PayPak Debit Card: Shaping the Future of Financial Transactions in Pakistan

PayPak Debit Card: Shaping the Future of Financial Transactions in Pakistan

As you know everything in the world is evolving so fast and the demand for quicker payments is growing increasingly. In Pakistan, 1LINK (Guarantee) Limited introduced Pakistan’s first domestic payment Scheme PayPak, which ranks the country to 28th number in the world who have its own domestic payment scheme. 

PayPak domestic payment scheme works under the 2020 vision of State Bank of Pakistan of improving and encouraging financial literacy. PayPak schemes aim to deliver effective, reliable, economical, and readily accessible payment methods. 

The PayPak Debit card enables users to readily access the money from their accounts anywhere, anytime. It is approved by all the Pakistan ATM’S as well as shops, malls, e-commerce websites, and restaurants. This scheme provides local transactions within Pakistan, making sure the confidentiality and security of users’ information. Additionally, the PayPak easy click and pay function provides contact and contactless payments for further safety.


  • PayPak domestic payment scheme (DPS) provides online financial access to the Pakistani people, besides lowering transaction expenses and boosting the economy as a whole.
  • Quickly adopted government programmes can be approved at a little expense. 
  • Offers compatibility within the infrastructure of domestic payment.
  • To achieve further domestic objectives, new technological advancements are introduced. 
  • Payment services enhanced using the products while giving access to monetary services in Pakistan.
  • It offers integrated flexibility for future e-Wallet/Prepaid program releases. 
  • Interpersonal transactions are also catered by using a variety of payment methods.

PayPak Adaptation

There are a variety of banks in Pakistan that have introduced cards according to the PayPak scheme. Here is the list:

  • HBL
  • Meezan Bank
  • Bank Islami
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • UBL
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • MCB Islamic Bank Limited


HBL launched the PayPak Debit Card which provides essential and convenient transaction options at affordable yearly cost. This card enables you to access your savings accounts  24/7 across Pakistan.

Meezan Bank

Meezan PayPak Debit Card offers secure transactions at shops, malls, restaurants, and all retail locations in Pakistan. It is a PIN-based card which is available 24/7 to access your bank accounts.


BankIslami PayPak Card featuring NFC (contactless) and EMV/Chip technology, ensuring secure transactions throughout Pakistan. It offers tap and pay options, allowing you to access accounts for cash withdrawal anywhere, anytime.

Allied Bank Limited

Allied Bank offers Unionpay PayPak Debit Card which allows for secure and convenient online transactions throughout Pakistan. It is accepted at various ATMs, online shopping stores and POS vendors, available in two versions:

  • Allied UnionPayPayPak Classic Debit Card – Regular Account
  • Allied UnionPay PayPak Classic Debit Card – Asaan Account


UBL PayPak Debit Card provides 24/7 accessibility to your financial accounts, accepted by ATM withdrawals as well as online shopping stores and POS retails across Pakistan. It allows for convenient and secure online money transfer with minimum yearly expense.  

Askari Bank Limited

Askari Bank PayPak card provides accessibility to all ATMs as well as POS shops and online shopping stores to promote more economic empowerment across Pakistan. Get access to your financial account 24/7 whenever, wherever for secure online transactions. Askari Bank is now offering two cards:

  • Askari PayPak Classic Card
  • Askari PayPak Gold Card

MCB Islamic Bank Limited

MCB PayPak Debit Card introduced for reliable and secure online money transfer across Pakistan. It offers access to your bank account from wherever, whenever. MCB PayPak Debit Card is accepted by all the ATMs, POS shops, and online shopping stores, so there is no need to carry cash along with you. 

PayPak Debit Card: Strengthens the Economic Growth of Pakistan!

PayPak domestic payment scheme ensures the secure and reliable online transactions across Pakistan, while contributing to Pakistan’s financial future.

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