Exide Battery Price in Pakistan 2023: Specs & Features

Exide Battery Price in Pakistan

Exide is a well-known brand of batteries in Pakistan, offering a range of automotive and industrial batteries. Exide batteries are known for their quality and reliability, with a reputation for being long-lasting and durable. The batteries are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh operating conditions.

Like all batteries, Exide batteries require proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes regular inspections, cleaning of the battery terminals, and ensuring proper charging and storage.

Exide Battery Price List 2023

Exide batteries are widely available in Pakistan, with a network of dealers and distributors throughout the country. They can be purchased through authorized dealers, automotive workshops, and other retail outlets. Below is a detailed Exide Battery price list 2023 in Pakistan.

#Battery ModelsPrice (PKR)PlatesVoltageAH
1TR350083900 912290
2TR3000 73700912250
4TR2500 71100712230
5TR1800 55300512185
6TR1500 46400512145
7HP275 610002712200
8HP250 571002512180
9HP245 36840 2512170
10HP240 34600 2712180
11HP230 476002112160
12HP200 397001712130
13HP195 268802112140
14HP150 296001512100
15HP130 18460151295
16N260 695003312210
17N250 545003112200 
18NS240 455002712180
19NS240 Plus539002712180
21N190 300502312145
22N180 Plus 425002112130
23N175 267201912130
24N135 297001712105
27N85 13540111265
29N75 1699591255
30N70 937091255
31NS65L13100 121247
32MF DIN 6625600131266
33MF DIN 5522400111255
36MF95L 23300131272
37MF75L 16500131255
41GL65 9950111240
42GL55 8200111240
43GL50 908091236
44GL48 698091234
46CNG40 724071225
47GEN35 680051220
486LT180 285002312130
496X120 20400151290
50EX110 15PL18190151285

Range of Exide Battery

The range of Exide batteries can vary greatly depending on the specific type and model of battery. Exide offers a wide range of batteries for various applications, including automotive, marine, industrial, and stationary power.

The lifespan of an Exide battery can also vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and storage conditions. It’s best to consult the specifications and recommendations for a specific Exide battery model to determine its range and other important details.

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