10 Best Restaurants in Islamabad You Should Visit in 2022

restaurants in Islamabad

Islamabad is a foodie’s paradise, offering a diverse selection of local and international cuisines to suit every taste. Because the city’s terrain is littered with hundreds of eateries, you are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where and what to eat.

Islamabad is a foodie’s dream, and here are some of the greatest restaurants in Islamabad to visit if you’re looking to satisfy your culinary cravings while you’re there.

Islamabad is truly heaven for all foodies craving for local and international cuisines. With hundreds of restaurants dotting the city landscape, you are clearly spoiled when choosing where to eat and what to eat. 

Islamabad is a foodies paradise and these are some of the best restaurants in Islamabad to get your food fix when there.

Restaurants in Islamabad

Foodies appreciate our list of the greatest top 10 restaurants in Islamabad, which we’ve compiled for you. Gratify your cravings for the best food by dining at one of the city’s premier restaurants.

Restaurants in IslamabadRatingContact InfoLocation
Asian Wok Islamabad4.5(051) 2206988Beverly Center
The Monal Islamabad 4.5(051) 2898055Pir Sohawa Road
Ox & Grill Islamabad4.4(051) 2650792F-7 Markaz
Yum Chinese & Thai Islamabad4.30311 1122102F-7, Islamabad
1969 Restaurant Islamabad4.30323 9691969Garden Avenue
Bar B.Q. Tonight Islamabad 4.2(051) 8317132Embassy Road
Zamana Cafe Islamabad4.1(051) 2874000Islamabad Serena Hotel
Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad4.1(051) 8445544Kohsar Market, F-6
Texas SteakHouse Islamabad4.1(051) 2654949Shaheen Market, E-7
Des Pardes Restaurant Islamabad 4.0(051) 2320008Saidpur Road

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Asian Wok Islamabad

Asian Wok Islamabad
Asian Wok Islamabad
Asian Wok Islamabad – Rating

Monal is a household name in Pakistan, not just in Islamabad. “Asian Wok,” a new restaurant owned by the founders of Monal, has recently opened in Islamabad’s Beverly Center Blue Area. Islamabad now has an excellent Chinese food option. If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine, this is the place to go. If you’re looking for something truly unique, go here. Go there and get some complimentary mint drinks.

You’ll be mesmerized by the setting. The restaurant’s entrance is greeted with a little waterfall. Attractive is the interior. It’s one of Islamabad’s best eateries. The food served at Asian Wok is distinctly regional in flavor.

They specialize in Thai and Chinese food. You’ll be awed by the variety of cuisines available. Roasted duck and lobster are among the other seafood options. There isn’t a single restaurant that serves these creatures. The items on sale at the shop make it clear that the establishment is pricey. This is the place to go if you want to experience authentic Thai cuisine.

A 4.5-star review on Google indicates that Asian Wok Islamabad is an excellent eatery. One of the city’s best Chinese restaurants, its dishes are praised by customers for their perfect harmony of flavors and spices.

To reserve a table at Asian Wok Islamabad, contact them at: (051) 2206988.

Location: Beverly Center, Blue Area, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of Asian Wok Restaurant Below:

The Monal Islamabad

The Monal Islamabad
The Monal Islamabad
The Monal Islamabad – Rating

Located atop the Potohar’s summit, “The Monal” Islamabad looks out over the picturesque Margallas. The Monal prides itself on serving authentic Pakistani food that is as diverse as our history. Native flavors and smells have been combined with culinary traditions from Arabia, Persia, and Central Asia to create this dish.

Saidpur Village and the city of Islamabad may be seen from the restaurant’s vantage point. Each of the terraces has a distinct concept, and when combined, they create a space that can accommodate a wide range of people’s wants and needs. The dining hall has also been created with a full glass wall so that guests can enjoy the stunning natural surroundings of The Monal.

The Monal’s live music performances are a treat for the senses as well as the stomach. Musical events are also held on special occasions, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Foods such as the Roast Beef Wasabi Sandwich and Stir Fry Khao Suey are among the most popular items served at the restaurant. Others such as BBQ and Karahi are delectable. Kebabs of various kinds can be found at the Monal. For instance, four distinct kebabs/tikkas are on the menu. In addition, the general public has reported that the flavor is quite tasty. There is also a brain masala on the menu at The Monal. This restaurant has a 4.5-star rating on Google, which is excellent.

To reserve a table at The Monal Islamabad, contact them at: (051) 2898055.

Location: Pir Sohawa Road, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of Monal Restaurant Below:

Ox & Grill Islamabad

Ox & Grill Islamabad
Ox & Grill Islamabad
Ox & Grill Islamabad – Rating

Do you have a strong desire for something extraordinary? For all of your cravings, OX & Grill Steakhouse has the ideal treat for you! A variety of steaks and burgers, as well as Mexican, Pakistani, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, are available at Ox and Grill.

Western photographs adorn the walls of the restaurant as soon as clients walk through the door, and these images are indicative of the establishment. The managers and waiters are kind, and we are made to feel welcome from the beginning. They provide complimentary Garlic Bread to get guests in the mood, and while customers are enjoying their appetizer, the staff takes orders and prepares your main dish.

Ox & Grill’s Chicken Parmesan is one of the most popular meals on the menu, and it’s prepared in a way that’s unlike any other. The Louisiana Chicken, Ox & Grill special Steak, and Chicken Crunch Burger are among popular choices. Everything on the menu is perfectly proportioned and looks mouthwateringly good.

With a 4.4-star Google rating, this restaurant has a lot to live up to, thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and delectable fare. 

To reserve a table at Ox & Grill Islamabad, contact them at: (051) 2650792.

Location: Jinnah Super Market, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of Ox & Grill Restaurant Below:

View Ambiance & Further Details Here: Ox and Grill SteakHouse

Yum Chinese & Thai Islamabad

Yum Chinese & Thai Islamabad
Yum Chinese & Thai Islamabad
Yum Chinese & Thai Islamabad – Rating

Yum is currently the go-to restaurant in Islamabad after making a name for itself in Lahore. At Yum, you’ll find authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine served in a warm and welcoming environment. Stunning views, delicious food on the city’s rooftops, and all of your favorite Chinese and Thai restaurants are all right here in Islamabad. Traditional and contemporary meals from Chinese and Thai cuisines are served at YUM, which caters to both traditional and modern culinary lovers. Each meal on our menu is made fresh to order using only the finest ingredients available.

It’s the perfect place for families and friends to come together for a meal, to talk, and to eat. Everything about this establishment, from the food to the ambiance to the entire administration, is top-tier. YUM Special Beef, Special Fish, Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai, and Pla Sam Ros are among of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. With the 4.3-star rating on Google account, the restaurant is preferred and enjoyed by many in the city. 

To reserve a table at Yum Chinese & Thai Islamabad, contact them at: 0311 1122102.

Location: F-7, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of YUM Restaurant Below:

1969 Restaurant Islamabad

1969 Restaurant Islamabad
1969 Restaurant Islamabad
1969 Restaurant Islamabad – Rating

1969 is a one-of-a-kind themed restaurant that strives to transport diners back to Pakistan’s golden era of the 1960s. A 1960s-themed restaurant was created with the goal of revitalizing Pakistan’s green movement and presenting the country in a more positive light. The environment, atmosphere, and attitude of 1969 restaurant have been created to provide an exciting experience surrounded by lush greenery, well-maintained lawns, and fresh air, all of which exude a sense of tranquility and serenity.

1969 serves traditional Pakistani and Continental cuisine that is prepared with the highest care and attention to detail. 1969 is dedicated to providing tasty, wholesome, and hygienic food that has been cooked with care and enthusiasm for their customers. There are a variety of popular foods such as BBQ, nachos and fritters, hamburgers and sandwiches, handi, Dal Makhni, and many more. 1969 also has a fantastic range of mocktails in a variety of delectable flavors. The 4.3-star rating on Google is completely justified in this case. 

To reserve a table at 1969 Restaurant Islamabad, contact them at: 0323 9691969.

Location: Garden Avenue, Shakarparian, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of 1969 Restaurant Below:

View Ambiance & More Details at: 1969 Restaurant Islamabad

Bar B.Q. Tonight Islamabad

Bar B.Q. Tonight Islamabad
Bar B.Q. Tonight Islamabad
Bar B.Q. Tonight Islamabad – Rating

Bar B.Q. Tonight is one of the best places to eat traditional Pakistani cuisine in Pakistan’s capital city. You can expect dishes made with fresh, natural ingredients that will transport you to a bygone era while also satisfying your cravings for familiar comfort food.

Bar B.Q. Tonight’s menu only includes items that meet the restaurant’s strict hygienic standards. The company’s offerings extend beyond the food itself, providing its valued patrons with a comfortable setting that encourages them to unwind and unwind. Treat yourself to some of the best specialties. Desserts such as Gajar ka Halwa and Kheer are also included in this list of regional specialties. It has a 4.2-star rating on Google, thanks to a well-balanced combination of spices and flavor. 

To reserve a table at Bar B.Q. Tonight Islamabad, contact them at: (051) 8317132.

Location: Sohrab Plaza, Embassy Road, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of Bar B. Q Tonight Restaurant Below:

Zamana Restaurant Islamabad

Zamana Cafe Islamabad
Zamana Cafe Islamabad
Zamana Cafe Islamabad – Rating

Zamana cafe is located in the Serena Hotel. This all-day dining establishment offers a breakfast, lunch, and supper buffet as well as an a la carte menu. An amazing dining experience is created by a blend of ethnic Pakistani culinary delicacies and delectable continental favorites, complemented by views of the hotel’s lovely water pools and gardens. Choose from the à la carte menu or the lunch and dinner buffets, which feature a wide variety of specialty foods and offer both indoor and outdoor dining.

The Sunday Brunch features Thai, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Western cuisines, as well as traditional Pakistani dishes. You can also order dishes prepared à la minute by chefs at live cooking stations, with food delivered directly from the pan to the plate. They have received a 4-star rating on Google for the great selection of food to choose from and excellent ambiance. 

To reserve a table at Zamana Cafe Islamabad, contact them at: (051) 2874000.

Location: Islamabad Serena Hotel, Islamabad. 

View & Download the Complete Menu of Zamana Restaurant Below:

Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad

Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad
Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad
Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad – Rating

Tuscany Courtyard, Islamabad’s most popular Italian restaurant, has relocated to Kohsar Market, the city’s most upscale retail district, in F-6. With its outdoor street café atmosphere and rooftop courtyard ambiance, the new restaurant provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience with a beautiful view of the Margalla hills while savoring delectable meals. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with walls painted in gentle tones of beige and terracotta, as well as large wide-paned windows that give the impression of being inside an Italian house. The new site at Kohsar market provides plenty of seats both indoors and out, and it is easily accessible. Outdoor seating is ideal for individuals who want to make the most of their food while taking in the scenery and weather, which is becoming increasingly popular in the posh Kohsar Market.

Tuscany has some of the best Italian cuisine in the country, as well as a diverse selection of dishes that are bursting with bold flavors and made with fresh ingredients that can be devoured with pure satisfaction. Wild Shiitake Mushroom Steak, Hot fudge skillet brownie, Bread and Butter dessert, Thai spicy Chicken, Tuscany special Pizza (Staggioni), Mushroom Melt Burger, and Avocado & Shrimp Salad are some of the special foods to look forward to. The restaurant’s specialties and ambiance have earned it a 4.1-star rating on Google, which reflects the popularity of the establishment.

To reserve a table at Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad, contact them at: (051) 8445544.

Location: Kohsar Market, F-6, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of Tuscany Restaurant Below:

Check Ambiance & More Details at: Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad

Texas SteakHouse Islamabad

Texas SteakHouse Islamabad
Texas SteakHouse Islamabad
Texas SteakHouse Islamabad – Rating

The Texas Steakhouse restaurant chain has launched a location in Islamabad’s sector E-7. Diners at this Steakhouse can choose from a range of foods to taste, including pepper and mushroom steaks, chicken chunks with tartar sauce, and other dishes, as well as beverages such as one-bite beef burgers and chilled margaritas, among other things.

Its extensive menu includes everything from hand-cut steaks and sides to freshly baked breads, and it is rounded off with a delectable selection of dessert options. In addition to grilled chicken, burgers, and a selection of salads, the eatery serves fresh seafood on the weekends.

The personnel of Texas Steakhouse, who are dressed in checkered shirts and khakis and who wear cowboy hats, contribute to the restaurant’s Hollywood Western-esque movie atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the ropes and metallic saddles adorning the walls, which complete the thematic décor. There is no doubt that the restaurant’s atmosphere is favorable, and the presentation and quality of the food on offer encourage food enthusiasts to return. The restaurant has received a Google rating of 4.1-star

To reserve a table at Texas SteakHouse Islamabad, contact them at: (051) 2654949.

Location: Shaheen Market, E-7, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of Texas Steak House Below:

Des Pardes Restaurant Islamabad

Des Pardes Restaurant Islamabad
Des Pardes Restaurant Islamabad
Des Pardes Restaurant Islamabad – Rating

Situated in the Saidpur Village of Islamabad, the Des Pardes Restaurant offers glorious perspectives on Margalla Hills alongside the delightful sustenance. Discussing the climate of the eatery mirrors the neighborhood custom and culture of Pakistan. Also, the visitor can appreciate unrecorded music. The cooking here differs from Pakistani to Continental and with a spot of Italian and Chinese.

The vibes are astounding. The bold staff energetically welcomes the majority of its guests. Starting from breakfast to lunch and dinner, they have a wide variety on the menu. Their Grill Platters are a must-try option from the menu. With a 4-star rating on Google, don’t miss the joy of authentic taste.

To reserve a table at Des Pardes Restaurant Islamabad, contact them at: (051) 2320008.

Location: Saidpur Road, Islamabad.

View & Download the Complete Menu of Des Pardes Restaurant Below:

Reserve a table and experience food at its best!

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