Honda CD70: Specs and Price in Pakistan 2023


Since its introduction in the 1980s, the Honda CD 70 has been the most well-liked motorbike due to its strength, dependable engine, and simple maintenance. The new CD70 is also referred to as ‘’CD70 Dream’’. The Honda CD70 price in Pakistan 2023 model is very competitive and has gotten mixed reviews from the fans. 

Most of us assume that when we hear about a new Honda CD 70 model, it will merely be fresh in terms of the sticker design. To alter the consumers’ view this time, the manufacturer has highlighted the upgrades and changes made to the new CD70. And unsurprisingly, yet again, new stickers have been added to the new CD70 2023. 

Honda CD70 2023

Honda CD70 2023

Since there was no serious competition for the two-wheeler when the Honda CD 70 was originally produced in 1984 by Atlas Honda, the motorcycle was innovative for its time. The Vespa, which was a common means of transport at the time, was utterly overtaken by the bike, which ultimately dominated the market. This was made possible by the Honda CD 70’s durable engine and ability to use little fuel. It is because the manufacturer has modified the engine of this bike multiple times and it now complies with Euro II standards. Over the years, the Honda CD 70 has also had a number of other alterations, such as rear signals, carburetors, headlights, seats etc. 

Honda CD70 2023 Fuel Capacity and Engine Characteristics

The most important detail that buyers look for when buying a bike is “the typical amount of fuel the bike uses”. The speed and kind of roads where you ride your bike affect the fuel mileage of the Honda new model CD 70 Dream 2023. According to the survey, the average fuel consumption of Honda’s new models is 8.5 liters with 1 liter reserve capacity. A motorcycle can travel hundreds of kilometers on this amount of fuel. Or we could claim that this bike has a 60 kilometers per liter fuel efficiency. Another essential detail that a buyer looks for before buying a motorbike is the engine specification. 

Every time you buy a motorcycle, you should be aware of the engine’s quality, its features, and whether or not the engine is appropriate for you. The market has been introduced to Honda’s new Model 2023, which has a 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine. 

Honda CD70 2023 Specifications 

Check out the detailed specifications of Honda CD70 2023 model here:

Starting OptionKick Start 
Engine4-Stroke OHC Air Cooled
Petrol Capacity8.5 Liters (Reserve: 1.0 Liter)
Dry Weight82 kg
ClutchMultiplate Wet Clutch
Colors AvailableBlack, Red, & Silver

Price of Honda CD70 2023 in Pakistan

Every bike lover’ first concern on the new model is how much price difference does the new model have compared to last year? And is the bike worth buying as per its specifications and upgrades?

Well, this year, the new model of Honda CD70 2023 is priced at PKR 121,500. This rate is PKR 5000 more than last year’s CD70 model. 

What is different in Honda CD70 2023?

Last year, Atlas Honda upgraded the Honda CD70 2022 model. They did few changes in the seat, brake light, drive chain, clutch assembly, engine cylinder and head, fuel tank, carburetor, A&B thread cylinder, and overall design. But this year, they have brought up little to no change. The only change is the new sticker of the bike. Although, the company has claimed some minor changes in the design too, but it’s not very noticeable. 

Honda CD 70 2023 Pros & Cons

The motorbike has the highest resale value in its category, which Pakistanis regard highly when purchasing any kind of motorbike or car. It is the top pick for many consumers searching for a cheap yet dependable vehicle to help them through their daily life. The average fuel consumption of Honda CD70 is excellent.

Talking about its cons, the bike has an outdated shape that lacks many essential features. Additionally, the the build quality has declined not meeting the required comfort level to travel long kilometers.

Customer’s Expectations and Reviews on Honda CD70 2023

People’s perspectives on purchases are evolving as a result of increased knowledge and awareness. The majority of people today prefer motorcycles with a self-start feature. Another crucial item that many people require is the fuel indicator knob. Others desire a new shape (modified fuel tank, side covers, and headlight). RPM meters and gear indicators might be viewed as extravagances on a 70cc motorcycle. However, they might also be introduced. The company might also launch a lot of other things. Customers will now have to wait until the following year to find out whether the industry implements the enhancements that best suit the customer’s choice. 

Finally, there’s always a big hype whenever Atlas Honda launches any new model of the bike. People, especially bike lovers, wait for the whole year for the new model to launch so that they can upgrade their motorbikes. It is true that Honda always keeps up with the hype, but this time the company disappointed some fans with no change in the new model and price of 121,500 Pakistani Rupees, except for the change in sticker. But fans are still hopeful for next year’s model to bring some noticeable upgrade in the bike. 

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