10 Best Places for Halwa Puri in Karachi: Address & Contact Info

best halwa puri in karachi

Halwa Puri is a tradition in Pakistani households and the best breakfast for every weekend in Karachi. The crispy Puri along with the sweetest halwa and condiments can make anyone’s day. Although, there are many shops in each street serving Halwa Puri; however, some of the most demanded places, where you can get Halwa puri in Karachi are mentioned in this article.

Halwa Puri in Karachi

The top 10 best places to get Halwa Puri in Karachi are mentioned below:

Best Halwa Puri in KarachiContact NumberAddress
Tooso0311 1186676Commercial Area, Alamgir Road, near AllahWali Chowrangi, Bahadur Yar Jang, Karachi.
Dera Boat Basin0332 3777299Block 5 Clifton, Karachi.
Dhamthal021 36330774Gulshan-e-Ali, Ayesha manzil, FB Area Block 7 Karachi.
Dil Pasand021 36722441Block A North Nazimabad Town, Karachi.
Chatkharay021 35848958Stadium Commercial Area, DHA Phase 5, Karachi.
Desi Gali0323 3744254Khayaban-e-Tariq, DHA Phase 8, Karachi.
Miraal0300 9277639Ayesha Residency, near Charminar, Karachi.
Master Juice0321 2565551Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6, DHA, Karachi.
Quetta Alamgir Hotel021 34926333Alamgir Road, Delhi Mercantile Society, Karachi.
Nasir Sweets0318 6328426Water Pump, Fareed Square, Karachi.


best halwa puri in karachi

For almost four decades, nashta enthusiasts have called Tooso in Karachi’s Bahadur Yar Jang and PECHS areas home. It has a luxurious halwa puri that is incredibly satisfying. It offers a seating area for families, and you can also have it delivered to your car. It’s the area’s most popular diner, and if you’re ever on this side of the bridge early in the morning, you owe it to yourself to stop by Tooso’s.

Address: Commercial Area, Alamgir Road, near AllahWali Chowrangi, Bahadur Yar Jang, Karachi.

Contact Number: 0311 1186676

Dera Boat Basin

best halwa puri in karachi

Dera requires no introduction because it is Karachi’s most popular spot for desi breakfast. Along with many other delicacies, its halwa puri is simply one of the greatest on the menu. The finest aspect, though, is the safe roadside seating and the fresh air wind, which leaves you feeling revitalised and energised.

Address: Block 5 Clifton, Karachi.

Contact Number:  0332 3777299


best halwa puri in karachi

Dhamthal, which is located near Aisha Manzil in the F.B.Area, is famed for its biscuits, nimco, pastries, patties, and other fried foods in addition to its delectable signature breakfast dish halwa poori. However, even after midday, you can find enormous lines of people waiting for their turn to buy halwa poori. Dhamtal is well-known for its excellent poori.

People travel long distances to Dhamtal for their halwa poori breakfast

Address: Gulshan-e-Ali, Ayesha manzil, FB Area Block 7 Karachi.

Contact Number:  021 36330774

Dil Pasand

best halwa puri in karachi

Since it has a special place in our hearts, Dil Pasand does justice to its name. You are missing out if you haven’t tried Dilpasand halwa puri. If you come by, don’t forget to order a drink of fresh lassi to go with your chana and puri.

Address: Block A North Nazimabad Town, Karachi.

Contact Number: 021 36722441


best halwa puri in karachi

While Chatkharay is famed for its fantastic chat, it also has some of the best halwa puri in the city if you go for breakfast. It’s flanked by electronic shops and other popular food locations like Hot N Spicy and Red Apple, and it’s located in Defence’s famed Khadda Market. These two are well-known for their paratha rolls, which you can learn more about here.

Address: Stadium Commercial Area, DHA Phase 5, Karachi.

Contact Number: 021 35848958

Desi Gali

best halwa puri in karachi

Desi Gali in Bukhari Commercial Area is famous for its delicacies such as chaat, khow suey, and even halwa puri. You can also eat it outside, which is how we recommend you eat your favourite breakfast dish.

Address: Khayaban-e-Tariq, DHA Phase 8, Karachi.

Contact Number: 0323 3744254


best halwa puri in karachi

If you’re looking for a touch of tradition in your breakfast, head to Miraal. Apart from the delectable and mouth-watering halwa puri, their traditional silver platters (thaalis) and gleaming cutlery are some of the most eye-catching items. Nonetheless, you will get good value for your money as well as a mouthwatering taste.

Address: Ayesha Residency, near Charminar, Karachi.

Contact Number: 0300 9277639

Master juice

best halwa puri in karachi

You’ve probably heard of Master Juice, but did you know they make some of the best roadside halwa puris? A morning excursion to the beach isn’t complete without a visit to Master Juice. Their gravies are spiced to perfection, and the spicy achar is the ideal complement to your puris.

Address: Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6, DHA, Karachi.

Contact Number: 0321 2565551

Quetta Alamgir Hotel

The Quetta Alamgir Hotel is located in Bahadurabad, just close to Karachi’s famed barbeque spot Zameer Ansari. This chai dhaba, located on Alamgir Road, fully captures the original chai dhaba experience, and it’s become a highly popular venue at any time of day. You may get your halwa puri fixed the way the majority of Karachiites do in the mornings. It’s possible that street nashta doesn’t get any better than this.

Address: Alamgir Road, Delhi Mercantile Society, Karachi.

Contact Number: 021 34926333

Nasir Sweets

best halwa puri in karachi

Halwa Poori Nashta is also known by the name Nasir Sweets. On Sunday mornings, they  are very busy, providing a large number of clients with delicious crispy puri with chana and tarkari.

Address:  Water Pump, Fareed Square, Karachi.

Contact Number: 0318 6328426

Let’s put them to the test on Sunday!

Let’s try the best halwa puri in town and get blessed with its taste and condiments. Let us know in the comments below about the places you get your Sunday breakfast from?v

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