World Record Alert! Num of Astronauts Orbiting Earth at the Same Time Reached 17

17 Astronauts Orbiting Earth at the Same Time setting a New Record


  • Number of Astronauts in Space Hits a Record High
  • 17 people in orbit at the same time
  • Previous record made at 14 people in space

According to, the total number of people orbiting the Earth has hit a record of 17.

Though the record lasted only for a short time, it’s an indicator of how far humanity has reached in the space race.

The previous record was set at 14 people in space during the privately funded “Inspiration4 mission” in September 2021.

Inspiration4 was the world’s first mission with all civilian passengers. It was operated by SpaceX on behalf of Jared Isaacman (Shift4 Payments CEO).

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With the launch of China’s three-person Shenzhou 16 mission on 29th May, the population in orbit grew to 17.

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