All About Winterland Lahore – Timings, Location, and Ticket Prices

Lahore can get unbearably warm, but chill scenes are always on at the Winterland Lahore. Winterland Lahore is Pakistan’s first and biggest snow-themed park, with a climate control environment and lots of fun rides.

With 100% real snow, you can ditch the long plans to the north and enjoy snow fights, along with other fun activities.

Brace yourself for the -10° ice park with extreme ice activities, live real snowfall to fall into, sculpted ice spaces, photography, snacks, and more.

Find out all the details in the article.

Winterland Lahore – Location & Contact Info

Below are the contact details and booking info for Winterland Lahore:

Contact Number0304-111-7669
LocationBahria Town Lahore, Ghaznavi Block, Sector F, near Eiffel Tower & Rahia Goldplex Cinema.
Online Bookings

Ticket Prices

Below are the ticket prices at the Winterland Lahore:

StandardPKR 14991 Person1 hourJacket, gloves, unlimited access to all activities
PremiumPKR 24991 personUnlimited accessFast-track entry inside the ice park, unlimited stay in -10 degrees, jacket, gloves, unlimited access to activities, free snacks, and photography

Winterland Lahore Activities

Below is the list of ideas and activities that you can enjoy at Winterland Lahore.

1. Infinity & Tunnel Slides

If you are looking for some adrenaline rush, the infinity and tunnel slides are for you. With a height of 15-18 feet, the ice slide, in an infinity shape, is the perfect thrill ride.

On the other hand, the Tunnel Slide is an extremely steep slide, completely covered in a tunnel-like structure made of ice.

Hold on tight as you slide down at high speeds, with freezing cold, making the ride even more fun.

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2. Merry Snow Round

Merry Snow Round - Winterland Lahore

A Merry Snow Round is just what you would need to brighten up a boring day. The air-inflated tube ride is tied to a rotating pole, moving in a circular direction on an ice platform.

The high speeds let you enjoy the snow in full swing.

3. Ice Cycling and Skating

Cycling on the snow is risky, but here you can take all the risk without any worries! Enjoy ice cycling or skating on the slippery ice, and let go as the ice takes you along.

Whether you are a pro or a first-timer, you will definitely enjoy the experience.

4. Snow Play Area & Bumper Cars

Indulge in the thrill of snow-filled adventures in the Snow Play Area, where you can enjoy the snow as a kid. Throw snowballs at your friends or take fun selfies with a snowman.

Bumping into your friends has never been this fun. Enjoy bumping cars in the snow and slide freely as the collisions begin.

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5. Zipline & Kid’s Play Area

Kids deserve special treatment, and that is why there is a dedicated play area for them. Filled with thousands of balls, the area for kids is super fun, chill, and colorful.

Lastly, there is a zipline for those looking for an extra bit of thrill. Scream your heart out as your glide through the cool air, having the time of your life.


Winterland Lahore offers the following services to all customers.

  • Jackets and gloves
  • Assistance by experienced staff
  • First aid service

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