Suzuki Announced Discount on All WagonR Models

discount on all wagon R models

After the inflation things have been really hard for all of us and the flood disaster caused more stress in our lives. However, in such situations, the announcement of Suzuki will ease your mind a little. Suzuki has announced a discount on all WagonR models, so you can enjoy the ride at reasonable prices. 

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has offered a limited-time deal that includes free WagonR registration. The Suzuki WagonR’s overall price would be reduced as the registration charge for all automobiles with less than 1000cc engine capacity is 1% of the retail price, according to the Islamabad excise and taxes department.

Suzuki announced the announcement on social media, saying:

 “Suzuki delivers you an exciting offer!” When you book a Suzuki WagonR, you will receive FREE REGISTRATION! For a limited time, the offer is valid on all WagonR models at Suzuki Authorized Dealerships. Terms and conditions were followed.

In response to a client inquiry, the company indicated that the delivery time is estimated to be 45-90 days, depending on production capacity and market demand for the goods. Given recent non-production days (NPDs), the latter is more likely.

Despite being a simple vehicle, the WagonR starts at Rs. 2,421,000 and goes up to Rs. 2,802,000. Regardless, it remains one of Pakistan’s best-selling vehicles. The free registration offer may entice new shoppers to purchase the little hatchback.

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