windows 10, has officially been released by Microsoft and is available to download for free. 

Microsoft had previously claimed that it will mark the end of the operating system on Windows 10. Surprisingly, we see a shift upon the launch of Windows 11 equipped with a bundle of benefits. Windows 11 is simpler and more streamlined. It has a clean and attractive new look with improved tools, what was good about Windows 10 has been incorporated into Windows 11 without any drastic changes by Microsoft. Many of the new features, once learned, can allow you to be more productive.  

Microsoft has officially released the newcomer, Windows 11, in October 2021. This new window is offered to all users as a free update to their already installed Windows 10. The Windows 11 operating system is compatible with PCs that are running:

  • Intel’s 8th generation CPUs or later
  • AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs or later
  • 4GB RAM 
  • 64B storage
  • 720p display
  • DirectX 12 compatible GPU

It is expected that the new windows will first land on the latest devices launched in 2021, and then gradually move on to the older models during the next year. The new release has a fluent design language with better ways to find and download apps. 

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