10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks: Stay Refreshed and Nourished

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

As the auspicious month of Ramadan comes closer, you are probably searching for some refreshing and mild drink ideas. During fasting dehydration is frequent, since it is crucial to take nutritious beverages so that you remain hydrated. You must consume the appropriate food and drinks that contains essential vitamin and minerals of the body and helps to retain 

optimal energy levels. Among the variety of drinks available,it is important to take the right drink to overcome dehydration. This article will help you to find out the ten tasty, healthy, and quickly prepared drinks to keep you fit while enjoying Ramadan.

List of 10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks 

During Ramadan people consume a variety of drinks in suhoor and iftar, but it is necessary to choose a healthy drink along with its delicious taste.  Here is the list of top 10 refreshing drinks that keeps you fit and energetic during the fast:

  • Lemon and Mint Drink
  • Butter Milk with Ice
  • Tangy Water
  • Yoghurt Drink
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Phalsa Juice
  • Rose Drink
  • Milk Soda
  • Dates Milkshake
  • Gur ka Sharbat

Lemon and Mint Drink

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Lemon and mint drink, often known as lemonade, is quickly prepared, refreshing, and a popular drink during Ramadan iftar. All you need to do is just blend some mint leaves, fresh lemon juice, sugar and pinch of salt, an excellent drink for staying fresh and healthy throughout Ramadan.

Butter Milk with Ice

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Butter Milk with Ice is delicious and one of the most effective drinks of Ramadan, that keeps your body fit and energetic during the whole month. There are just a few steps to make the drink; put some curd, a few mint leaves, a bit of honey, pinch of salt, crushed strawberries, and a few ice cubes. That’s it, your refreshing drink is ready to enjoy at iftar.

Tangy Water

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Tang is a popular and beloved drink among children, teenagers, and adults. It comes in multiple flavours, to make the tangy water you just need a tang, few mint leaves, cucumber slice, some sugar, and mix it in water. This refreshing drink is rich in vitamin C and protects your body against heat rashes. 

Yoghurt Drink

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Yoghurt drink is a healthy drink that keeps your body hydrated and shields  you from a variety of summer diseases. There are just a few steps; add some water, ginger slices, cumin seeds, some yoghurt, and a pinch of salt, shake and stir it thoroughly  and the drink is ready to serve during iftar time.

Watermelon Juice

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Watermelon juice is natural and healthy, rich in vitamin C. It is the favourite juice among many during iftar time that keeps your body hydrated and energetic. To prepare the juice, add some watermelon cubes, sugar, and water, blend it well and the drink can be enjoyed. 

Phalsa Juice

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Phalsa juice is sweet and sour with wonderful pinkish texture, a fantastic drink to keep you fit and energetic during Ramadan. The drink is made within a few minutes, just add phalsa, sugar syrup, and water, blend it thoroughly and the drink is ready to serve. 

Rose Drink

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Rose drink is one of the best summer drinks to try in Ramadan. Put some rose petals and saffron in water, boil it for a while and leave it overnight. Add some honey to the mixture and your favourite drink will be served.

Milk Soda

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Milk soda is a popular summer drink that helps to reduce dehydration during the iftar time. To prepare the drink; take a jug, add milk, basil seeds, sprite soda, and ice cubes, mix it well and enjoy the refreshing brew at iftar time.

Dates Milkshake

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Date Milkshake is an extremely nutritious delicious shake that keeps you energetic and fit during Ramadan. It is a favourite among all ages, prepared in just a few minutes. Add milk, dates, and ice cubes in a jug,blend it well and the delectable shake is ready to be enjoyed.

Gur ka Sharbat

10 Best Healthy Ramadan Drinks

Gur Ka Sharbat is an ideal refreshing drink to quench your thirst and prevent you from heat rashes. To make this delectable drink: add jaggery in water and stir it well to dissolve in water, add sugar to taste, some lemon juice, and basil seeds. Your amazing drink is done to enjoy during iftar time. 

Ramadan Refresh: 10 Simple and Healthy Drinks!

Try out these healthy and quickly prepared drinks in Ramadan to quench your thirst while staying fit and energetic during the whole month.

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