Price and Specs of 10 Best Water Dispensers in Pakistan

best water dispensers

You have landed on this article which means you are already aware of the encouraging benefits of having a water dispenser. Water dispensers play a vital role in storing clean drinking water in places like:

  • Workplaces
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Public places

Stay hydrated this season with a perfect choice of water dispensers based on your needs. 

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Water Dispenser

Following are the most important factors to consider when buying a water dispenser without any fuss. 

  • Types of water dispensers
  • The capacity of the water dispenser
  • Water temperature
  • Cleaning and drainage system
  • Noise

Best Water Dispensers in Pakistan

These are some top-notch brands having the best water dispensers. All these models have different specifications depending on the price range.

#Water DispensersPrice Of Water Dispensers
1Homage Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 13,300
2Changhong Ruba Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 9,700
3Gree Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 10,900
4Orient Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 21,000
5Pel Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 17,500
6Enviro Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 20,999
7Ecostar Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 21,500
8Haier Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 18,000
9Nas Gas Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 17,000
10Dawlance Water DispensersStarting Price Rs. 19,000

Homage Water Dispensers

Homage, established in 2007, pays tribute to a good living. They have well-engineered power and home appliances. Homage is the leading brand in Pakistan with 24 official service centers spread across the country. They pay importance to design products with the latest technology for an optimal experience. Homage water dispensers can be purchased from dealers, outlets, banks, and online from their website. They serve customers with healthy living and eco-friendly water dispensers with a blend of outstanding aftersale services. They offer a range of water dispensers with advanced functionality ranging from as low as Rs.13,300

Changhong Ruba Water Dispensers

Changhong Ruba established in 1958 is an international brand with a range of electronics. Changhong Ruba water dispensers are a smart choice for everyone for pure water and healthy living. With instant heal and cool options, you can enjoy the perks of refreshing water. They have three main stores located in Lahore and nine different service providers spread across the country. They have different models of water dispensers available with a starting price of Rs. 9,700.

Gree Water Dispensers

Gree is an international home appliances enterprise established in 1991. From assessing air-conditioners to one of the leading brands in the market, they offer a range of quality, well-designed appliances. Gree has been named as one of the best internationally recognized companies with a range of appliances. They are preferred for their best pricing and outstanding features. Gree is offering more than fifteen different models with a starting price of Rs. 10,900

Orient Water Dispensers

Orient strives to achieve success by offering innovative products and excellent service. They have an innovative product that lets you experience the purified water. The best feature of Orient water dispensers is that they have introduced a new tap of water that keeps water at room temperature. Orient water dispensers offer two types of models in the market, one with two taps and one with three taps. They have a starting price of Rs. 21,000 and available in multiple designs and colors. 

Pel Water Dispensers

The company was established in 1956, and since then it has made advancements in the field. Pel has efficiently improved our living style with the best appliances along with power products. They offer six different models having sleek designs and a price as low as Rs. 17,500. They are excelling in their business through continuous improvements. Enjoy water the better way through Pel water dispensers.

Enviro Water Dispensers

Enviro started its pioneering journey in 1971 and is now serving as one of the leading brands. They are present in 6 different countries adopting each country’s procedures and market trends. Enviro sells four different elegantly designed water dispensers that are widely used in Pakistan. They have a starting price of Rs. 20,999. They are making better products just like others while adopting the latest manufacturing techniques. 

Ecostar Water Dispensers

Ecostar is a known electronics provider in Pakistan. They have achieved fame in the market by providing quality appliances with excellent after-sale services. Ecostar has five different models of water dispensers available designed for a modern and healthy lifestyle. They have two and three taps available in water dispensers that provide an instant supply of hot and cold water. Their starting price is Rs. 21,500

Haier Water Dispensers

Haier, established in 2000, is one of the largest companies that provide a range of home appliances. It leads in major appliance categories including refrigerators, air-conditioners, water dispensers, washing machines, and many more. The manufacturing facility of Haier is located in Lahore. Haier has widely spread branches in the country with over 3000 dealerships and dedicated sale shops. They also provide after-sale services for long-term relationships with customers. 

Nas Gas Water Dispensers

North Appliances Services Private Limited, also known as Nas Gas, is a home appliances company who are part of the market since 1952. It is a Pakistan-based brand offering quality and excellent services to ease the life of customers and gain satisfaction. Nas Gas gives special attention to the durability, high quality, and elegant design of all products. The growing sales among Pakistani and excellent after-sale services are its biggest strength. It offers three different water dispensers ranging from Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 21,000

Dawlance Water Dispensers

Since 1980, Dawlance has been a contributor in providing home appliances to every household. They offer thoughtfully innovative products from air-conditioners and refrigerators to cooking appliances as well. Dawlance is one of the companies that have the largest dealer network with astonishing after-sales services. Considering the water dispensers, they have three major models available. The starting price is Rs. 19,000 to Rs. 22,000.

Concluding Remarks

Enjoy the perfect glass of water with these best quality water dispensers easily available in the market. My useful advice is to investigate the model of water dispensers well beforehand to skip the later regret. 

Choose the best one right here!