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red apple menu prices

One of the well-known fast food restaurants in Islamabad is Redapple. It is a popular name in the food sector, emphasizing in delivering excellent and nutritious meals. Red apple restaurant has an extensive range of cuisine to cater the explorer foodies. Either you are craving for a juicy burger, refreshing drink, or a crispy sandwich, the restaurant provides everything you are looking for, to tantalize your taste buds. Also get to know about Xender’s restaurant Karachi.

Red Apple Overview

The article provides you the details below:

  • Branches
  • Ambience
  • Menu

Red Apple Branches

Every branch of the red apple restaurant serves delicious and exquisite food. Below are the list of branches: 

Red apple F-10 Markaz Branch IslamabadF-10 Markaz Islamabad516141014
Red apple F-6 Markaz Branch IslamabadF-6 Markaz Islamabad516141014
Bilawal House Karachi BranchShop # C4, C5 – Plot. FL-1. Beach Blessing Block – 2, Opp. Bilawal House, Clifton Karachi – Pakistan922135297003
Brooks Chowrangi Karachi BranchBrooks Chowrangi, Mehran Town Sector 23 Korangi, Karachi – Pakistan922135297003
Clifton Block 8 Karachi BranchBlock, Prince Complex, 8 Khayaban-e-Iqbal Rd, Block 8, Clifton, Karachi – Pakistan922135297003
DHA Phase 6 Karachi BranchKhayaban-e-Bukhari, D.H.A Phase 6, Karachi – Pakistan922135240995
Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi BranchDarussalam Prime, 14, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi – Pakistan922135240995
Hyderi Karachi BranchShop # 5, Eazzi Manzil, Hyderi North Nazimabad, Karachi – Pakistan922135240995
Khadda Market Karachi BranchPlot # C, 15-D Stadium Lane – 4 DHA Phase 5, Karachi – Pakistan922135240995
LuckyOne Mall Karachi BranchShop Number FC 10A, Food Court, Second Floor, LuckyOne Mall, Main Rashid Minhas Rd, Karachi – Pakistan922137181288
Malir Cantt Karachi BranchOrdnance Mart, Major Naseed Shaheed Chowk, Malir Cantonment, Near Gate CP-2, Karachi – Pakistan923330177555

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Red Apple Ambience

Red Apple offers an exceptional ambiance for foodies to enjoy the classic food. It is an amazing location, offers amazing dining experience in a unique environment while serving exquisite dishes that satisfy your cravings. Also read about 15 best restaurants in Islamabad.

Red Apple Menu

Here is the red apple menu Pakistan with prices:

chicken corn soupRs. 200
chicken vegetable soupRs. 200
Thai soupRs. 200
hot & sour soupRs. 300
special soupRs. 350


prawn crackerRs 150
Chili potatoesRs 350
Cheetos chickenRs 450
popcorn chickenRs 400
popcorn shrimpRs 450
fish and chipsRs 600

Main Course (Chicken)

kung pao chickenRs. 700
black bean chickenRs. 700
honey sesame chickenRs. 700
spicy garlic chickenRs. 700
teriyaki chickenRs. 700
chicken shashlikRs. 650
chicken vegetable chiliRs. 600
chicken ginger onionRs. 600
chicken ManchurianRs. 600
chicken stir fryRs. 600
Schezwan chickenRs. 600
nine livesRs. 600
ginger Thai styleRs. 600
chicken chili dryRs. 650
crispy chicken chili dryRs. 700

Main Course ( Beef)

Mongolian beefRs. 700
crispy beefRs. 700
oyster beefRs. 700
beef chili dryRs. 700


prawn crackerRs 150
chili potatoesRs 350
Cheetos chickenRs 450
popcorn chickenRs 400
popcorn shrimpRs 450
fish and chipsRs 600


fish chili dryRs. 700
prawn chili dryRs. 700

Vegetarian Handi

Daal special handiRs. 550

Special Roll

pizza rollRs. 350
chicken roasted rollRs. 350
Arabian rollRs. 350
MD rollRs. 350
beef steak rollRs. 350
BBQ grilled rollRs. 350
beef roasted rollRs. 350


chicken rollFrom Rs. 150
chicken reshmi rollFrom Rs. 200
chicken bihari rollFrom Rs. 200
chicken malai boti rollFrom Rs. 200
beef bihari rollRs. 200
chicken malai boti rollRs. 200
beef behari chatpata rollRs. 200
beef behari cheese rollRs. 200
beef behari chutney rollRs. 200
beef behari garlic mayo rollRs. 200
beef behari juicy sauce rollRs. 200


chicken tikkaRs. 350
chicken botiRs. 550
reshmi kababRs. 650
malai botiRs. 650
bihari botiRs. 600
bihari botiRs. 600

French Fries

regular friesRs. 200
masala friesRs. 200
masala mayo friesRs. 250
BBQ friesRs. 250
cheese friesRs. 250


chicken malai boti sandwichRs. 350
club sandwichRs. 450
BBQ chicken sandwichRs. 450
grilled chicken sandwichRs. 450
grilled beef steak sandwichRs. 450


regular chicken burgerRs. 350
chicken cheeseburgerRs. 400
Chatpata chicken burgerRs. 400
crispy chicken burgerRs. 450
red crispy chicken burgerRs. 450
mega crispy chicken burgerRs. 500
roasted chicken burgerRs. 450
regular beef burgerRs. 350
beef cheeseburgerRs. 400
roasted beef burgerRs. 450


crispy wingsRs. 450
special wingsRs. 500
crispy broastRs. 400
masala broastRs. 450
BBQ broastRs. 450
mayo garlic broastRs. 450

Pan Asian

chicken shashlik with riceRs. 650
chicken vegetable chilli with riceRs. 650
chicken ginger onion with riceRs. 650
chicken Manchurian with riceRs. 650
chicken stir-fry with riceRs. 650
Szechuan chicken with riceRs. 650
nine lives with riceRs. 650
ginger thai style with riceRs. 650
chicken chili dry with riceRs. 700
crispy chicken chili dry with riceRs. 700
beef chili dry with riceRs. 700


vegetable chowmein noodlesRs. 520
chicken chowmein noodlesRs. 550
beef chowmein noodlesRs. 550
Thai noodlesRs. 600
special noodlesRs. 650


egg fried riceRs. 300
chicken fried riceRs. 350
beef chilli riceRs. 350
special riceRs. 350
garlic riceRs. 350
hot chilli special riceRs. 350

Special Treat

sweet lassiRs. 300
salty lassiRs. 300
tutti fruttiRs. 400
fruit trifleRs. 400
icecream fruityRs. 400
banana splitRs. 400
kids specialRs. 400
mango smoothieRs. 400
strawberry smoothieRs. 400
pineapple smoothieRs. 400

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