Population in Pakistan Exceeds 220 M, Life Expectancy Decreased

population of Pakistan


  • Pakistan’s total population exceeds 220 Mil
  • Avg life expectancy drops to 65 years
  • Pakistan has 111.69 Mil males and 108.73 Mil females

Pakistan’s total population has exceeded 220 million, according to the Pakistan Demographic Survey 2020 released by the Bureau of Statistics (PBS) Pakistan. 

Pakistan’s total population stands at 220.42 million compared to 207.6 million in 2017.

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Higher Urban Population

The population includes 111.69 million males and 108.73 million females.

Currently, 81.01 million people live in urban areas while 139.41 million live in rural areas. 

Life Expectancy in Pakistan 

The average life expectancy in Pakistan has decreased to 65 years compared to earlier numbers of 65.4 years. 

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