Rawalpindi Ramadan Calender 2023 – Sehri, Iftar & Prayers Timings

rawalpindi Ramadan Timing 2023

One of the sacred months in Islam, Ramadan gives Muslims around the world an ideal opportunity to seek spiritual reflection and growth. By dedicating themselves to their faith, they get closer to Allah Almighty and to one another as well. As Ramadan 2023 is around the corner, we are here with our Ramadan timings for Rawalpindi city. Residents of Rawalpindi can follow this calendar and keep track of their fastings precisely. Continue reading for details. 

Rawalpindi Ramadan Timing – Fiqa Hanafi (sunni)

According to Fiqa Hanafi, the sehr, iftar and namaz times for Ramadan 2023 in Rawalpindi are as follows:

DateRozaSehrIftar FajrZoharAsarMaghrib Isha
Mar 2314:45 am6:22 pm4:45 am12:14 pm3:43 pm6:32 pm7:45 pm
Mar 2424:44 am6:23 pm4:44 am12:14 pm3:43 pm6:33 pm7:45 pm
Mar 2534:42 am6:24 pm4:42 am12:14 pm3:43 pm6:34 pm7:46 pm
Mar 2644:41 am6:24 pm4:41 am12:14 pm3:44 pm6:34 pm7:47 pm
Mar 2754:39 am6:25 pm4:39 am12:13 pm3:44 pm6:35 pm7:48 pm
Mar 2864:38 am6:26 pm4:38 am12:13 pm3:44 pm6:36 pm7:49 pm
Mar 2974:36 am6:27 pm4:36 am12:13 pm3:44 pm6:37 pm7:50 pm
Mar 3084:35 am6:27 pm4:35 am12:12 pm3:44 pm6:37 pm7:51 pm
Mar 3194:33 am6:28 pm4:33 am12:12 pm3:44 pm6:38 pm7:51 pm
April 1104:32 am6:29 pm4:32 am12:12 pm3:45 pm6:39 pm7:52 pm
April 2114:30 am6:30 pm4:30 am12:11 pm3:45 pm6:40 pm7:53 pm
April 3124:29 am6:30 pm4:29 am12:11 pm3:45 pm6:40 pm7:54 pm
April 4134:27 am6:31 pm4:27 am 12:11 pm3:45 pm6:41 pm7:55 pm
April 5144:26 am6:32 pm4:26 am12:11 pm3:45 pm6:42 pm7:56 pm
April 6154:24 am6:33 pm4:24 am12:10 pm3:45 pm6:43 pm7:57 pm
April 7164:23 am6:33 pm4:23 am12:10 pm3:45 pm6:43 pm7:58 pm
April 8174:21 am6:34 pm4:21 am12:10 pm3:45 pm6:44 pm7:59 pm
April 9184:20 am6:35 pm4:20 am12:09 pm3:46 pm6:45 pm8:00 pm
April 10194:18 am6:36 pm4:18 am12:09 pm3:46 pm6:46 pm8:01 pm
April 11204:17 am6:36 pm4:17 am12:09 pm3:46 pm6:46 pm8:02 pm
April 12214:15 am6:37 pm4:15 am12:09 pm3:46 pm6:47 pm8:03 pm
April 13224:14 am6:38 pm4:14 am12:08 pm3:46 pm6:48 pm8:04 pm
April 14234:12 am6:39 pm4:12 am12:08 pm3:46 pm6:49 pm8:05 pm
April 15244:11 am6:39 pm4:11 am12:08 pm3:46 pm6:39 pm8:05 pm
April 16254:09 am6:40 pm4:09 am12:08 pm3:46 pm6:50 pm8:06 pm
April 17264:08 am6:41 pm4:08 am12:07 pm3:46 pm6:51 pm8:07 pm
April 18274:07 am6:42 pm4:07 am12:07 pm3:46 pm6:52 pm8:08 pm
April 19284:05 am6:42 pm4:05 am12:07 pm3:46 pm6:52 pm8:09 pm
April 20294:04 am6:43 pm4:04 am12:07 pm3:46 pm6:53 pm8:11 pm
April 21304:02 am6:44 pm4:02 am12:07 pm3:46 pm6:54 pm8:12 pm

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Rawalpindi Ramadan Timing – Fiqa Jafria (shia)

According to Fiqa Jafria, the sehr, iftar and namaz times for Ramadan 2023 in Rawalpindi are as follows:

DateRozaSehrIftar FajrZoharAsarMaghrib Isha
Mar 2314:35 am6:32 pm4:35 am12:04 pm3:33 pm6:22 pm7:35 pm
Mar 2424:34 am6:33 pm4:34 am12:04 pm3:33 pm6:23 pm7:35 pm
Mar 2534:32 am6:34 pm4:32 am12:04 pm3:33 pm6:24 pm7:36 pm
Mar 2644:31 am6:34 pm4:31 am12:04 pm3:34 pm6:24 pm7:37 pm
Mar 2754:29 am6:35 pm4:29 am12:03 pm3:34 pm6:25 pm7:38 pm
Mar 2864:28 am6:36 pm4:28 am12:03 pm3:34 pm6:26 pm7:39 pm
Mar 2974:26 am6:37 pm4:26 am12:03 pm3:34 pm6:27 pm7:40 pm
Mar 3084:25 am6:37 pm4:25 am12:02 pm3:34 pm6:27 pm7:41 pm
Mar 3194:23 am6:38 pm4:23 am12:02 pm3:34 pm6:28 pm7:41 pm
April 1104:22 am6:39 pm4:22 am12:02 pm3:35 pm6:29 pm7:42 pm
April 2114:20 am6:40 pm4:20 am12:01 pm3:35 pm6:30 pm7:43 pm
April 3124:19 am6:40 pm4:19 am12:01 pm3:35 pm6:30 pm7:44 pm
April 4134:17 am6:41 pm4:17 am12:01 pm3:35 pm6:31 pm7:45 pm
April 5144:16 am6:42 pm4:16 am12:01 pm3:35 pm6:32 pm7:46 pm
April 6154:14 am6:43 pm4:14 am12:00 pm3:35 pm6:33 pm7:47 pm
April 7164:13 am6:43 pm4:13 am12:00 pm3:35 pm6:33 pm7:48 pm
April 8174:11 am6:44 pm4:11 am12:00 pm3:35 pm6:34 pm7:50 pm
April 9184:10 am6:45 pm4:10 am11:59 pm3:36 pm6:35 pm7:50 pm
April 10194:08 am6:46 pm4:08 am11:59 pm3:36 pm6:36 pm7:51 pm
April 11204:07 am6:46 pm4:07 am11:59 pm3:36 pm6:36 pm7:52 pm
April 12214:05 am6:47 pm4:05 am11:59 pm3:36 pm6:37 pm7:54 pm
April 13224:04 am6:48 pm4:04 am11:58 pm3:36 pm6:38 pm7:54 pm
April 14234:02 am6:49 pm4:02 am11:58 pm3:36 pm6:39 pm7:55 pm
April 15244:01 am6:49 pm4:01 am11;58 pm3:36 pm6:39 pm7:55 pm
April 16253:59 am6:50 pm3:59 am11:58 pm3:36 pm6:40 pm7:56 pm
April 17263:58 am6:51 pm3:58 am11:57 pm3:36 pm6:41 pm7:57 pm
April 18273:57 am6:52 pm3:57 am11:57 pm3:36 pm6:42 pm7:58 pm
April 19283:55 am6:52 pm3:55 am11:57 pm3:36 pm6:42 pm7:59 pm
April 20293:54 am6:53 pm3:54 am11:57 pm3:36 pm6:43 pm8:01 pm
April 21303:52 am6:54 pm3:52 am11:57 pm3:36 pm6:44 pm8:02 pm

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