55 Amazing Ideas About Birthday Gift For Girls To Make Them Feel Loved

Birthday Gift For Girls

It is indeed a daunting task to select a birthday gift for a girl. One needs to be updated with the likes and dislikes of a birthday girl to make a gift special for her. Your efforts in selecting the best gift will stand out and hold a recall value at the end. Before finalizing a gift, keep in mind her preferences, choice of colors, personality, etc. These birthday gifts can kick off her next year in full style. 

Consider these thoughtful yet affordable birthday gifts for her. She will definitely feel loved on her big day. 

55 Ideas About Birthday Gift for Girls

There are various birthday gift ideas for girls. Take a look below for unique birthday gifts that are anything but boring.

Birthday CakesShoesAccessoriesSkincare basket
Birthday CardsScarvesBluetooth speakersChocolate basket
Floral GiftsPhoto framesAirpodsStuff toys
ChocolatesLampsSkincareScented candles
Surprise PartyMugsHairstylingOil diffuser set
Gift VouchersCushionsMake-upMusical instruments
WatchesPhoto artHair AccessoriesPets
HandbagsPhoto clockGold JewelryWallhanging
SunglassesCalendarSilver JewelryFridge magnet
WalletsKeychainsArtificial JewelryKitchen appliances
CardholdersHeadphonesCustomized JewelryPlan a Trip
Backpacks MobileFood basketSpend a Day at Adventure Park
DressesCoversSpa set basket

Idea # 1: Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are incomplete without blowing candles and cake cutting by the birthday girl. These cakes can be bought from any cafe or bakery. Also, there are many online platforms that make customized cakes on demand. A customized cake can make your special one feel loved. There are numerous cakes available with yummy flavors. Just keep in mind the preference of the birthday girl and you are good to go. Mostly liked flavors are Chocolate, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Coffee, Black Forest, and many more. 

Apart from birthday cakes, muffins can also be gifted. These muffins can be customized according to the choice. 

Idea # 2: Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

A few special lines for a birthday girl on a nicely made card can make her day. It is a way of connecting with a person in an emotional way. 

Idea # 3: Floral Gifts

Flowers are a wonderful gift for any occasion. Floral arrangements of all kinds are a perfect way to say your feelings out loud. These gifts can be in the form of a bouquet or a freshly plucked flower from a garden, which can make a day for the birthday girl. Floral gifts also include succulents, bonsai, or dry flower arrangements. 

Idea # 4: Chocolates


Chocolates are a must when you are planning to give a birthday gift to a girl. Girls and chocolates are meant for each other. There is a range of chocolates available in different flavors to satisfy every taste bud. Some of the flavors include:

  • Milk
  • White
  • Dark
  • Mint
  • Nuts
  • Swiss 
  • German
  • Belgian

Idea # 5: Surprise Party

Surprise Party

Throwing a surprise party for a birthday girl on her special day can make her day memorable. Surprise her with the stunning decor at a special venue. You can also invite friends and family for a happy get-together. 

Idea # 6: Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers make a great birthday gift for girls. These vouchers can be from a salon and spa. A girl can spend a relaxing day at a salon or spa and avail of the services of her choice. From hair care to skincare, all services can be availed. 


Idea # 7: Watches


A watch is a great daily reminder of the person from whom it is gifted. Watches are a meaningful gift and signify the importance of a person in everyday life. 

Idea # 8: Handbags 


Handbags are a great compliment to the everyday dressing of a girl. It is something she will carry most of the day and will remind her of the giver. 

Idea # 9: Sunglasses 


An exceptional pair of sunglasses is a wardrobe essential for a girl. If you are looking for a birthday gift for a girl, a new pair of designer sunglasses will make a perfect gift. 

Idea # 10: Wallets


A gift that is both stylish and beautiful along with being functional. Whatever the occasion, a wallet makes the perfect gift. The wallet is a symbol of wealth, success, and ability. Gifting someone a wallet symbolizes good wishes by the giver. 

Idea # 11: Cardholders


A cardholder is a great gift for a birthday girl. She can keep all her cards stacked in a single place. It is slim and very handy to be carried around in her handbag. These cardholders can be customized: you can engrave her full name on it, or only initials, or any special message. 

Idea # 12: Perfumes


Perfumes are the most classic gifts you can gift to a birthday girl. People tend to remember someone from the fragrance. Gifting a special perfume can remind the birthday girl every time she will use that perfume. 

Idea # 13: Backpacks


Backpacks make such great, useful, and long-term gifts.


Fashion is one of the many things girls are attracted to. They are always in need of new clothes with the latest designs and trends, matching shoes to compliment the dress well, matching handbags, and whatnot. 

Idea # 14: Dresses


While gifting someone a dress, consider her personality and preference. Some love to wear traditional clothes while others like western clothes. Also, be very careful with the color choice and choose the one that compliments her personality. Get a gift from a reliable shop of good quality. 

Idea # 15: Shoes


Few girls are very specific about the choice of shoes they wear. If you know her choice and size very well, then shoes will make a great gift as a style statement. 

Idea # 16: Scarves


Scarves are a last resort in fashion when you are unaware of the size and preference of dresses and shoes of a birthday girl. Scarves are something that does not require any measurements and are easy to select.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts add special importance to birthday gifts. This indicates the effort the giver has put into, the interest of gifting, and good gestures. There are many platforms present online that take customized orders for any sort of occasion. You can approach these pages to order customized gifts for a birthday girl. These customized gifts can be in the form of photo frames, lamps, mugs, cushions, photo art, calendar, keychains, and many more. 

Idea # 17: Photo frames

Photo frames are a stress-free gift option. Choosing photos of shared experiences and precious moments to the frame will allow her to look back on the memories you made together.

Idea # 18: Lamps

There are various LED lamps that are in trend. These lamps when illuminated in the dark give great effects.

Idea # 19: Mugs


Mugs are easy to customize. Gift a mug that she can use daily or put as a decoration in her room.

Idea # 20: Cushions


Customized cushions will fit well with her room furniture and is, therefore, a great gift option.

Idea # 21: Photo Art

Photo Art

Photo Art is another great option for a personalized and unique birthday gift for her. Add her picture or write a special message, it’s up to you.

Idea # 22: Photo Clock

Personalize clocks by adding the photo of a birthday girl or adding a special wish for her.

Idea # 23: Calendar


Calendars can also be customized. You can add a picture of the birthday girl or any other way that you can think of to make it unique.

Idea # 24: Keychains


A keychain is easy to think of. There are options to personalize the keychain and link it to a special memory.


Tech gadgets make a great gift for anyone. The Tech industry brings on the latest discoveries all year round. The birthday girl will love these gadgets if she is into tech products. These are incredibly useful daily products and will best fit her style and life. 

Idea # 25: Headphones


Wireless headphones are a new latest trend. For girls, headphones come in trendy colors with great bass. 

Idea # 26: Laptops


You can gift her a new laptop to update her previous one.

Idea # 27: Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Gifting a new mobile phone to a girl who is close to you and holds significant value, it is a great option.

Idea # 28: Covers

Covers for her mobile, laptop, and tablet also make a great gift for a birthday girl. These covers can also be customized on order. 

Idea # 29: Gadgets Accessories

These accessories include pop sockets to hold her phone in a grip and stickers to put on a laptop or mobile. And these are not limited here, there are many more that you can think of.

Idea # 30: Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

A music enthusiast girl will be happy after receiving a Bluetooth speaker as a gift. It is portable, and easy to carry in a bag as well.

Idea # 31: Airpods


A tech-lover, fond of having the latest tech accessories, AirPods is a good option.


One of the best gifts for a birthday girl is the products that can include skincare products, hair styling products, and make-up. 

Idea # 32: Skincare


All girls are into a skincare routine and for this skincare products are a good gift. Be sure to gift quality products that will suit her skin type. 

Idea # 33: Hairstyling


For a girl who is more into hairstyling, these products can be a special gift for her. You can gift hair straightener, curler, hairdryer, etc. And while she will be using the hair styling products, heat protectant sprays and serums are a good compliment to these.

Idea # 34: Make-up


Every girl simply loves make-up. Choose the best brand that suits her skin well.

Idea # 35: Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

There are various cute and delicate hair accessories that you can get easily from the market or online. A girl who likes to make hairstyles, this one is a great fit.


Jewelry is a style statement for many girls. It makes a girl feel confident and beautiful. The jewelry that you can gift to a birthday girl can be a bracelet, necklace, ring, anklets, earrings, etc. You can gift either gold, silver, or artificial jewelry considering your price range.

Idea # 36: Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

If you have a budget for gold jewelry, then it is also a wonderful gift that holds great significance and value.

Idea # 37: Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry

For a jewelry gift that you want to last longer, silver jewelry is a good option. The original silver jewelry won’t lose its color and texture.

Idea # 38: Artificial Jewelry

Artificial jewelry

Almost every girl is seen wearing jewelry. There are a variety of jewelry options that come in cute designs.

Idea # 39: Customized Jewelry

Customized Jewelry

There are many online platforms that are offering customized jewelry options. You can get customized jewelry of your choice and surprise her with a unique gift.

Idea # 40: Books


Books can be as important to a birthday girl as anything else. Books are great company in sad and happy times and this will make a great gift for book lovers. 

Gift Baskets

There are many online platforms where you can customize a gift basket for a birthday girl. These baskets can be in the form of food baskets, spa set baskets, skincare baskets, and many more options than you can think of. 

Idea # 41: Food basket

Food Basket

Baskets that are full of various treats bring a smile to a girl’s face.

Idea # 42: Spa set basket

Spa set Basket

Spa Set is a fantastic way to relax and de-stress. Gifting a basket that includes spa products will help her in improving overall health.

Idea # 43: Skincare basket

Skincare basket

Girls are extra-conscious about their skin. Skin-care products improve the skin and a girl getting them as a gift will become so happy because as many skincare products as they have, they are still few.

Idea # 44: Chocolate Basket

Chocolate Basket

Chocolates are the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on a gift. A gift basket full of chocolates is a wonderful gift. If you already know her preference, that’s a plus point.


There is a range of other gifts for the birthday girls that you can think of. Based on her likings, you can gift a girl a stuffed toy and plushies if she gets fascinated by them, scented candles and oil diffuser set for an aromatic feels in the room, musical instruments if she is a music lover and into playing instruments, pets if she is a fan of animals, wall-hangings for her room, fridge magnets that will remind her of you, and kitchen appliances for a cooking lover. 

Idea # 45: Stuff Toys 

Stuff Toys

Stuff Toys that are huggable is an instant hit as a gift. A plush cuddly toy on a special occasion makes girls happy.

Idea # 46: Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Our emotional state is influenced by beautiful scents. Gifting scented candles is a great gesture and will enhance the overall mood.

Idea # 47: Oil Diffuser Set

Oil Diffuser Set

Girls fond of having an aromatic space can be gifted with oil diffuser sets. It can be placed anywhere in the room and adds to its ambiance.

Idea # 48: Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

It will make a great gift for girls who love to play musical instruments. It will mean them a lot.

Idea # 49: Pets


You can gift her cute pets if she is a lover. Apart from this, if she already has a pet, you can gift her accessories for pets like collars, chains, food buckets, etc. 

Pets Food

Idea # 50: Wallhangings

Wallhangings add to the beauty of the room and girls are often fond of decorating their rooms with beautiful pieces of stuff.

Idea # 51: Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Every home has a fridge. Gifting fridge magnets is another great idea. There are a variety of such magnets available in different shapes. Souvenirs also come in the form of fridge magnets.

Idea # 52: Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

There are girls who love to try out new recipes. Some of them love baking as well. You can gift them kitchen appliances so they can try out new recipes with ease.

Idea # 53: Plan a Trip

Plan a Trip

Plan a trip to the place of her liking and make her birthday memorable and full of fun.

Idea # 54: Cash


If you are not able to think of anything else suitable to gift her, cash is another good option. When you are unaware of her likings, you can gift her cash so that she can buy anything of her choice.

Idea # 55: Spend a Day at Adventure Park

Spend a Day at Adventure Park

If she is an adventure lover and gets amused with scary rides, take her to an adventure park. Take all the rides and have a fun-filled day.

To Conclude

We hope that you liked these ideas for birthday gifts for girls. The list does not end here. There are many more ideas for birthday gifts for girls. Your mom, wife, girlfriend, or best friend will have a very happy birthday, indeed.

If you have any suggestions for ideas, do let us know. 

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