Telenor Free Internet Codes – All the Telenor Internet Packages to Try Out

Telenor Free Internet Code

Telenor is one of the most popular network providers in the country, with superb internet services. From small packages to monthly bundles, there is a wide range to choose from.

If you are looking for Telenor internet packages and codes, here are some free and paid options.

Free Internet Codes

Here is the Telenor Free Internet Code to enjoy free web browsing.

1. Sim Lagao Offer

If you haven’t used your Telenor SIM since 10th February 2023, you can get FREE Internet & Calls. 

Code: Dial *2222# 

Validity: 60 Days


  • Internet 10 GB (from 12 am to 7 pm)
  • Onnet 3000 (from 9 pm-6 pm)
Telenor Sim Lagao Offer

Paid Internet Packages and Codes

Here are some paid internet offers for daily, weekly, and monthly internet usage. We have listed updated offers from the Official Telenor site.

1. Monthly 4G Ultra

Enjoy internet for a month, no tax deducted! 

Charges: Rs. 450 (incl. Tax)

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 12 GB + 12 GB (12 AM – 8 AM)

Telenor monthly internet package

2. Daily Offpeak Offer

Enjoy internet every day with the Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer. 

Charges: Rs. 15 incl. Tax

Validity: 12 Hours (6 AM – 6 PM)

Offer: 1500 MB (6 AM – 6 PM)

3. Daily Social Pack

Stay active on your social media through the Telenor Daily Social Pack.

Charges: Rs. 3 incl. tax

Validity: 1 day

Offer: 70 MB

telenor monthly social pack

4. Mega Monthly Offer

Enjoy internet like never before with the Telenor Mega Monthly Offer.

Charges: Rs. 180 incl. tax

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 100 GB (12AM – 12PM)

5. Monthly IMO Package

The Internet doesn’t get better than this!

Charges: Rs. 50 incl. tax

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 1500 MB

6. Monthly Snapchat Package

Stay on top of your Snapchat game with the Telenor Monthly Snapchat Package.

Charges: Rs. 5

Validity: 30 Days

Internet: 2000 MB Snapchat

7. Monthly TikTok Offer

Become a Tiktok star with the Telenor Monthly TikTok Offer.

Charges: Rs. 60 incl. Tax

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 3GB TikTok, SnackVideo & Likee

telenor tiktok offer

8. Monthly Social Extreme

Never miss a text with the Telenor Monthly Social Extreme offer.

Charges: Rs. 130 incl. tax

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 10,000 MB Facebook & WhatsApp

9. Monthly Social Pack

Socialize like never before with the Telenor Monthly Social Pack.

Charges: Rs. 60

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 2500MB (Facebook & Whatsapp)

10. Monthly Social Pack Plus

Be the social butterfly you always wanted to be with the Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus offer.

Charges: Rs. 85 incl. tax

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 5,000 MB Facebook & WhatsApp, & 10,000 SMS

11. Weekly Zoom Package

Always be on time for every zoom call with the Telenor Weekly Zoom Package.

Charges: Rs. 80 incl. tax

Validity: 7 Days

Offer: 3000 MB

telenor zoom offer

12. 4G Weekly Ultra Plus

Get the best 4G experience with the Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra Plus offer.

Charges: Rs. 240 incl. tax

Validity: 7 Days

Offer: 20GB (incl. 10GB 1AM – 11AM)

13. Social All-in-One Package

The Telenor Social All-in-One Package is here to keep you covered for a whole month!

Charges: Rs. 150 incl. tax

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 100MB Onnet, 8GB (Facebook + WhatsApp), 250 mins

14. 4G Weekly Ultra

Enjoy 4G for a week with the Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra offer.

Charges: Rs. 190 inc tax.

Validity: 7 Days

Offer: 8GB

15. PUBGM Monthly Offer

Enjoy your favorite game with the Telenor PUBGM Monthly Offer.

Charges: Rs. 60

Validity: 30 Days

Offer: 2GB PUBGM+100MBs

telenor pubgm offer

Enjoy Uninterrupted Internet!

So these were some popular internet codes for Telenor. Enjoy gaming, socializing, and browsing online without worrying about running out of data!

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