Check and Verify CNIC Number, Name, and Address Online – Updated 2023

how to check CNIC number by name online

CNIC is a Computerised National Identity Card that is issued by the Pakistan National Database and Registration Authority.

The CNIC is issued to all citizens that reach the age of 18 years old. It works everywhere; whether you want to open a bank account or apply anywhere CNIC is the first necessary requirement to prove your identity.

Online CNIC Verification 2023

To verify the identity of an individual or to cross-check your personal credentials, here are some ways you can verify CNIC online:

  • Check CNIC by Name Online
  • Verifying Another Individual’s CNIC
  • Online CNIC Application
  • Nadra Tracking ID Check Online
  • Modify and Update CNIC

Now we will explore each method one by one.

Check CNIC by Name Online

Since CNIC numbers are very sensitive information; therefore, no LEGAL online platform will be able to tell you someone’s CNIC number just by entering their name, and vice versa.

Note: Certain illegal sites provide complete info about an individual by entering their name or CNIC, but they are illegal and unsafe to use.

Verifying Another Individual’s CNIC

Whether you wish to start a business with an individual or sign a contract, it is crucial to verify their identity and legitimacy.

While there are no online methods to verify another individual’s CNIC and credentials, you can visit your nearest Nadra office for this purpose.

Take the necessary documents along, and you can easily verify the CNIC, Name, Address, and other information of the individual in question.

For more information, visit the Nadra e-Sahulat website.

Online CNIC Application

You can quickly apply for CNIC or avail of other services through the NADRA online portal. You will need to follow these steps to get started:

  • Make an account (3-4 mins)
  • Choose relevant category
  • Start application
  • Fill in the form
  • Choose payment method
  • Upload scanned photographs
  • Scan and upload fingerprint
  • Upload scanned documents (check website for more info)

Submit your application, and you are done!

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Nadra Tracking ID – Check Online

After you have applied for a CNIC, you can track your application through the Nadra Official Website. Through the CNIC tracking, you can get an idea of your application status.

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Modify and Update CNIC

If you wish to make any changes to your CNIC information or report errors, you can submit an application online to NADRA.

Stay Safe and Keep Your Identity Secured!

So that was it for ways to verify CNIC online. Make sure to visit only trusted websites and to handle your data very carefully.

If you wish to perform NTN verification, check out the complete guide Online NTN Verification by CNIC. For more helpful content, visit BlogPakistan.

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