1 Lakh Rupees Investment Business in Pakistan – Small Business Ideas With Success Stories

Investment Opportunites under 1 lakh in Pakistan - Small Business Ideas

Investment, online earning, and passive income are some of the hot topics of current times, and we bet you thought of starting your own business at some point as well. We will discuss the top 1 lakh rupees investment business in Pakistan in this article.

From starting a business with a small budget to earning on the side with a passive investment, there is so much data online with thousands of videos, and we understand how confusing it can be.

To help you out, here are the top 1 lakh rupees investment business in Pakistan, with success stories about people who started off small and made it big.

1 Lakh Investment Businesses in Pakistan

Below are 10 popular business ideas that require less than 1 lac Rupees to start in Pakistan.

#Business IdeaInvestment (PKR)
1Sell on DarazUnder 50k
2Food Business – One Dish Millionaire 40k onwards
3Set Up a One-Room Factory50k onwards
4Sell Books None
5Start a Software HouseUnder 1 lac
6Sell Clothes50k onwards
7Launch a Marketing AgencyUnder a lac
8Offer Property ManagementUnder a lac
9Sell Custom ProductsUnder a lac
10Sell 3D Printed Products Under a lac

Note: The investment amount depends on the products and your expertise. The added amounts are just for reference.

Now let’s go through each business idea one by one.

1. Sell on Daraz

how to make money by selling on daraz

Selling on Daraz is a great way to earn from home without a massive setup or even setting up a physical store.

With a small investment, you can benefit from the multiple opportunities Daraz provides. Take the example of Shakeel Ahmed, who started out with a small setup and now earns 5 to 8 lacs a month on Daraz and is a top seller with multiple stores.

Shakeel recommends going towards smaller profit margins in the beginning to acquire customers. Once that’s done, you can increase the margins for better profits.

You need to follow these steps to get started:

  • Identify a product to sell
  • Buy from wholesalers
  • Make an account
  • Purchase Daraz flyers (their custom packaging)
  • Add high-quality photos
  • Start selling!

Investment: Under 50k (depends on product)

2. Food Business – One Dish Millionaire

1 Lakh Rupees Investment Business in Pakistan

We all know about the famous story of Savour Foods. The guy Muhammad Naeem Butt started out with a small stall in Rawalpindi in 1980.

Now, he owns several restaurants selling his legendary pulao, and Pakistanis can’t get enough of it! His story shows that if you master one dish, you can sell it indefinitely and expand as your resources increase.

In the same way, if you master one dish, you can start from a small setup under 1 lac.

Investment: PKR 40,000 onwards

3. Set Up a One-Room Factory

data cable making factory

While it may seem overly simplified, there are practical ways to start your own mini factory from a small room which can be expanded later.

Azad Chaiwala showed us an example of a mobile cable maker who makes mobile cables in a small room from a small machine.

The machine cost him Rs. 30,000, and he recommends a beginner can start the business from 50k to 1 lac easily.

Investment: 50k onwards

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4. Sell Books


If you are into books, this business is for you. You can now sell books without writing a single word. These types of books include journals and workbooks where no or minimal content is needed and can help you make a good amount of money.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a tool where you can design your book digitally. Once someone places an order, Amazon will print it and send it to the customer.

The whole process requires no inventory, and literally no investment other than your skills and your time.

Investment: None

5. Start a Software House

small software house

While you may imagine a software house to be a big office with hundreds of employees, it’s actually possible to start small.

With a laptop and a hand full of employees (you don’t even need an office), you can start your software house well under a lac.

You can sell software, graphics, technical support services, etc., If you are a talented techie, this is the place to start your business.

Investment: Under a lac

6. Sell Clothes

Sell Clothes

Clothing is an essential requirement of every individual, and it’s an item that will always continue to sell.

If you are into fashion, a small clothing business can be your best bet. You can start a business selling kurtis, shirts, trousers, or any other clothing item in bulk and sell at great margins.

You can take the example of Uzair, who started off with 30k and now makes millions.

Investment: 50k onwards

7. Launch a Marketing Agency

Launch a Marketing Agency

As e-commerce continues to grow, marketing comes out as a highly valuable skill that can earn you millions. With a small setup of a few writers, developers, and designers and even smaller than that, you can start your marketing agency that earns great profits.

In Pakistan, multiple agencies are working online and offering services to international clients. You don’t even need an office to get started.

You can take the example of Potato Logic, which is now earning millions each month.

Investment: Under a lac

8. Offer Property Management

1 lac investment ideas

Not buying a property, but managing property can be done under a lac rupees. You will be responsible for selling and renting properties and will make 1-2% profit per sale.

For that, you only need a phone, a bike/car for transportation, and the skill to sell. Once you can earn sufficiently, you can start buying and then selling property which is itself a great business.

Investment: Under a lac

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9. Sell Custom Products

1 Lakh Rupees Investment Business

Do you have the skill to make custom products, like shoes, wallets, clothes, jewelry, etc? If so, you can consider starting a business with those products.

Devogue Shoes is an example of a custom shoe brand that began in 2016 with a very small budget and is now successfully serving customers.

Investment: Under 50k

10. Sell 3D Printed Products

3d printer business

Another way to start your business is by selling 3D-printed products. You can sell printed shirts and mugs, you can make jewelry, decoration pieces, prototypes, and the list goes on.

Although a new machine will cost more, you can buy a smaller model or a 2nd hand 3D Printer under a lac. The idea is new, but it can help you make your own products independently.

You can target sectors like education, fashion, medical, retail, games, entertainment, etc

Start Your Business Today!

So that was our list of 1 lakh rupees investment business. Check out more helpful content like this on the Blogpakistan site.

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