How to Earn Money from eBay?

Easy Ways to Earn Money From eBay

Many eCommerce training organisations in Pakistan have overlooked eBay, the second-largest eCommerce marketplace in the world. In addition, Pakistanis should concentrate on eBay, the second-largest eCommerce market in the world with a GMV of $ 87 billion, and make plans to generate a global impact through the sale of Pakistani goods on eBay, particularly raw gemstones, leather goods, sporting goods, Damascus steel products, and numerous other undiscovered gems from Pakistan.

Ways to Earn Money from eBay

We have listed the seven unique ways to earn money on eBay in 2022:

  • Selling new and used products
  • Selling services on eBay
  • Dropshipping on eBay
  • Offering services to eBay vendors
  • Marketing of eBay products
  • Affiliate programs of eBay
  • Join eBay partner network

Want to Learn more about eBay?

Although there are various ways to earn money on eBay, not everyone knows them all. However, the professionals and experienced people can only tell you the most methods; therefore, try to learn from the professionals. There are many institutes that are giving classes so you can perform best on eBay and one of them is Empowerers.

What is Empowerers?

An ambitious young guy named Qasim Sana Ramay is the founder and CEO of Empowerers. He is in charge of the entire ecosystem of eBay in Pakistan, from high-quality training to enabling a skilled workforce of freelancers on eBay through his students. He also sources Pakistani goods (particularly diamonds) and makes them available for Fulfilment Centre (pick, pack, ship) services.

He described his vision for the empowerment of Pakistanis on eBay to the correspondent of Startup Pakistan at the “Connected Pakistan Conference (CPC22)” and said, “We want to make people inflation-proof, no matter how much prices are increasing in the country they should be inflation-proof, and the solution to this is “Start earning in Dollars,” and that should at least be equivalent to PKR 100,000.”

He further added, “We offer zoom-based online eBay instruction on live eBay accounts. You may learn eBay in just 2 months if you have 2 hours to spare on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 8 to 10 p.m. This Zoom-based training is offered every two months. This training is supervised, aggressive, thorough, and results-oriented, and it is supported by a group of instructors who never stop guiding and supporting the pupils. This Monday, Nov. 14, 2022, is the first day of this training.

When questioned about the free or discounted training offered by eBay to worthy individuals, he responded:

Our comprehensive recorded instruction is free for widows, divorced women, women from ex-FATA/Baluchistan (apart from Quetta), transgender people, relatives of martyrs (Shuhadas), and injured members of the emergency services or law enforcement. On our YouTube channel. We have a free training course on eBay that is available to anyone interested in learning more. In our Facebook group, where our senior group experts and seniors continually assist new members, they can seek advice on eBay. We have removed all barriers to our employees learning eBay.

Issues Pakistanis Are Facing on eBay

At the moment, eBay operates in over 30 nations and permits them to sell through its seller central. Pakistan, however, is not entitled to the same advantages as these 30 nations. However, it is still possible to sell on eBay when seated in Pakistan. Pakistan does not have PayPal authorisation, thus selling on eBay from Pakistan presents the only difficulty. For all other nations that aren’t permitted to directly tie their bank account information with seller central, eBay employs PayPal as a payment channel.

How to Create Your PayPal Account from Pakistan?

Making a PayPal account in the name of any relative who lives overseas is the only legally acceptable course of action in these circumstances. Like you can use the assistance of any friend or relative who resides in a country where eBay and PayPal services are available to create an account in their name.

As a result, you will be able to sell items on eBay from Pakistan and be paid into their account. In this way, after they send the funds to you, you will receive them in your account. All that remains to be done after creating a PayPal account is to add it as a payment option. You have exhausted all of your options and are now free to sell items from Pakistan on eBay.

Start Your Business Today!

Don’t delay things further, plan out the amazing products or services you can sell on eBay and start with your first step today.

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