Punjab Government Launched “Go Punjab” App to Ensure Transparency to Govt. Operations

CM launches Go Punjab App

A 360-Degree Solution for Pakistani Citizens

Ch Pervaiz Elahi, the Chief Minister of Punjab, has introduced the “Go Punjab” app created by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Speaking at the inaugural event, the chief minister of Punjab stated that by creating the app, PITB has quickly served several ministries and reached a significant milestone.

Launch Date: 15th October, 2022

CM launches Go Punjab App

Online Services

The Go Punjab app, according to information, is made to offer online services to the people of Punjab, particularly for women who may use these services from the comfort of their homes. The CM praised the Punjab government’s “magnificent step” in providing facilities for the citizens. Additionally, it’s thought that the app would open up jobs for regular people.

The most recent development from the Pakistani government enables its citizens to use their mobile devices to access a variety of online services is the Go Punjab App for Android. The Google Play Store offers customers a quick way to access a variety of government services, including renewing their driver’s license and applying for a passport. The app is free to download.

Additionally, the app offers users the most recent information on government programmes and regulations, as well as news and events taking place in Pakistan. The app is a need for anyone living in Pakistan because it also provides a convenient list of emergency contact numbers for various authorities.


The CM added that people could register for private schools using the app, and they could also sign up for the Punjab Ehsas Rashan Program using the same app. The app comes with a variety of features to help users find and use educational services. These consist of:

  • A list of programmes and educational institutions that can be searched: Users can look for educational institutions and programmes by location, institution type, or programme type.
  • Information about each school and programme: The app offers in-depth information about each school and programme, including contact details, admissions criteria, costs, and course offerings.
  • Apply for admission online: Online admission application submission is possible for users, who can finish and send their forms right from the app.
  • A central library of educational resources: These include textbooks, syllabi, and lecture notes.
  • Receive push notifications: Users can receive push notifications that serve as a reminder of crucial deadlines, such as those for submission of applications or payments.


A new online application called the Go Punjab App provides a number of health assistance services. Users of the app get access to a number of healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, and other medical specialists. Additionally, users of the app can schedule appointments, access their medical records, and monitor their health improvement.

Private Sectors

This app’s private sector is made up of a number of companies and institutions, ranging in size from small family-run firms to significant global corporations. The private sector is essential to the economy because it produces goods and services, jobs, and tax money.

Numerous government initiatives and programmes are in place to assist the private sector and promote entrepreneurship. One such programme offers firms and entrepreneurs online services. The app provides a number of services, such as company filing, tax filing, and business registration.

Tourism Promotion

A variety of online services are available to help tourists visiting our nation through the GoPunjab App. These include visa and travel information, hotel reservations, trip choices, and activity ideas. Additionally, the app offers round-the-clock assistance for any emergency that may occur while you are in Pakistan.

Free Online Services

Pakistani people can access an infinite number of free internet services with the GoPunjab Apk. The following are only a few of the services offered:

  • A government information portal
  • E-filing of taxes
  • Online bill payment
  • A citizen’s forum

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