15 Restaurants in Lahore: Get the Best Food & Ambiance

restaurants in Lahore

Lahore is a Pakistani city famed for its tradition and cuisine. In fact, the top restaurants in Lahore are unrivaled by those in other cities. People go from various cities to taste the delectable cuisine. The following are the greatest restaurants in Lahore for lunch, supper, snacks, and desserts. 

List of Popular Restaurants in Lahore

If you want to spend a night out with your family or catch up with an old friend, dining at some of the greatest restaurants in Lahore is undoubtedly a good choice. We’ve put together a list of the top 15 restaurants in Lahore, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy them!

#Restaurants in LahoreRatingContact InfoLocation
1Sumo4.50340 0000196Gulberg and DHA Phase III
2Veera54.60304 4999829DHA Phase V
3Arcadian Cafe4.40314 4774443Gulberg II
4Mandarin Kitchen4.20340 0000116DHA Phase III
5Gaia Japanese Fusion Lahore4.30300 0453737DHA Phase V
6Wasabi4.20322 3533322Gulberg and DHA Phase III
7Spice Bazaar4.30311 1122103M.M. Alam Road and DHA Phase VI
8Yum Chinese and Thai4.30311 1122101Gulberg and DHA Phase III
9Fuchsia Kitchen4.3(042) 35762157Hali Road, Gulberg
10Cosa Nostra4.2(042) 35751886DHA Phase V
11Cafe Aylanto4.2(042) 35751886M.M. Alam Road and DHA Phase III
12Pasta La Vista 4.20308 1353066DHA Phase II
13Bamboo Union4.20301 8485574Mall One and DHA Phase V
14Andaaz4.10300 0263229Fort Road, Walled City
15Sashas 3.9(042) 35781286Gulberg

1. Sumo Lahore

Sumo offers exquisite dining with traditional Japanese cuisine to customers seeking a relaxing experience with outstanding sushi, live teppanyaki, and delectable teriyaki specialties. It has a beautiful interior and excellent culinary taste.

For true sushi fans, the menu includes a vast variety of Sushi Rolls, ranging from Maki rolls to Nigiris and even Sashimi. The dining experience at Sumo’s is never disappointing, with freshly rolled sushi and live Teppanyaki grilling. When you visit, don’t forget to taste their Dynamite California rolls and Beef Teppanyaki.

Sumo Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Sumo Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Sumo Lahore, contact them at 0340 0000196

Location: DHA Phase III and Gulberg, Lahore.

2. Veera5 Lahore

Veera5 is a restaurant that serves authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine. Veera 5 stands out among the various Pan-Asian eateries in Lahore because of its distinct taste and atmosphere. It provides an outstanding fine dining experience. Veera5 is a go-to restaurant for a healthy outdoor feast, with ultimate cuisine richness and a blend of unique, enticing flavors.

Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, Thai Green/Red Curry, and Garlic Pepper Prawns are some of their most popular dishes. It’s a delicate bistro with a calming environment and creative cuisine. To broaden your palate and eat something other than the standard Asian fare, we recommend trying their Thai Green Curry and Sesame Orange Beef.

Veera5 Lahore

View & Download the Complete Menu of Veera5 Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Veera5 Lahore, contact them at 0304 4999829

Location: DHA Phase V, Lahore.

3. Arcadian Cafe Lahore

Arcadian Cafe offers a really pleasant atmosphere, a dining place with a few blue lights, dim lighting, and a pleasant ambiance overall. Dinner there is enjoyable, especially given the variety of selections available. Their menu features everything from Italian to Continental food to Asian fusion! They also have amazing drinks and treats; we cannot emphasize enough how fantastic their lava cake is. Highly recommended.

Arcadian Cafe Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Arcadian Cafe Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Arcadian Cafe Lahore, contact them at 0314 4774443

Location: Gulberg 2, Lahore

4. Mandarin Kitchen Lahore

Mandarin Kitchen is the Asian equivalent of Sumo. Mandarin Kitchen gives your taste buds a genuine Chinese culinary experience that is tailored to your preferences. They offer the tastiest prawns in town, expertly fusion Chinese cuisine, a contemporary setting, and friendly service. Between 3 PM and 7 PM, Mandarin Kitchen also has hi-tea times available, and their hi-tea experience is not to be missed!

Mandarin Kitchen Lahore

View & Download the Complete Menu of Mandarin Kitchen Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Mandarin Kitchen Lahore, contact them at 0340 0000116

Location: DHA Phase 3, Lahore.

5. Gaia Japanese Fusion Lahore

Gaia’s decor is very modern-contemporary, art-inspired, and softly lighted. Their beverage bar is the focal point of the space. The best authentic Japanese food is available at Gaia. Some other favorites are their Black Cod and Chicken Teriyaki, and their menu has a vast variety to choose from. Their sushi is fresh too!

Gaia Japanese Fusion Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Gaia Japanese Fusion Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Gaia Japanese Fusion Lahore, contact them at 0300 0453737

Location: DHA Phase 5, Lahore

6. Wasabi Lahore

Wasabi is a Japanese restaurant that serves a range of sushi rolls as well as live teppanyaki grilling. If you don’t want to eat sushi, though, breakfast at Wasabi can be a good option. The restaurant is designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, in keeping with Japanese beliefs and customs. Wasabi includes a table with a live cooking station where you may sit and enjoy the exotic experience of live cooking, which is still a relatively uncommon concept in Lahore. The indoor ambiance is stylish yet pleasant, while the outdoor setting is more relaxed, allowing you to enjoy their absolutely delectable breakfast in the morning or dinner on a cold winter night.

When it comes to the food, it’s difficult to pick a favorite from this establishment because everything from their breakfast to desserts is made to perfection. Wasabi goes above and beyond for sushi fans with their Sushi Platters, which allow you to select a range of various rolls based on your preferences and have them served on a single platter to satisfy your needs. Don’t forget to taste their unique Spicy Salmon Steak and end your meal with their Cheesecake, which will have you going back for more.

Wasabi Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Wasabi Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Wasabi Lahore, contact them at 0322 3533322

Location: Gulberg and DHA Phase III, Lahore.

7. Spice Bazaar Lahore

Spice Bazaar is a beautifully constructed restaurant that serves Pakistani cuisine with a blast of our distinctive spices. Fill up your stomach with everything from Malai Boti, Mutton Chops, and Chicken Handi to parathas and freshly cooked naans. Indoors, in the wide eating spaces Spice Bazaar offers, you can spend a wonderful and dimly illuminated tranquil evening. Their famous Mithai Shop – Chashni – is attached to Spice Bazaar.

You’ll find a fusion of Chinese and Desi food, along with a whole salad, gol gappay, and dessert counter. Devour all the BBQ goodness at once; opt for the Spice Bazaar Mix Grill, containing all BBQ goodies on a flaming hot grill. Marination of the food is done with the perfect Lahori masalas and cooked to perfection for your taste.

Spice Bazaar Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Spice Bazaar Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Spice Bazaar Lahore, contact them at 0311 1122103

Location: M.M. Alam and DHA Phase VI, Lahore.

8. Yum Chinese and Thai Lahore

YUM, Lahore’s most well-known/distinguished restaurant brand, specializes in gourmet Chinese and Thai cuisine. The restaurant serves a variety of delicious Chinese meals. This is the ideal venue to enjoy your Chinese food night out, with a full Chinese-inspired atmosphere and a Chinese vibe.

Start with their Hot and Sour Soup, which they serve with fish crackers. Then get Beef Chili Dry or Kung Pao Chicken with Egg Fried Rice – or ChowMein if you’re a fan of it. Whatever you order will undoubtedly be the best you’ve ever tasted.

Yum Chinese and Thai Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Yum Chinese and Thai Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Yum Chinese and Thai Lahore, contact them at 0311 1122101

Location: Gulberg and DHA Phase III, Lahore.

9. Fuchsia Kitchen Lahore

Fuchsia Kitchen is a refined, sophisticated dining experience that serves high-quality Pan Asian cuisine. Dark pink colors are used throughout the inside, with comfortable lighting that appeals to the human eye immediately in the evening. It also features a lovely outside courtyard that is lit up with fairy lights in the evenings, creating the ideal romantic atmosphere for couples. The location is rather calm, with a fantastic selection of music, making it a good choice for business meetings.

Crispy Honey Beef, Red Snapper with Hoisin Sauce, and Cashew Nut Chicken are some of the most popular Chinese and Thai dishes at Fuchsia Kitchen.

Fuchsia Kitchen Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Fuchsia Kitchen Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Fuchsia Kitchen Lahore, contact them at (042) 35762157

Location: Hali Road, Gulberg, Lahore.

10. Cosa Nostra Lahore

The original hangout for enjoyable lunches and an occasional catch-up with friends is Cosa Nostra. It’s always pleasant to eat here and enjoy your company while savoring some delectable meals because of the warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere they offer. You’ll be able to sample Italian food at its absolute best, so order away! You can get everything here, including salads, pasta, burgers, and paninis.

Cosa Nostra Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Cosa Nostra Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Cosa Nostra Lahore, contact them at (042) 35732550

Location: DHA Phase 3, Lahore.

11. Cafe Aylanto Lahore

In the heart of Lahore, Cafe Aylanto is the ideal Italian cuisine-based restaurant. Everything about the place, from the ambiance and service to the cuisine and music, makes you feel at ease in a welcoming environment. Cafe Aylanto, with its courtyard and elegant inside setting, is the ideal spot for the greatest pasta and steaks in town.

Café Aylanto is a popular spot for people who want to sit outside in the evenings and have a fine meal. Aylanto serves a wide range of cuisines, with an emphasis on Italian and Mediterranean. Moroccan Chicken, Sole Mediterranean, and the BBQ grill are among their most popular dishes. Regardless, their Beef Steaks are among the best in Lahore, but it’s their Cream of Mushroom Soup that steals the show, so order it as a starter.

Cafe Aylanto Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Cafe Aylanto Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Café Aylanto Lahore, contact them at (042) 35751886

Location: M.M. Alam Road and DHA Phase III, Lahore.

12. Pasta La Vista Lahore

While Lahoris are known for their love of various types of pasta, until Pasta La Vista, there were no restaurants in Lahore dedicated only to pasta dishes. This quaint little restaurant is a Pasta eatery, as the name implies, and you’ll find everything pasta-related here. They have everything from gnocchi to ravioli.

Your Italian pasta and pizza desires will come true here, from Alfredo Spaghetti to Gnocchi and even pizzas. You’ll love your time with the gentle background music because it’s a very nice small space. The meal is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

Pasta La Vista Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Pasta La Vista Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Pasta La Vista Lahore, contact them at 0308 1353066

Location: DHA Phase II, Lahore.

13. Bamboo Union Lahore

Bamboo Union is a restaurant that knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to the cuisine it serves: Pan Asian. It’s incredible to imagine that you can have so much diversity in one spot, with dishes spanning from Chinese to Thai and even Japanese. Depending on your mood, the restaurant offers three separate sitting places. The first floor has a completely different ambiance, with yellow lights lighting the gray interior. There’s a beautiful outdoor setting with garden-like vibes around it the ground floor is more of a casual dine-in, and the ground floor has a beautiful outdoor setting with garden-like vibes around it.

The rush of flavors will make you fall in love with the restaurant, whether you choose Pad Thai, Chicken in Garlic Sauce, or just their Chicken Manchurian.

Bamboo Union Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Bamboo Union Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Bamboo Union Lahore, contact them at 0301 8485574

Location: Mall One and DHA Phase V, Lahore.

14. Andaaz Restaurant Lahore

The rooftop restaurant Andaaz, which overlooks the beautiful Badshahi Masjid, astonishes your senses as well as your taste buds. Because the venue is packed during cold winter nights, the Andaaz restaurant rooftop is a homage to our past, with wooden tables and chairs.

You’ll be served a variety of masalay daar and spicy dishes that are authentic to the region. Andaaz doesn’t just provide Desi food; it also serves food that is authentic to each region. Their BBQ Chicken Boti and Seekh Kabab are spice-packed, juicy, and delicious. Other chicken and mutton handis are served in hot mud matkas, each with its own distinct flavor profile. Finally, the Gulab Jamuns steal the show.

Andaaz Restaurant Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Andaaz Restaurant Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Andaaz Lahore, contact them at 0300 0263229

Location: Fort Road, Walled City, Lahore.

15. Sashas Lahore

Sashas is an absolutely all-encompassing restaurant where you can order and enjoy anything you like to eat! You can start with salads and soups before moving on to pasta, burgers, paninis, and, yes, even their Signature Thaali, which you’ll love. Everything on their menu is delectable, and the atmosphere around the restaurant is wonderful as well.

Sashas Lahore Review

View & Download the Complete Menu of Sashas Lahore Below:

To reserve a table at Sashas Lahore, contact them at (042) 35781286

Location: Gulberg, Lahore.

Due to their taste, food quality, and service, some restaurants in this city have developed cult-like followings. Lahoris values comfort above all else, which is why restaurants must adapt to meet local needs. This functionality is essential for taking your experience to the next level.

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