List Of 8 Places For Best Dumplings In Islamabad

best dumplings in islamabad

Dumplings are the new food sensation in Pakistan and you can find this new dish in almost every restaurant. These delightful pockets of dough, filled with savory or vegetarian goodness, are a global comfort food, and Islamabad embraces this tradition with open arms. Whether you are a local resident looking for the best momos in Islamabad or a traveler on a search for dumplings near me, this guide will be your go to place.

List of 8 Places for Best Dumplings in Islamabad

Are you searching for dumplings near me? Well, look no more because we have created a list of restaurants to find the best momos in Islamabad.

  • Summi’s Dumpling & Cuisine 
  • Golden Dragon
  • Kim Mun Chinese Restaurant
  • Wang Fu
  • Dumpling Zhang Restaurant
  • Ha Pi
  • Xhing Xhiang China Cottage
  • Nom Nom Wok 

Summi’s Dumplings & Cuisine (Chinese & Thai Restaurant)

This place is a perfect spot for both dumplings and Thai food. Summi’s is renowned for its authentic flavors and generous portions. People have talked about their perfectly steamed or pan-fried dumplings in Islamabad, filled with a variety of meats and fresh vegetables. 

  • Address of Summi’s Dumplings & Cuisine Islamabad: Plaza # 82 & 83, D Street 2A, Sector D DHA Il, Islamabad.
  • Contact Information of Summi’s Dumplings & Cuisine: 0340 0008847

Golden Dragon

Islamabad’s Golden Dragon offers a unique dining experience that goes beyond just the food. While the best dumplings in islamabad their traditional Chinese dumplings, Jiaozi, and handmade noodles in Chinese Chop Suey are a delicious draw, the real star is the stunning view of the Margalla hills. Escape the city hustle and enjoy a private dinner for two on the outdoor area, or catch up with friends in between the charming, slightly old-fashioned ambiance. Golden Dragon offers an amazing balance of flavors and a memorable setting. 

  • Address of Golden Dragon Islamabad: Shop #3, Round Market, Street 4, F-7/3 Islamabad
  • Contact Information of Golden Dragon: 051 2610916.

Kim Mun Chinese Restaurant

For a taste of classic Chinese cuisine and dumplings in Islamabad, look no further than Kim Mun. Their dumplings in Islamabad are proof of tradition, made with fresh ingredients and following recipes passed down through generations. You will find various types of Famous Dumplings from Kim Mun.

  • Address of Kim Mun Chinese Restaurant Islamabad:  6 Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
  • Contact Information of Kim Mun: 051 2651489

Wang Fu

wang fu

Are you craving juicy dumplings? Look no further than Wang Fu in Islamabad’s Blue Area! This restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisine with a focus on fresh ingredients and beautiful presentation. While their menu has various dishes, their dumplings are a must-try. Steamed or pan-fried, these flavorful parcels come with mouth watering fillings, perfect for any dumpling lovers. Don’t forget to check out their Wang Fu Special Soup and Beef with Green Chilli Dry for a complete Chinese foodie adventure.

  • Address of Wang Fu Restaurant Islamabad:  Blue Area, Islamabad
  • Contact Information of Wang Fu: 051 2348211

Note: The restaurant is temporarily closed.

Dumpling Zhang Restaurant

Craving different variety of dumplings? Dumpling Zhang offers a variety of options, from pan-fried delights to delicious soup dumplings. This cozy spot, with its friendly service, is a perfect destination to indulge in your dumpling near me cravings.

  • Address of Dumpling Zhang Restaurant Islamabad:  F8/1, Islamabad.
  • Contact Information of Dumpling Zhang: 0312 3821111

Ha Pi

Ha Pi Chinese Cuisine in Islamabad’s F-11 sector has quickly gained a loyal following for its delicious and affordable take on Chinese food. While the ambiance might be more casual, the main things here is the addictive menu. Must-try dishes include their signature Ha Pi Special Chow Mein and Chicken Manchurian, but their menu likely has a variety of delicious dumplings as well. With its focus on value and flavor, Ha Pi offers a satisfying and budget-friendly Chinese dining experience.

  • Address of Ha Pi Restaurant Islamabad:  Liberty Square Plaza, F11, Islamabad.
  • Contact Information of Ha Pi: 0331 1146661

Xhing Xhiang China Cottage

The restaurant is situated in the busy streets of Islamabad. This hidden place offers a delicious fusion of Chinese and Pakistani flavors in its dumplings. Be prepared to be surprised by the unique taste combinations! 

  • Address of Xhing Xhiang China Cottage Islamabad: Bismillah market, 46 Street 40, Sector I-8/2, Islamabad.
  • Contact Information of Xhing Xhiang China Islamabad: 0300 4351118

Nom Nom Wok DHA Islamabad

Search momos near me and you will fine Nom Nom wok. Nom Nom Wok offers a delicious twist on classic momos in Islamabad with their extensive menu and creative flavors. Every bite is a delicious.

  • Address of Nom Nom Wok DHA Islamabad: 7, Central Park DHA, Phase II, Islamabad
  • Contact Information of Nom Nom Wok DHA Islamabad: 051 6102022

Enjoy the best dumplings in islamabad!

Enjoy your favourite dumplings with your friends and family in these amazing restaurants in Islamabad.

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