How to Get Advance of Telenor – Telenor Loan Code

how to get advance of Telenor

Prepaid customers of Telenor have the option of using their Telenor Advance loan amount to cover unexpected situations. When an emergency arises and you need to contact someone immediately or send an SMS, but you don’t have enough credit or can’t get to a local shop, it might be frustrating. The only way out of a circumstance like this when you’re at your wits’ end is to obtain a Telenor advance loan balance. Telenor makes it simple to obtain enough advance to meet an emergency with great ease.

How to Take Loan in Telenor

Using Telenor’s Advance Balance or Emergency Load, you can now acquire a loan of PKR 15. All prepaid services, with the exception of balance transfers, can make use of the loan amount. It is available to everyone who uses a phone or a gadget, and the service price is deducted upon next successful recharge. You can use Telenor’s Emergency Load service by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. On your Telenor prepaid SIM, dial code *0#.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message from Telenor.
  3. Get the instant PKR 15 credit by Telenor Emergency Load.


Telenor Emergency Load deducts PKR 20.3 upon next successful recharge when you avail the Telenor Advance balance loan. This includes:

  • PKR 5.3 (including tax) are the charges to use the service.
  • Loan amount of PKR 15.

Terms and Conditions

  • Telenor Emergency Load is valid for all prepaid users.
  • This offer can be used for any voice call, SMS, or digital service.
  • The offer remains valid for 30 days after it is subscribed.
  • All djuice and Talkshawk users can use the service.
  • The service price is charged when you make your next recharge.
  • Telenor Advance loan can be availed only once till next successful recharge.


What is Telenor Emergency Load?

Ans. Telenor Emergency Load or Telenor Advance is the instant advance balance of PKR 15 that can be availed by all Telenor prepaid users.

What are the charges for the Telenor Advance loan?

Ans. If you avail this service, the amount of PKR 20.3 will be deducted upon next successful recharge. 

What is the validity of Telenor Advance balance?

Ans. Validity for Telenor Advance balance amount of PKR 15 is 30 days.

How to check the load balance details?

Ans. USSD code *444# can be used to check your balance for a fee of PKR 0.20 + tax.

How many Telenor Advances can I avail at a time?

Ans. A new loan cannot be requested until your account has been recharged and the current loan and service charges have been returned.

How much minimum balance is required to avail this offer?

Ans. This service does not require a minimum balance, but you must clear any past Loan requests in order to use it. 

These are the most up-to-date and current methods for obtaining a Telenor Loan. There’s no need to suffer any longer if you’re out of balance. The service can be accessed using the steps outlined above. If you have any questions about this service, please mention in the comments below.

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