Ghousia | Qadri | Allah Wala – The Best Biryani in Karachi

Ghousia | Qadri | Allah Wala - Which is the best Biryani in Karachi? 

Karachi is the hub for great food, unlike any other city in Pakistan. From biryani to nihari, and from BBQ to sweets, the place is a food lover’s priority, and we totally agree. 

Regarding biryani, no city does it as well as Karachi, although Lahore does give it a close fight. 

In Karachi, three names stand out, and we will explore all of them to see which sells the best Karachi biryani. 

#GhousiaQadri Allah Wala
LocationBlock 6, Liaqatabad Commerical Area, Main, Sarafa BazarBlock 6, Near Shell Pump, Opposite Madni MasjidKhudadad Colony Society, Block 1Tariq Road Branch
Contact Number0300 21069540318 12347760311 1111292
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Now let’s dive into a biryani battle between Ghousia, Qadri, and Allah Wala Biryani to see the best one. 

Ghousia vs. Qadri vs. Allah Wala Biryani 

Below, we have compared the above three on the following basis:

  • Taste
  • Value for Money
  • Menu and Variety
  • Ambiance and Service

Now we will explore the above factors to see which has the winner biryani. 

1. Which has the Best Taste? 

#GhousiaQadriAllah Wala Biryani

When it comes to taste, all three have their unique taste with nalli, spices, tender meat, and fresh rice. 

All of them are competitors and are among the top-rated biryani spots in town. Whether you eat it with Nalli or without, the biryani is yummy on its own, and when eaten with nalli, it reaches a whole new level. 

Ghousia Biryani 

Ghousia introduced nalli biryani in 2018 but has been famous for its beef biryani way before. 

Their nalli biryani is a site to behold, and how nalli is squeezed out of the bone is enough to make your mouth water. 

In its food blog series, ARY titled Ghousia as the best biryani in the city, and many food vloggers like RHS, Irfan Junejo, Villagefoodsecrets, and Saqib Mobeen also recommended it. 

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Allah Wala Biryani

Allah Wala Biryani is another big player in the market, famous for its well-balanced taste, fresh rice, soft and tender beef, and the right blend of spices. 

The place is flocked by visitors each day and is loved by karachiiites. The place has been visited by Irfan Junejo, Hamza Bhatti, & Daniyal Sheikh, all are fans of the delicious and spicy biryani. 

Qadri Biryani

How can we speak about biryani and not include Qadri Biryani? The place is heaven for biryani lovers and offers the right fusion of spice, meat, nalli, rice, and creamy raita on top. 

The biryani has received great reviews from Street Food PK, Who is Mobeen, who label it as a must-try. 

2. Which Offers the Best Value for Money? 

#GhousiaQadriAllah Wala Biryani
CostPKR 240 (Paou)PKR 240 (Paou)PKR 220 (sada aloo)

The biryani at all these places is served in sufficient quantity.

The Biryani is served with meat and nalli, with flavorful rice and raita, enough to send you into a food coma you never want to get out of. 

The prices of all three are comparable, and so is the quantity. All these places offer great value for money to biryani lovers, giving each other strong competition. 

3. Which has the Best Menu and Variety? 

#GhousiaQadriAllah Wala Biryani
ghousia nalli biryani
Ghousia Biryani

Ghousia Biryani serves beef biryani only, and a nalli can be ordered separately.  

Allah Wala Biryani, on the other hand, serves both chicken and beef biryani at a range of prices based on your preference. 

Qadri also has a limited menu with just beef biryani in limited sizes. 

Allah Wala Biryani
Allah Wala Biryani
Qadri nalli biryani
Qadri Biryani

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4. Which Offers the Best Ambiance and Service?

#GhousiaQadriAllah Wala Biryani
ServiceReasonable Reasonable Reasonable 

All three places are located in a rushy place, which makes it hard to reach, as it is flocked by customers from different regions. 

The place is not the most calm to eat, but in the end, the taste is what brings everyone there. It’s hard to find parking, so you must park from a distance. The place is ok for families, but home delivery might be better if you want to enjoy the biryani in peace. 

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In the end, it’s up to you what kind of environment suits you and if you love the atmosphere or not!

People have given good reviews of Ghousia’s service, as the staff is courteous, but parking will be an issue as the area is congested. 

The same can be said for Qadri Briyani & Allah Wala, where parking is an issue, but the service is reasonable. 

Which is the Winner? 

In our opinion, all three are good in their own way, and it is a matter of taste and personal preference. While Ghousia and Alla Wala Biryani seem to have a larger fan following, the taste of Qadri makes it a strong competitor, and thus it’s up to you to decide. 

We recommend you try out all of the places and choose for yourself. For more such food comparisons, reviews, best food spots, and more, visit BlogPakistan

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