Pakistani Students Made 14 Potential Asteroid Discoveries For NASA

International astronomical search campaign


  • 40 students participated in the All Pakistan Asteroid Search Campaign 
  • Event affiliated with NASA and IASC
  • 14 “Preliminary” discoveries made
  • Students worked as NASA Citizen Scientists

40 students from across Pakistan took part in the first All Pakistan Asteroid Search Campaign affiliated with NASA and the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC). 

14 preliminary (potential discoveries) were made during the event by the students as reported by the organizers.

The campaign started on 21st October 2022 and ended on 15th November. 

Students were given data and detailed instructions on how to make asteroid discoveries. 

The First Asteroid Campaign in Pakistan

The All Pakistan Asteroid Search Campaign was organized in the country for the first time. 

The students got to work as NASA Citizen scientists.

The campaign was brought to Pakistan by a student society named IST Space Society in collaboration with the Attock Astronomical Society. 

All Pakistan asteroid search campaign

The IST Space Society belongs to the Institute of Space Technology (Pakistan).

The campaign brought together researchers, and students from high schools, colleges, and universities. 

Students Get to Name the Asteroid 

The asteroids which are confirmed by the IASC and NASA enter the ”preliminary discovery” stage and once confirmed, they are labeled as actual asteroids. 

Students who discover asteroids are awarded certificates and are allowed to name them.

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