Saudi Arabia to Implement Heat-Block Coating in Mina for Hajj – Temperature to Drop by 20°C


To cater to the rising temperatures, during the Hajj season the Saudi Arabia government is working on a project to block heat at the holy sites in Makkah.

A heat block coating will be applied to minimize temperatures, as done in a previous project at the Jamarat Complex.

The project is based on a research study that dealt with cooling roads in the holy sites.

The General Authority for Roads, the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, and other organizations, had previously tested this technology in the Riyadh region as well.

As road temperatures reached 70 degrees Celsius, the experiment was done to mitigate such high temperatures and provide relief to the pilgrims during the Hajj season.

Earlier Heat Blocking at Jamarat Complex

A heat block coating was applied at the Jamarat stoning area, earlier and the project was very successful.

The Makkah Mayoralty collaborated with Sumitomo Corporation to apply a cooling coating on the pedestrian road leading to the Jamarat complex.

Through sensors placed under the asphalt, a reduction of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius was recorded.

Mitigating the “Heat Island” Phenomenon

During day time, roads absorb a lot of heat which is released at night creating the “heat island” effect. This effect causes increased energy consumption and air pollution.

To deal with this heat island effect, special materials were used earlier, that can absorb less sunlight and have lower surface temperatures compared to traditional roads.

These materials will be used in future projects as well.

Managing High Temperatures During Hajj

The heat block coatings aim to reduce temperatures, decrease the energy needed for cooling buildings, and reduce the impact of climate change.

The technology will help create a more comfortable environment in waiting areas and at gathering places during the hajj season.

The Hajj is set to take place on 26th June and Eid on 28th June, 3 days later. As pilgrims from across the globe have gathered to perform the religious rites, it’s a great step by the Saudi government to cater to their needs.

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