Faisalabad Railway Station: Train Timings, Routes, and Schedule 2023

Faisalabad Railway Stations and Timing

Traveling to and from Faisalabad is super convenient with a range of options like Daewoo buses, rent a car services, and trains. Among these, traveling by train is very economical and you can easily review ticket prices and book tickets online from the official Pakistan Railways Website.

If you are planning a trip to Faisalabad, here are the train timings & schedule from the Faisalabad Railway Station, with detailed arrival and departure info.

Faisalabad Railway Timings and Routes 2023

Here are the Faisalabad train routes for major cities with arrival and departure times as mentioned on the official Railway Pakistan website. 

TrainRouteArrival TimeDeparture Time
Badar ExpressFaislabad to Lahore Jn05:45 am08:20 am
Karakoram ExpressFaislabad to Lahore Jn07:20 am09:20 am
Shalimar ExpressFaisalabad to Lahore Jn11:40 pm01:45 am
Pakistan Express (19h)Faisalabad to Karachi Cantt 01:15 pm08:50 am
Millat Express (19h)Faisalabad to Karachi Cantt04:00 pm11:45 am
Karakoram Express (19h)Faisalabad to Karachi Cantt05:05 pm10:25 am
Rehman Baba Express (19h)Faisalabad to Karachi Cantt09:20 pm04:35 pm
Shalimar Express (19h)Faisalabad to Karachi Cantt08:15 am02:45 pm
Pakistan Express Faisalabad to Rawalpindi08:55 am04:00 pm
Rehman Baba ExpressFaisalabad to Rawalpindi06:55 am01:30 pm
Pakistan ExpressFaisalabad to Bahawalpur01:15 pm06:45 pm
Millat ExpressFaisalabad to Bahawalpur04:00 pm08:56 pm
Karakoram ExpressFaisalabad to Bahawalpur05:05 pm09:13 pm
Rehman Baba ExpressFaisalabad to Bahawalpur09:20 pm02:20 am
Shalimar ExpressFaisalabad to Bahawalpur08:15 am01:15 pm
Pakistan ExpressFaisalabad to Hyderabad 01:15 pm05:45 am
Millat ExpressFaisalabad to Hyderabad 04:00 pm08:40 am
Karakoram ExpressFaisalabad to Hyderabad 05:05 pm07:15 am
Rehman Baba ExpressFaisalabad to Hyderabad 09:20 pm01:30 pm
Shalimar ExpressFaisalabad to Hyderabad 08:15 am11:45 pm
Pakistan ExpressFaisalabad to Gujrat08:55 am12:31 pm
Pakistan ExpressFaisalabad to Khanewal JN01:15 pm04:05 pm
Millat ExpressFaisalabad to Khanewal JN04:00 pm06:45 pm
Karakoram ExpressFaisalabad to Khanewal JN05:05 pm07:25 pm
Shalimar ExpressFaisalabad to Khanewal JN08:15 am10:45 am
Pakistan ExpressFaisalabad to Jhelum08:55 am01:35 pm
Pakistan ExpressFaisalabad to Rahim Yar Khan01:15 pm09:07 pm
Millat ExpressFaisalabad to Rahim Yar Khan04:00 pm11:15 pm
Shalimar ExpressFaisalabad to Rahim Yar Khan08:15 am03:22 pm
Rehman Baba ExpressFaisalabad to Rahim Yar Khan09:20 pm04:28 am

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Faisalabad Railway Ticket Prices & Bookings

For ticket booking, kindly visit the official Railway Pakistan website. You will see detailed fares for each class and route. 

Note: We recommend you book your tickets from the official Pakistan Railway Site. That way, in case you want a refund or face any issues, it will be more convenient. 

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Have a Safe Travel!

Railway travel is fun and exciting and offers lots of memories to the traveler. We hope this article was helpful in finding the route and timing for your next trip from Faisalabad. 

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