Popular Scooter Prices in Pakistan – Honda, United, and More


Scooters look sporty and chic and are much more comfortable than bikes. They come in various colors, features, and prices to choose from. 

If you are considering buying a scooter, here are 7 popular scooters with their prices and specs.  

Scooty Prices and Specs in Pakistan

Below are 7 popular scooters to consider in Pakistan. 

#ScooterPrice in Pakistan (PKR)
1Vespa Prime Vera Scooty29,9000
2Yamaha Majesty S 155 Maxi Scooter26,0000
3United 100cc Scooty11,0000
4Honda Dio 1,10000
5Vespa ZX 125 CBS83,191
6Super Power 70 Scooty80,000
7Vespa LX 12579,078

Now, let’s explore each scooter’s price and features. 

1. Vespa Prime Vera Scooty

Vespa Prime Vera Scooty

With a high 8-liter fuel tank and a powerful 154cc engine, the Vespa Prime Vera Scooty is worth a drive! 

Price in Pakistan: PKR 29,9000.


  • Fuel Average:  50km/l
  • Starter system: Electric
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 8 Liters
  • Engine: 154cc
  • Top speed: 90km/h
  • Colors: Black, Gray

Buy the Vespa Prime Vera Scooty from Pakwheels. 

2. Yamaha Majesty S 155 Maxi Scooter

Yamaha Majesty S 155 Maxi Scooter

The Yamaha Majesty S 155 Maxi Scooter is a feature-packed and highly efficient scooter to own. 

Price in Pakistan: PKR 26,00,00


  • Fuel Average:  37.5km/L
  • Engine: 155cc
  • Top speed: 59mph
  • Colors: yellow, grey, and black.

3. Honda Dio 50 cc

Honda Dio 50 cc

The Honda Dio is a great scooter for girls and boys alike, as it features a trendy look and offers great features for the price. 

Price in Pakistan: PKR 11,0000. 


  • Fuel Average:  48km/l
  • Starter system: Self-start/kick start
  • Engine: 49 CC
  • Top speed: 83km/h

Buy the Honda DIO 50 CC from OLX. 

4. United 100cc SP 70 Scooty

United 100cc SP 70 Scooty

Available in a stunning red and black color, the United 100cc Scooty is a popular scooter to consider. 

Price in Pakistan: PKR 1,100,0. 


  • Fuel Average: 35 KM/L
  • Starter system:  Push Button /Self Start
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.5 L
  • Engine: 100CC
  • Top speed: 60 KM/Hour
  • Colors: black, maroon

Buy the United 10cc Scooter from Pakwheels. 

5. Vespa ZX 125 CBS 

Vespa ZX 125 CBS 

The Vespa ZX 125 CBS is an adorable scooter with a powerful 124 cc engine and a wide color range.

Price in Pakistan: PKR 83,191

  • Fuel Average: 45km/l 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.4 Liters
  • Engine: 124 cc 
  • Top speed: 95 Kmph
  • Colors: Pink, White, Yellow, Grey, Black.

6. Super Power 70 Scooty

Super Power 70 Scooty

The Super Power scooter offers a large 15L fuel capacity at an economical price. 

Price in Pakistan: PKR 80,000


  • Fuel Average: 50km/L
  • Starter system:  Kick Starter
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Engine: 110CC
  • Top speed: 80 KM/H
  • Colors: black, red

Buy the Super Power 70 Scooter from Pakwheels. 

7. Vespa LX 125

Vespa LX 125

The  Vespa LX 125 is a chic scooter with 60km/liters milage. 

Price in Pakistan: PKR 79,078.


  • Fuel Average: 60km/l 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7 liters 
  • Engine: 124.4 CC
  • Top speed: 90 Kmph
  • Colors: Red, Black, White, Blue

Get Your Scooter Today!

In this article, we went through 7 popular scooters in pakistan with their prices and specs. The scooter/scooty prices in Pakistan range from PKR 80k to around 8 Lacs.

These prices vary as per market rates and from a seller to seller, so check out your nearest stores and online marketplaces for better reference. 

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