10 ‘Must Follow’ Cooking Bloggers in Pakistan on Instagram & YouTube

cooking bloggers in Pakistan

In 2023, we’ve compiled a list of the finest cooking Instagram accounts to follow. There are Instagram profiles of cooking bloggers that may inspire and thrill just about every type of food enthusiast, whether you have a New Year’s resolution to be healthier, go vegetarian, cut sugar, or even reward yourself more. 

Cooking Bloggers in Pakistan

Here are the 10 best cooking bloggers in Pakistan who make us drool with their yummiest recipes. 

#Cooking BloggersYouTube SubscribersInstagram FollowersInstagram Handles
1Asad & Saima – Food Fusion PK4.18M1.8M@foodfusionpk
2Mubashir Saddique – Village Food Secrets3.84M
3Sarah Mir – Flour & Spice 60.6K@flourandspiceblog
4Muneeze Khalid – Muneeze Khalid Official50.1K@muneezekhalidofficial
5Shayma Saadat – Spice Spoon28.5K@spicespoon
6Murrad Gillani – Murrad Gillani21K@murrad_gillani
7Nadia – Nadia ka Kitchen478K17.8K@nadia_ka_kitchen009
8Sumayya Usmani – Sumayya Usmani11.7K@sumayyausmani
9Madiha – Chefling Tales8.8K@cheflingtales
10Faiza Zarif – Cook With Faiza 1.04M4.7K@faizas__kitchen

Asad & Saima – Food Fusion PK

Asad & Saima - Food Fusion PK
Source: Google

Instagram followers: 1.8M

YouTube followers: 4.18M

Asad Memon and Saima Asad are the founders and CEOs of ‘Food Fusion,’ a well-known and long-running food blog that has garnered a large following. Food Fusion is Pakistan’s most popular quick-recipe source, boasting many fans and subscribers and its own website. Food Fusion has been designated one of the Top 100 Food Channels on YouTube by the site’s users.

In an interview, Asad Memon explained the origins of his channel, stating that they were dissatisfied with the fact that they had to watch long-hour episodes only to learn how to make good dal. He was eager to have his new cookery channel up and running. He and his wife were both employed by a digital agency at the time he chose to establish a cooking channel. Thus, they took a major risk by quitting their employment to launch the channel.

It appears that his excellent award-winning food blog has it all figured out when it comes to the culinary realm. Surprisingly, the blog includes delectable recipes from throughout the world, including Pakistani, Italian, English, and Afghani cuisine for the audience. This site has completely transformed the way I cook.

Mubashir Saddique – Village Food Secrets

Mubashir Saddique - Village Food Secrets
Source: Google

YouTube followers: 3.84M

Mubashir Saddique, renowned for his Village Food Secrets channel, is a Pakistani YouTuber and food vlogger. Mubashir Saddique, a Pakistani guy from Shahpur, a distant village in Punjab, used to work in a football factory in Sialkot. He lived far away from his family and could only see them on weekends when he cooked local food feasts for them. With Village Food Secrets, this weekend’s hobby blossomed into a YouTube profession.

Mubashir became a YouTube subscriber in January 2017. With over 3 million subscribers, his YouTube channel has become one of the most famous in Pakistan after four years of inspiring videos depicting an ideal rural existence.

Murrad Gillani – Murrad Gillani

Murrad Gillani - Murrad Gillani
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 21K

Murrad Gillani began blogging about food a few years ago, leading him to discover his true calling: creating his own food for the rest of the world! Think gooey, chocolatey cookies and flaming hotdogs; this guy will ensure you enjoy the best meal of your life.

Murrad was willing to put his life on the line for his baking hobby, and the ultimate product made him ecstatic. He didn’t have any backup plans, but his baking reflected his dedication and perseverance, as he hoped to develop his baking business by creating a sister branch to Dezato (@dezato pk).

Nadia ka Kitchen

Nadia ka Kitchen
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 17.8K

YouTube followers: 478K 

Nadia is known for her kitchen and home-cleaning recipes, home decor, meal planning, and vlogs regarding her daily routines. She is a YouTuber and cooking vlogger, posting videos for her fans regularly. She is an expert in Pakistani cuisine, and all her recipes have some delicious taste.

Muneeze Khalid – Muneeze Khalid Official

Muneeze Khalid - Muneeze Khalid Official
Source: Facebook

Instagram followers: 50.1K

What began as a baking obsession has blossomed into a warm and welcoming business for Muneeze! Muneeze’s Kitchen on Facebook is a must-see if you want to get the latest updates on its delicious offerings. A self-taught baker, she is known for her “gravity-defying” cakes.

The best part is that Muneeze uses Facebook to engage with her fans and to share baking techniques with them on a regular basis, which is quite convenient. She also teaches baking lessons for her renowned cakes, which she advertises on her Facebook and Instagram pages to attract more students.

Shayma Saadat – Spice Spoon

Shayma Saadat - Spice Spoon
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 28.5K

Shayma Saadat is the founder and author of the award-winning food blog ‘The Spice Spoon,’ which has received numerous accolades. Shayma is the person who came up with the idea for Spice Spoon. The site contains various Pakistani, Iranian, and Afghani meals to choose from.

With her food traditions, she has shared her multi-ethnic background with the globe and has assisted the international audience in becoming more conscious of the culinary customs of her multi-ethnic past. Saadat has always had a passion for cooking and has been experimenting in the kitchen since he was nine years old. Her culinary journeys take her down what she refers to as the ‘Silk Route’ (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran).

Sumayya Usmani – Sumayya Usmani

Sumayya Usmani - Sumayya Usmani
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 11.7

Sumayya Usmani is a Pakistani who was born and raised in Karachi. Her love for Pakistani cuisine and the country’s rich cultural legacy inspired her to launch a blog devoted to desi food, or “desi food.” Throughout the book, she delves into the varied flavors and diverse traditions that have shaped Pakistan’s culinary scene.

Sumayya started by posting recipes for her food blog as a recreational activity. She used to work as an attorney in London, but after a while, she decided to devote her time and energy entirely to food blogging.

Madiha – Chefling Tales

Madiha - Chefling Tales
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 8.8K

The Chefling Tales website was created by Madiha, a Pakistani cuisine aficionado, with the cooperation of her husband, Shahab. Her enthusiasm for cooking has existed since she was a child. She was able to turn her hobby into a full-time career rather quickly. Her digital platform has blossomed into a vibrant community of food bloggers and foodies alike.

In its current form, Chefling Tales is an internet platform that assists its audience in their culinary endeavors. The Chefling Tales website contains everything you need, whether you’re looking for recipes, a restaurant recommendation, or a food lover’s paradise.

Sarah Mir – Flour & Spice 

Sarah Mir - Flour & Spice 
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 60.6K

Sarah is the author of Flour & Spice, a food-focused blog. Sarah is a Canadian mother of Pakistani origin who is passionate about baking and also enjoys cooking. She has two children. She was a financial advisor and economic analyst during her career. After the birth of her two girls, she immersed herself in her lifelong passion for cooking and hasn’t looked back since then. Visit her website for delectable chocolate cakes, creamy cheesecakes, and other mouth-watering treats.

Faiza Zarif – Cook With Faiza

Faiza Zarif - Cook With Faiza
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 4.7K 

YouTube followers: 1.04M 
Faiza Zarif was born in Pakistan and now living in London, UK. The purpose of her cooking is to help married couples and students living abroad who are unfamiliar with cooking. She is an expert in Pakistani, Indian, & Continental cuisines in addition to veg and non-veg. She has her own official website, where she posts new recipes every week.

Let’s Start Cooking!

So, these bloggers have made it to our list of top cooking bloggers in Pakistan. If you know of someone who should be on the list, please let us know in the comments. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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