YouTube Launches “Handles” Like Twitter and Facebook

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  • YouTube introduces handles 
  • Handles will help promote channels
  • Serve as unique identifiers 
  • Available for every channel 
  • Identifiable by app

Here is some good news for YouTube creators. YouTube has come up with “handles” like other social media platforms. 

YouTube Introduces Handles 

YouTube has introduced handles that will help creators interact with their audience, bring traffic to their channels, and set up a unique identity that can not be copied. 

According to the company, creators can use username formats on shorts, descriptions, comments, channels, videos, and more.

These handles will appear on the channel’s page and videos.

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How to Reserve a Handle for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Handles
Image Credits: YouTube

Creators will be notified within the coming weeks to reserve a handle and so they should stay alert about emails and notifications. 

Check for more information about handles. 

By November 14, users have time to choose a handle. 

Afterward, they will be assigned a handle to work with. 

With billions of channels on YouTube, the process will take time but creators should stay alert about notifications and get their handles active asap. 

Benefits of YouTube Handles 

The handles will be available to every channel, so you don’t need to be a big YouTuber to enjoy the perks. 

Below are some benefits YouTube handles will bring to creators: 

  1. Help authors publish their channels with short descriptions and video titles
  2. Makers can now close by mentioning the support channels of the video
  3. A matching URL will be available to active handles 
  4. These URLs will allow the selling of products across media channels
  5. Users will be able to tag channels in community posts and comments
  6. Via shoutouts, one will be able to market a channel 

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