CDA Developed Miyawaki Forest in Islamabad

CDA develop miyawaki forest in islamabad

In collaboration with a private organisation, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) created the world’s largest Urban Miyawaki Forest. CDA Chairman Usman Younis and Mari Petroleum Managing Director Faheem Haider officially launched the Miyawaki Forest project in sector H-12.

Akira Miyawaki, on the other hand, was a Japanese botanist who specialised in seeds and natural forests and was a leading authority in Plant Ecology.

According to the CDA, Miyawaki Forest has been established on 17 acres of land. Initially, 20,000 large seedlings of various species were planted, and additional plantations would be added to expand it. Furthermore, a specific barrier is created to protect the plants.

The private corporation Mari Petroleum aided in the development of this Miyawaki Forest on 17 acres of land, according to details. Initially, 20,000 large-sized seedlings of various species were planted, and more plantations will be added to expand the forest. In the same vein, a one-of-a-kind protective fence has been erected to protect the vegetation in this Miyawaki Forest.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority acknowledged Mari Petroleum and thanked them for their assistance in constructing such a large forest alongside the CDA. He went on to say that Islamabad is already a green city, and that planting 20,000 more plants will make it even greener.

Chairman CDA stated on this occasion that, while there aren’t many saplings left to plant due to environmental degradation, the CDA administration is working to establish new plantations. This, along with the cooperation of the other departments, will ensure maximum planting.

Furthermore, he stated that because this is Islamabad’s largest Miyawaki forest, additional precautions would be taken to ensure the safety of the plants planted by the CDA administration.

He also stated that, due to environmental pollution, there aren’t many saplings left to be planted, but the CDA administration is working hard to plant more saplings.

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