Best Bakeries in Lahore – The Most Popular, Economical & High-Quality Spots


Lahore is the hub of great food, whether it’s desi or western. The place is filled with multiple food spots at every corner, and when it comes to baked goods, there is a lot to be explored. To help you visit the best options, here is our list of the best bakeries in Lahore that are a must-try.

Top Bakeries in Lahore

Here is a list of the best bakeries in Lahore based on popularity, high quality, and reasonable rates.

#Best Bakeries in LahoreLocationContact Number
1Layers BakeshopJohar Town0303 4000076
2Kitchen Cuisine Wapda Town(042) 35181329
3Bundu Khan Sweets & Bakers Gulshan e Ravi0322 4282730
4Mini Treats Johar Town 0304 1116464
5Bread & Beyond Johar Town (042) 35445642
6Khalifa Bakers Mochi Gate0307 1438331

Now we will explore each bakery in Lahore, one by one.

1. Layers Bakeshop

With 174k followers on Facebook, Layers has become a popular name not only in Lahore but also across Pakistan.

Serving high-quality cakes and baked goods for economical prices, Layers is your best bet for all events that need a kick of sweetness.


  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Sundaes
  • Lotus Cake
  • Brownies
  • Frosted Cupcakes
LocationContact Number
Block R, Phase 2, Johar Town (Main branch)0303 4000076
DHA Phase 3, Sector Y, Lahore0303 4000054
MM Alam Rd, 5th Floor, near Zoom Petrol Pump0303 4000626
Allama Iqbal Town, Hunza Block, Ground Floor0303 4000508
Model Town Extension, Block G 0303 4000739
WAPDA Town, Block D, Wapda Avenue, Phase 10303 4000852
DHA Phase 5, Amsons Distributers, Sector C0309 4000028
Bagh Ali Rd, Shop No, 11-A, Girja Chowk0303 4000731
Ground floor, Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi Rd, Gulberg0325 4008811
Sector C, Commercial Area, Bahria Town0304 4000888
Ground Floor, Canal Commercial, Block M, Lake City0304 4000306

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2. Kitchen Cuisine

Kitchen Cuisine is another popular bakery chain in Pakistan, serving delicious cakes, sandwiches, brownies, cupcakes, and many other baked goods.

The place has multiple branches across Lahore, some of which are mentioned below:


  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Ice Cream Cakes
  • Special Sandwich
LocationContact Number
Wapda Avenue, Phase 1, Block D2, Wapda Town (Main Branch)(042) 35181329
MM Alam Rd, Block B1, Gulberg III(042) 35753966
Unique Arcade, Block G, Phase 1, Johar Town(042) 35290963
DHA Phase 1, Sector K(042) 35709850
Main Airport Rd, Eden Avenue, next to Eden Ext(042) 35695161
Girja Chowk, Bagh Ali Road, near Flower Market, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab(042) 36687872
Anwar Tower, Shadman Rd(042) 35960103
Allama Iqbal Town, Ground Floor, Main Blvd, Asif Block(042) 37814889
Wapda Avenue, Block D2, Wapda Town, Phase 1 Lahore(042) 35181329
Khaiban-e-Firdousi, Road, Block A, Phase 1 Johar Town(042) 35202525

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3. Bundu Khan Sweets & Bakers

Bundu Khan is among the most known and loved restaurants in Lahore, and their bakery is also quite popular.

The place is known for its high-quality biscuits, halwa, and other traditional Pakistani sweets. The place also serves some great cakes and bread.


  • Cakes
  • Sweets
  • Biscuits
LocationContact Number
Muqaddas Park, Block B, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore (Main Branch)0322 4282730
Super Town, Defence Morr(042) 35935345
DHA Phase 2, Civic Commercial Area, Sector T……….
Karim Park(042) 111 648 424
DHA Phase 1, Plot 160, Sector H0348 7861331
Samanabad Town, Samanabad Main Boulevard(042) 111 648 424
Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Rd, Block A3, Gulberg III………..
Raiwind Rd, Ali Town(042) 111 648 424
Allama Iqbal Town, Main Boulevard, Chenab Block(042) 111 648 424
Faisal Town, Abul Hassan Isfahani Rd, Block D(042) 111 648 424

4. Mini Treats

With 160k followers on Facebook, Mini Treats is a popular spot for some gooey goodness. They specialize in custom cakes, mini cakes, and cupcakes.


  • Custom Cakes
LocationContact Number
Phase 2, Block L, Johar Town, Abdul Haque Rd0304 1116464

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5. Bread & Beyond

Bread & Beyond is a popular mid-range spot for pizzas, cakes, and baked goods. The place serves a huge variety of cakes and pastries, and their service, along with quality, is commendable.


  • Cakes
  • Pizza
  • Rusk
  • Salads
LocationContact Number
Main Boulevard, Phase 2, Near Kokhar Chowk, Block L, Johar Town (Main Branch)(042) 35445642
Allama Iqbal Rd, Garhi Shahu(042) 36293684
DHA Phase 1, Street 123, Sector H(042) 37392734
Wahdat Rd, Rehmanpura Colony(042) 37502899
Johar Town, Phase 2, Main Boulevard, Block L, Near Kokhar Chowk(042) 35445642
Main Bedian Road, Opposite Askari 11, Sector A, Askari 8 (Depence)(042) 37165167
Chowk Azam, Kamahan Road, Atta Bakhsh Road(042) 35923182
Imperial Mall, Imperial Garden Homes Paragon City0311 1222262

6. Khalifa Bakers

Khalifa Bakers are famous for their naankhatai, which is extremely delicious, The taste of nuts in the crunchy biscuit is to die for, and they also offer other baked goods like rusk, bakarkhani, etc.


  • Naankhatai
  • Bakarkhani
LocationContact Number
Chauhatta، Mufti Bakar Chowk، Mohalla Ghonghat Mochi Gate Walled City0307 1438331

Bakeries in Lahore Await You!

So that was our list of the best bakeries in Lahore. If you want to explore more food content, restaurants, cafes, buffet spots, and more, check out the BlogPakistan site.

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