Significance of the Black Robe Given to Messi at the FIFA World Cup 2022

Significance of the Robe Given to Messi in FIFA World Cup 2022

Image Credit: The Telegraph

As team Argentina won the Fifa World Cup 2022, team captain Lionel Messi was given a black robe as a mark of honor as he lifted the World Cup trophy. 

Before lifting the trophy, Messi exchanged greetings with Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

They dressed him in a black robe, popularly called “Bisht”, just before Messi lifted the trophy.

Although Messi later took off the robe and was seen celebrating in the team shirt, the robe received mixed reviews and has become a matter of confusion for many. 

What Does the Black Robe “Bisht” Represent? 

Bisht is popular in Arab countries and it is a traditional men’s cloak. 

It is typically made of camel hair and goat wool and is worn by dignitaries, royalties, and grooms on special occasions like festivals, weddings, graduations, and Eid (according to Arab News). 

Reviews on the Black Robe “Bisht”

There were both positive and negative reviews about the black robe given to Messi. Below are some you can have a look at: 

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