15 Food Bloggers in Pakistan You Should Be Following Right Now on Instagram – 2023

food bloggers in Pakistan

There are people who eat just to satisfy their hunger, while others have a strong desire to try new foods. Such people are referred to as ‘foodies’. They go from place to place in search of wonderful foods, not only to fulfill their own appetites but also to tell others about good cuisine and eating establishments.

Some days, you become tired of eating the same foods and recipes and want to try something different. So, along comes the cooking bloggers, who are willing to share their special and secret recipes with you so that you may also enjoy them. 

Even in the real estate sector, tourism, and business, blogging has taken root. Food blogging has become popular in recent years, and many people are drawn to it for this reason. Food blogs are places where you can get a wide range of recipes, food reviews, culinary tips & tricks, and many photos of exquisite food items. There are a lot of food bloggers in Pakistan, and they’re all over the place. 

Food Bloggers in Pakistan

There are a lot of great food bloggers out there, and this article can help you find one to learn about delicious cuisine and recipes. Listed below are the top – food bloggers to follow on social media.

#Food BloggersYouTube SubscribersInstagram FollowersInstagram Handles
1Rana Hamza Saif (RHS) – Ranahamzasaif1.15M335K@ranahamzasaif
2Hamza Bhatti302K@hamzathebhatti
3Zia Tabarak – Street Food PK1.13M110K@streetfoodpk
4Aqsa Fawad103K@Gottablogger
5Nabeel Ahmed – Insta Food Blog 10.1K61.6K @instafood_blog
6Ali Motiwala – Foodstagrampk 56556.5K@foodstagrampk
7Riffat – Girl Gotta Eat56727.6K@girlgottaeat_
8Sadiya Saeed24.1K@sadiyaww
9Fatima Khan – Chaaye Biscuit23.1K@chaayebiscuit
10Zara Ali – Life of a Foodie17.1K@lifeofafoodie_khi
11Humayun Eats A Lot!16.6K@Humayuneatsalot
12Dr. Ayesha – Curly’s Day Out 15.6K@curlysdayout
13Hamza Salman Siddiqui – Hamzas Food Ventures12.4K@hamzasfoodventures
14Mehrunnisa Yusuf – Come Con Ella2.2K@comeconella
15Food Ninja PK1380@foodninjaoftwincities

Rana Hamza Saif (RHS) – Ranahamzasaif 

Rana Hamza Saif (RHS) - Ranahamzasaif 
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 335K

YouTube followers: 1.15M

Rana Hamza Saif aka RHS is a food blogger who takes food very seriously (nearly personally). Rana Hamza Saif is a Norwegian social media sensation who rose to fame thanks to his Instagram account of the same name. He’s a Pakistani food blogger who tends to go to great lengths to uncover the most delectable restaurants and include them in his vlogs. Just take a look at his YouTube account, and you’ll see what we mean. RHS is here to present to the world the Pakistani cuisine scene. RHS continues his cuisine tours across the country and around the world.

Hamza Bhatti – Hamzathebhatti

Hamza Bhatti
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 302K

Hamza Bhatti is a digital creator from Islamabad. He started with a first-ever video in 2016 about a trip to Hunza out of clips. In 2022, he came up with an idea to cover street food in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. His food series boomed by mid-2022, and he gained from than 50 million views. 

Zia Tabarak – Street Food PK

Zia Tabarak - Street Food PK
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 110K

YouTube followers: 1.13M

Zia Tabarak is a content maker and a creative professional who has been vlogging about his travel and street food escapades since 2017. ‘Street Food PK’ is a well-known YouTube channel that provides unique, hunger-inducing content to audiences worldwide. Street Food PK has influenced audiences worldwide with hundreds of millions of views per video. Subscribers from all around the world are hoping to be inspired by new food trends, choices, recipes, and restaurants from worldwide, with fresh content being added every week.

Aqsa Fawad – Gotta Blogger

Aqsa Fawad 
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 103K

Aqsa’s account is worth following because, as she puts it, she’s “munching while doing makeup.” Her account is a well-rounded blog that includes culinary recommendations, photos, and experiments, among other things. Look no further if you want to follow someone who will show you a little bit of travel, a little bit of style, and a little bit of food!

Nabeel Ahmed – Insta Food Blog

Nabeel Ahmed - Insta Food Blog
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 61.6K

YouTube followers: 10.1K

‘instafood blog’ is Nabeel Ahmed’s Instagram handle. He is a digital creator, an entrepreneur, an influencer, and a content writer, to name a few things. Along with his cuisine blog, he manages a business. He has a passion for love, which he expressed on his blog. He is a beautiful person on the inside, and it’s always a pleasure to see him because he constantly wears a bright, sparkling smile. His meal evaluations on Instagram are among the most honest and accurate food reviews.

Ali Motiwala – Foodstagrampk 

Ali Motiwala - Foodstagrampk 
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 56.5K

YouTube followers: 565

Instagram is known as ‘foodstagram’ among Pakistani foodies. On Instagram, all of the delectable dishes and recipe ideas are presented in a visually appealing setting, which is why food bloggers choose it as their major channel for sharing material.

Ali Motiwala, as foodstagrampk, is a multi-talented individual. He’s a food blogger, food critic, chef, digital marketer, and fashion designer from Karachi. Ali Motiwala’s broad enthusiasm for cuisine makes him a famous member, and his 42.1K follower count is proof enough that he’s on the right track! It will be impossible not to swoon over this blogger’s stunning images. He works as a restaurant critic, which means he values delicious food.

Riffat – Girl Gotta Eat

Riffat - Girl Gotta Eat
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 27.6K

YouTube followers: 567

Riffat, often known as ‘Girl Gotta Eat,’ is one of Pakistan’s most prominent food bloggers. One scroll through her Facebook feed is enough to make you salivate over Pakistan’s delights. Riffat is based in Karachi, and her culinary discoveries in the city are astounding. On her website and Instagram, she chronicles her city food adventures.

Sadiya Saeed – Sadiyaww

Sadiya Saeed
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 24.1K

Sadiya is a Faisalabad-based food blogger that covers all food on her Instagram account. She also covers food festivals and updates her followers on the greatest new dishes at Lahore and Faisalabad eateries.

Fatima Khan – Chaaye Biscuit

Fatima Khan - Chaaye Biscuit
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 23.1K

The ‘Chaaye biscuit’ is the most delicious dinner of our evenings! Congratulations to Fatima Khan for choosing a catchy name for her Instagram account that has a distinct Desi flavor to it! As her hashtag indicates, Chaaye Biscuit is a food blog that is ‘allaboutfood.’

Fatima is training to be a doctor, so she also experiments with healthy cuisine recipes that are based on popular restaurants. Furthermore, she contributes to another account known as ‘Chowkey.pk’, which is dedicated to solving the ‘aaj kya khaen’ problem.

Zara Ali – Life of a Foodie

Zara Ali - Life of a Foodie
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 17.1K

Zara Ali, who is one of those people who live to eat, has done us all a favor by chronicling her journey on her blog. She is a Pakistani food blogger, and she is quite skilled at what she does. Her admirers are usually in awe of the photographs she posts on social media. Zara’s Instagram account is primarily dedicated to food photography.

Humayun – Humayun Eats A Lot! 

Humayun Eats A Lot
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 16.6K

Humayun is a food blogger in Pakistan who is very active on Instagram and posts reviews of different restaurants that make you want to try them. Humayun’s dining excursions all over Karachi result in honest assessments of restaurants so “you can order wisely.”

Dr. Ayesha – Curly’s Day Out 

Dr. Ayesha - Curly’s Day Out 
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 15.6K

This Instagram account is not for those who are easily scared or intimidated. Curly’s Day Out is handled by a bubbly curly-haired diva from Karachi who also serves as a moderator for the SWOT’S Guide account on Twitter. She travels all over town searching for the best cuisine products to sample and writes about them on her blog.

Dr. Ayesha is a recent graduate from Karachi and an aspiring blogger. She is well-known for her unusual writing style, as well as her passion for food and cats. You should check out her blog if you are a foodie. She posts drool-worthy photos and stories from various restaurants.

Hamza Salman Siddiqui – Hamza’s Food Ventures 

Hamza Salman Siddiqui - Hamza’s Food Ventures 
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 12.4K

Hamza Salman Siddiqui is an aspiring chef and a food blogger who brings amazing food content across the city and the comfort of home. Hamza’s Food Ventures is a fantastic food blog that will make your mouth water. His Instagram feed is full of vivid culinary photos with recommendations for you. He is also the founder of @thefatgoose.pk, a home-based business that offers exquisite delights to Karachi people. This guy’s feed is full of delectable food from the countries he’s visited, along with his comments on each dish he tries and evaluates. 

Mehrunnisa Yusuf – Come Con Ella

Mehrunnisa Yusuf - Come Con Ella
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 2.2K

Mehrunnisa Yusuf’s Instagram is inspired by her cuisine blog, Come, Con Ella, which she runs. Apart from its adorably stylish appearance, Mehrunnisa’s blog is known for its artisan-style dishes that are terrific comfort food mainstays for both global and traditional kitchens. She also has an unusual capacity to construct a picture in our minds’ eyes with words about the history, heritage, and “feeling” behind each dish. She considers herself to be a visual note-taker, which she describes as having a photographic memory.

Food Ninja PK – Food Ninja of Twin Cities

Food Ninja PK
Source: Instagram

Instagram followers: 1380

Food Ninja PK’s game has been on point since the beginning, and they are on a quest to review every restaurant in the twin cities of ISB and RWP. Residents of the twin cities may be familiar with these restaurants, but guests who visit Isb/rwp would like to learn more about intriguing places. Many travelers begin their journey to the Northern Areas from Islamabad, which is why this blog is such a valuable resource. If you live in the Twin Cities, you can watch this account for special promotions at neighboring eateries throughout Ramadan, so give them a follow!

Final Words

Cravings are no joke anymore; you must always satisfy cravings and consume decent cuisine. “Good food, good mood,” as the popular saying goes. We couldn’t be more in agreement!

Because many hotels and restaurants are spending a lot of money to get the word out about their delectable fare, the future of food blogging looks very promising.