Hidden Words, Effective Blocking, and Notifications – New Features to Reduce Abuse On Insta

Instagram Offers Increased Safety to Users With New Updates


  • Instagram has introduced updates to minimize abuse
  • It now offers an effective blocking system
  • Hidden Words feature filters out negative comments 
  • Community guidelines are displayed before a creator is approached 

Instagram has introduced key updates to make the platform safer. Now you will face fewer negative comments and harmful spam messages. 

Effective Blocking

Effective Blocking on Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

Blocking people online can be frustrating as many keep making new accounts, but with the latest update, Instagram has made things hard for online abusers. 

The latest update allows you to block accounts, a potential abuser may create, making things convenient to you and difficult for them. 

Hidden Words – Filtering Harmful Content

The Hidden Words update proved very useful last year.

It helped creators face less abuse on comments as abusive words were filtered out and now the feature works automatically. 

You can turn Hidden Words on or off as per your will.

On top of that, Instagram will now offer Hidden Words support in multiple ​​languages including Russian, Persian, Turkish, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil.

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Encouraging People to Reconsider Their Replies 

While certain actions are intentional, sometimes, users can unintentionally hurt sentiments when they sound offensive online. 

That will now be minimized by the latest update that will send notifications to users to reconsider their words before posting, to minimize any discomfort. 

Displaying Community Guidelines

Instagram continuously strives to make the platform safer and another effort in that regard is the community guidelines that will be displayed before a person messages a creator. 

That way, Instagram will guide the person on regulations to be followed so the risk of online abuse can be minimized. 

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