Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan: Criteria, Methods, & Policies

Facebook page monetization in Pakistan

With almost 2.91 billion users, Facebook is the largest and most popular social media platform in the world. With all kinds of content, from pictures to videos and articles to posts, it’s a hub for everything imaginable. 

The content diversity on Facebook makes it a great place to earn, and that is where Monetization comes in. Monetization means earning money or generating revenue from a business or an asset. Facebook Monetization works the same way in which you use a medium, like ads, to make money.  

Facebook Page Monetization – Methods

The Facebook Page Monetization Criteria vary based on your content and how you choose to market it.  If you want to monetize your Facebook page, you can do that using the following 4 methods: 

  1. Stars
  2. In-stream Ads
  3. Fan Subscriptions
  4. Branded Content  

Note: Pakistan is currently eligible for page monetization through Stars only.

Now let’s talk about each method for Facebook Page Monetization and its associated criteria. 

1. Stars

Stars are virtual goods that your fans can send to you, and Meta pays you per star received. You can receive Stars on videos and live sessions. 

Meta pays 1 cent USD or more for every Star you receive. Stars are great for creators with an active and loyal following.

Make original content consistently and earn through Stars.

How it Works?

  • Add your tax and payment details
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Earn as your fan send stars to your videos!


2. In-stream Ads

These ads are of short duration and may play at the start, at the end, or during a video on Facebook. These videos help you make money on the platform. Only Facebook pages can use these videos. 

Note: (Pakistan is currently not eligible for video monetization, but Urdu is an accepted language for in-stream ads)

The following Facebook page monetization criteria should be met while using in-stream ads. 

  • You can only publish posts from a page and not a Facebook profile
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Follow Community Standards, Monetization, and Content Monetization Policies
  • Get to 10,000 followers 
  • For videos on demand, get to 600,000 total viewed minutes (last 60 days)
  • 5 active videos (excluding active cross-posted videos)
  • Reside in a country and use language eligible for monetization
  • Videos of minimum 1-minute duration 
  • Add breaks after every 1 min if the video is longer

You should check the  In-stream Ad Eligibility for more details.

3. Fan Subscriptions 

Through Fan Subscriptions, fans can support a page by paying monthly subscriptions 

Fan subscriptions on Facebook can be used by invite only. Your page must comply with Facebook Monetization Standards, Apple’s App Store Guidelines for Subscriptions, and Fan Funding Creator Terms

Note: Pakistan is currently not eligible for fan subscriptions

Additionally, the following Facebook page monetization criteria must be met: 

  • 10,000-page followers or 250+ Return Viewers
  • 50,000 Post Engagements or 180,000 watch minutes (last 60 days)

You should check the Fan Subscription Eligibility for more details.

4. Branded Content  

Branded content includes videos, texts, articles, pictures, etc., featuring a third-party product, sponsor, or brand.

Note: Pakistan is currently not eligible for branded content

To benefit from branded content, you need to follow these steps:

Facebook Page Monetization Policies 

There are certain policies Facebook pages need to follow to be monetized. These policies cover various aspects, from content type to how it’s shared and the impact of the content on the Facebook community. 

There are 3 categories of policies that should be considered:

  1. Community Standards
  2. Partner Monetization Policies
  3. Content Monetization Policies

Now let’s talk about each category in detail. 

Community Standards

Community Standards are set to ensure the platform remains safe, healthy, and productive for everyone. These are the basic and primary rules every profile, page, and group on Facebook should follow, whether it’s monetized or not. 

These policies promote the following ideas:

  • Authenticity
  • Safety
  • Dignity 
  • Privacy

You should check the Facebook Community Standards for more details. 

Partner Monetization Policies

Applying mostly at the page level, these rules and regulations are concerned with the behavior of your page as a whole. 

To earn on Facebook; Pages, Events, Groups, and Profiles in a professional mode need to follow these rules: 

  • Create the content on a surface and in a country that is eligible for monetization 
  • Use authentic and original content
  • Receive authentic engagement 
  • Establish presence 
  • Make connections with entities that follow Facebook policies 

You should check the Partner Monetization Policies for more details. 

Content Monetization Policies

Along with Facebook Community Standards and Partner Monetization Policies, creators must follow certain content guidelines. According to the Content Monetization Policies, the following types of content should not be displayed on Facebook:

  • Static images, polls, and videos 
  • Slideshows with images
  • Text montages
  • Embedded ads, looping videos 

For more details, you should check the Content Monetization Policies

Facebook Monetization Eligibility Check: Creator Studio 

For the Facebook monetization eligibility check, you can use Creator Studio. It will display your page’s eligibility status and will offer useful insights. 

Just open creator studio; if you log into Facebook, your pages will be listed there automatically; otherwise, you can log in. 

If you own multiple pages, select the page you want to open. Once that’s done, you will see the monetization option on the left. Click it and see your eligibility status and what you need to do to monetize your page. 

Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 

Currently, only Facebook Stars can be used to earn through Facebook Monetization. But to change that, the government is working on a Facebook pilot program to test the possibilities of monetization in the country.  

The program aims to test how Facebook monetization can work in Pakistan and the policies that will be needed to make it happen. 

Although the development is happening at a slow pace, we can surely expect fruitful results from the initiative. 

For now, Facebook Marketplace in Pakistan is a great opportunity for businesses to sell their products online, hire employees and even accept payments. 


1.       Can I Earn Through a Facebook Page?

Yes, Facebook pages can be monetized to earn money. You can monetize your page through Facebook Stars in Pakistan, although more methods are available in other countries.

2.       How do I enable Facebook Monetization?

You can monetize your Facebook page by visiting the Creator Studio. There you can see your eligibility status, and if you have fulfilled all the requirements, you can monetize your page from the creator studio.

3.       Why can’t I enable monetization on my Facebook page?

A Facebook page may not be eligible for monetization if it violates a community standard or a monetization policy or does not meet the required threshold of followers, engagement, content quality, etc. 

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