Now You Can Upload Images on TikTok, Just Like Instagram

TikTok Adds New Photo Feature to Rival Instagram

To compete with Instagram, TikTok has added a new photo feature.

Along with a few other new features, such as editing capabilities and longer captions, TikTok is introducing Photo Mode, a new photo slideshow editing tool that imitates Instagram’s features.

Photo Mode by TikTok

Specifically designed for sharing still photographs on the app, Photo Mode, a carousel style, is now available on TikTok.  Creators can include music in their posts in addition to still images.

Similar to submitting standard video material in the app, posting content in photo mode is straightforward.

TikTok Photo Mode – Process

Follow these simple steps below to see how to use TikTok Photo mode on the app.

  1. Press the “+” icon at the bottom of the For You page to begin adding content in Photo mode.
  2. To access your photo gallery, click the “Upload” button in the bottom right corner. Click “Next” after choosing the images you wish to include in their carousel.
  3. The content editing page will display, same like with Tiktok’s video posting feature. You can add any music and effects here.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, a tiny icon with the text “Switch to Video Mode” will appear.

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Social Media Rivalry – Instagram

This new function is remarkably comparable to Instagram. TikTok appears to have cloned Instagram’s feature that lets creators submit still picture carousel posts on their feeds and Stories.

The qualities of this in the recent history of social media platforms parallel each other.

Some people might be surprised to see TikTok copying other apps’ features given how TikTok has previously inspired new features on the social media platform, such as Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and most recently, new video capabilities from Twitter. 

New and Advanced Editing Tools – TikTok

In addition to TikTok’s photo mode function, the business has also unveiled several new, improved editing features.

The company declared in a blog entry:

“TikTok’s advanced editing tools allow you to easily adjust clips, sounds, images and text in a new editing environment, all within TikTok’s creation flow. You will be able to:

Edit clip: Stack, trim and split video clips.
Edit sound: Cut, trim and set duration for sounds.
Edit and position text: More easily edit, position, and set duration for text.
Add overlay: Add photo and video overlays for picture-in-picture (or video-in-video) stacking.
Adjust video speed: Speed ​​up or slow down video clip speed.
Frame material: Rotate or zoom in and out of frames for individual clips.
Add sound effects

Additionally, the business promised larger post descriptions of up to 2,200 characters each. The increase from the previous 300-character is significant.

The majority of the world’s regions, including the US, presently offer TikTok’s new capabilities, including photo mode.

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