Ghulam Hussain is Listed among the Top 2% Scientist of the World

ghulam hussian listed among the top scientist of the world

Ghulam Hussain has been ranked as the world’s top 2% scientist by Stanford University in the United States, and he is on the long-career list (more prestigious than the single-year list). He works as a foreign expert and external researcher at several prestigious international universities.

Dr Ghulam Hussain, who graduated from NUAA-China in 2009, is a mechanical engineering professor at the GIK Institute. He has extensive experience working in both academia and industry. He is a well-known manufacturing technology scholar specialising in plasticity, sustainability, and advanced processes such as 3D printing, incremental forming, friction welding, and process hybridization. He has written over 110 peer-reviewed journal articles and edited several books. He is regarded as a top ten researcher at both the international and national levels.

He attributed his scientific achievements to his parents’ struggles, Prof. Gao Lin’s excellent supervision, encouragement from his senior colleagues and management, technical and financial support from the GIK Institute and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics-China, and the skilful teaching of his school teachers, Muhammad Ayub and Mushtaq Ahmed.

Accomplishments of Ghulam Hussain

He has numerous accomplishments and consistently ranks among the top ten leading researchers. His accomplishments are as follows:

  • Selected as the sixth-best National Young Scientist in the Engineering Category (2017)
  • Received best researcher award (2018) and research prizes
  • Awarded for teaching excellence (2020)
  • Co-Editor of Taylor & Francis 3 books.
  • Listed in “Who’s Who in America”

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