Ramadan Diet Plan For Weight Loss -How To Lose Weight In Ramadan

Ramadan Diet Plan For Weight Loss -How To Lose Weight In Ramadan

Are you looking for how to lose weight in Ramadan? Look no further. Ramadan is a month of great blessings for Muslims, in which they refrain from eating from sunrise to sunset. Ramadan is not just about the path of faith and spirituality, but it also has physical benefits. It is the ideal time to start your weight loss process while eating healthy nutritious food. Follow the Ramadan diet plan for weight loss that helps you in reducing weight, meanwhile restoring vitamins and minerals. Also get to now about Daraz Ramadan sale 2024.

Tips for Weight Loss During Ramadan

Below are some useful tips to lose weight in Ramadan by maintaining healthy ramadan routine:

  • Fibre-Rich Foods in Suhoor
  • Eat Simple Meals During Iftar
  • Avoid Fat, Sugar, and Salt
  • Drink Water and Nothing Else
  • Exercise Regularly & Increase your Walking Period

Fibre-Rich Foods in Suhoor

What to eat in sehri for weight loss? Read on. Sehri is a pre-dawn meal, having an immense effect in keeping you energetic the whole day. Taking fibre-rich foods in Sehri, such as  oatmeal, whole grains, fruits,  and vegetables, helps you in retaining the energy level and reduce hunger. Avoid eating paratha and oily food in sehri, as paratha calories are more than calories in one wheat roti. So choose a balanced diet which is not only less in calories but also high in vitamins and nutrients.  

Eat Simple Meals During Iftar

Keep your iftar meals simple, nutritious, and hygienic. Avoid consuming fried food, such as pakora, samosa, rolls, etc. because they are high in fat, instead prefer mild food. Additionally, try to drink simple water rather than juices. Maintain a balanced diet, eat fruit, salad, or other light food items while concentrating on your fitness. Also read about Ramadan food deals.

Avoid Fat, Sugar, and Salt

Focus on your fitness and avoid eating processed food, because they are substantial source of  fat, sugar, salt, and calories. Fried foods such as Samosay, Pakoray, Rolls, are seems to be appealing but amongst the unhealthy dishes of Ramadan. Also reduce your consumption of salt, as it is also beneficial in losing weight. 

Drink Water and Nothing Else

In Ramadan during iftar time it usually includes sweet beverages, juices, and milkshakes which are high in calories. If you are trying to lose fat, then you have to drink water rather than these sugary drinks. Consuming dates and a glass of water to break your fast, as water has zero calories, is one of the effective methods to reduce weight during Ramadan.

Exercise Regularly & Increase your Walking Period

To maintain your fitness during Ramadan, consider doing  exercise regularly and increase your walking period. Exercise or physical activities are essential as it improves your metabolism and avoids extra fat. Set aside the time for exercise, generally thirty minutes after sehri and one hour after iftar are best options to keep you healthy.  Also learn about Ramadan Pizza deals.

Ramadan Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Follow the best diet plan for weight loss in Pakistan, that keeps you nutritious and healthy while losing the fat. Below is the ramadan diet plan for weight loss:


  • 1 Whole-wheat Roti
  • 1 Chicken Kebab
  • 1 Omelet
  • Yogurt
  • 2 Dates


  • 2 Dates
  • 1 Bowl Fruit Salad or Channa Chaat
  • Water


  • Mix Vegetable Salad
  • Raita
  • Steamed Chicken, or Daal
  • 1 Whole-wheat roti or Rice

Ramadan Weight Loss: The Comprehensive Guide!

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