YouTube To Display Shorts, Live Streams, and Videos in Separate Tabs 

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  • YouTube to display shorts, videos, and live streams separately
  • There will be different tabs for each type of content
  • Changes to Youtube will be rolled out in the coming weeks

YouTube has decided to update its app and website and will soon display shorts, live streams, and regular videos on separate tabs, on a creator’s channel. 

Based on customer feedback, Google (which owns YouTube) has begun rolling out separate tabs for different content. 

Through these changes, they hope to make it easier for viewers to find the content they like and are most interested in. 

The new shorts tab will also display shorts in a more pleasing way to users, creating a better visual experience. 

Youtube Channels will now display content in the format mentioned below: 

  • Shorts Tab: Displaying only short videos
  • Live Tab: Containing only live streams that are active, archived, scheduled
  • Videos Tab: Will include long-form content

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The changes will take effect in the coming weeks, and you’ll find the Live tabs and the new Shorts tab next to the classic Videos tab across all your devices. 

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