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Are you craving for steaks? And don’t know where to find the best one? Don’t worry we got your back. Steaks are one of the most demanding dishes but not every restaurant can come up to your mark. Some of them are selling steaks at a very high price so you have to make sure that you are landing at the right place with the right price tags. A good steak has the most perfect tenderness and sauces that can compliment the chicken/ beef flawlessly. Moreover, it’s the first bite that decides whether you’re gonna like the steak or not. Without any further delay let’s look into the article and explore the best places to eat steak in Islamabad.

Best Steaks in Islamabad

Here is the list of places where you can get the best steaks in town:

Best Steak in IslamabadContact NumberAddress
American SteakHouse051- 28265061st Floor SuperMarket، Block F School Road, Islamabad.
Texas SteakHouse051 2654949Shaheen Market, Street 14, E-7, Islamabad.
OX and Grill Steak House051 265079213s, 1st Floor, Showroom Plaza, Islamabad.
Heavy Muamalat0300 5109495F-7, Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad.
Capital Grill051 2726998Beverly Centre , Islamabad.
Houston Steakhouse051 573283333-A Corniche Road, Bahria Town Phase 4, Islamabad.
Entrecote SteakHouse and Cafe051 8748111F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super, Post Mall Building, Islamabad.
Porter House051 2307703Kohsar Market, Islamabad.
Howdy051 2611182Gol Market, F7/3, Islamabad.
Cafe Rustic051 2650007E-7 markaz, Shaheen Market, Islamabad.

American SteakHouse

steakhouses in islamabad

American Steakhouse could legitimately claim to serve the best steaks in the nation’s capital. They are renowned for both their mouthwatering selection and their expertise in the creation of perfect steaks. Their speciality steaks, the Rump Steak and Smoked BBQ Steak are deliciously prepared and shouldn’t be missed. A variety of steaks, burgers, and sandwiches, as well as Italian and Mexican food, are available at American steakhouses.

Address of American SteakHouse: 1st Floor SuperMarket، Block F School Road, Islamabad.

Contact Number of American SteakHouse: Book your steak before arriving by calling at 051- 2826506.

Texas SteakHouse

steakhouses in islamabad

Texas Steak House is the solution to all your queries and doubts if you are someone who is always looking for the best tasting steaks. The steaks’ ingredients are chosen with care to bring out the best flavours in the meat. The meal portions are quite substantial, and this restaurant is typically very busy at lunch and dinner. This place stands out due to the excellent service and the welcoming atmosphere. There are some other dishes on the menu that are particularly delicious in addition to the steaks. Everyone should try the Texas Steak House’s best-selling items. Texas Fire Steak is a must try if you visit this place.

Address of Texas SteakHouse: Shaheen Market, Street 14, E-7, Islamabad.

Contact Number of Texas SteakHouse: You can get further information by calling them at 051 2654949.

OX and Grill Steak House

steakhouses in islamabad

You can find the perfect steak at OX and Grill Steak House. That is the main focus of Ox & Grill. They are a high-end American restaurant that wants to become the preferred steakhouse in the country. In order to make every meal for every customer a celebration and an unforgettable experience, their strategy is to never skimp on food quality or service. They create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, serve generous portions at reasonable prices, and maintain the highest levels of customer service.

Address of OX and Grill Steak House: 13s, 1st Floor, Showroom Plaza, Islamabad.

Contact Number of OX and Grill Steak House: If you want to book your order or need any further information please call at 051 2650792.

Heavy Muamalat

steakhouses in islamabad

Want to make your Steak muamalat heavy? Well Heavy Muamalat is the perfect spot for you. Their steaks have the perfect balance of every spice and sauces. The place has a rooftop sitting as well where you can enjoy the weather with your steamy steak. The staff is really cooperative and polite. 

Address of Heavy Muamalat: F-7, Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad.

Contact Number of Heavy Muamalat: You can call them to know about their menu at 0300 5109495.

Capital Grill

steakhouses in islamabad

Capital grill will set your mood with their juiciest steaks. The Capital Grill offers both clean and hygienic indoor dining with mood setting lights as well as great outdoor dining within your comfort. Before a customer even takes a bite of the food, they are hypnotised by the outstanding and enticing names of the steaks on the menu. The Capital Grill is a popular choice because, in addition to serving delicious food, it also gives its patrons a variety of discounts; hence, you can save a lot of money. Simply make a reservation here for your upcoming meal, order some of the juiciest steaks you’ve ever had, and enjoy. You won’t be let down in any way by The Capital Grill in terms of taste, texture, or presentation.

Address of Capital Grill: Beverly Centre , Islamabad.

Contact Information of Capital Grill: Call them to book your order at 051 2726998.

Houston SteakHouse

steakhouses in islamabad

Houston SteakHouse consistently makes a good first impression thanks to its welcoming atmosphere and decor. The ambiance is a 10 on 10, your mind can relax instantly on their comfortable sitting arrangements. This restaurant serves its customers exceptionally delicious steaks with quick service and reliable quality. It is difficult to try the other dishes once you have tried their specialty, the Houston Special Steak, which is served with Spicy Garlic Herb Butter, which can awaken all your taste buds in an instant. 

Address of Houston SteakHouse: 33-A Corniche Road, Bahria Town Phase 4, Islamabad.

Contact Information of Houston SteakHouse: Book your orders at 051 5732833.

Entrecote SteakHouse and Cafe

steakhouses in islamabad

Entrecote SteakHouse spent a great deal of time and effort creating flavorful dishes for you. They have pictured a time when everyone can enjoy the highest-quality, authentic Steaks. To ensure that everyone who dines at Entrecôte, one of the best restaurants in Islamabad, has an unforgettable experience, they serve guests upscale dishes every day that are made with the highest quality fresh ingredients. They place a high value on giving their staff quality training so that they can share their enthusiasm for food preparation and service with valued customers. Entrecote only provides the best food, made with the highest-quality fresh ingredients, to the guests.

Address of Entrecote SteakHouse and Cafe: F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super, Post Mall Building, Islamabad.

Contact Information of Entrecote SteakHouse and Cafe: To get further information about their menu call them at 051 8748111.

Porter House

steakhouses in islamabad

Porterhouse has quickly emerged as the top restaurant in the city thanks to its fantastic service and all-day dining options. The restaurant’s menu is constantly changing and getting better. Due to the anticipation of a new and seasonal twist on the menu, the excitement of visiting this restaurant never wanes. Without a doubt, Porterhouse serves perfectly prepared steaks. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that every bite contains magic and has a distinct flavour that will linger on your tastebuds for a very long time. The best steaks go well with potatoes and stir-fried vegetables (mashed or fried, however you like).

Address of Porter House: Kohsar Market, Islamabad.

Contact Information of Porter House: You can book your order or get information about their menu, by calling them at 051 2307703.


steakhouses in islamabad

At Howdy you can choose from a variety of delicious steaks and other options for a great price in a lively environment. Making the experience enjoyable for the guests is just as important as serving excellent food. In a “see-through kitchen” built around an exciting live cooking concept, food is served in a welcoming and lively environment. The Old West Cowboy theme permeates every location, and friendly, excellent customer service contributes to the atmosphere of a fun, active, and happy lifestyle.

Address of Howdy Islamabad: Gol Market, F7/3, Islamabad.

Contact Information of Howdy Islamabad: You can always contact them at 051 2611182.

Cafe Rustic

steakhouses in islamabad

Café Rustic unquestionably combines comfort and taste. Because of how delicious the food is, it will live in your memory for a very long time. The café’s welcoming and comfortable atmosphere will make you smile uncontrollably. The restaurant is well-known for more than just its steaks and for a number of other items on its menu. For the true steak lovers out there, the steak meat is expertly cut and prepared, which is a great deal. Try Café Rustic; it’s worth it!

Address of Cafe Rustic: E-7 markaz, Shaheen Market, Islamabad.

Contact Information of Cafe Rustic: Whether you want to confirm your order or get information about their menu, you can always call them at 051 2650007

Steak and Chill!

Allow yourself to taste the best steaks in Islamabad by visiting the places we have mentioned above. Let us know in the comments below about the places from where you had the best steaks.

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