How to Earn through Facebook in Pakistan

how to earn through facebook

Earning on social media has become quite common with many popular YouTubers, Tiktokers, and Instagramers rising to fame and making a good living. 

There are multiple ways to earn on these platforms and many are making a healthy income but what about Facebook? What is the scope of earning through Facebook in Pakistan? And, how can one start? 

Let’s find out! 

Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 

Pakistan is currently not eligible for Facebook monetization. Facebook allows users to earn through instream ads, fan subscriptions, fan groups, branded content, etc, but unfortunately, Pakistani accounts cannot turn monetization on and earn through the platform. 

Learn more about Facebook Monetization here. 

But, there are still ways to earn indirectly and many are still making money on Facebook. You can use Facebook Marketplace to make money online or get your account registered by a foreign company.

Earning through Facebook in Pakistan 

As mentioned above there are 2 ways to earn in Pakistan through Facebook. Details of both are mentioned below: 

1. Facebook Marketplace 

You must have seen popular brands like Beechtree, Khaadi, etc offering their catalogs on Facebook. They add their Instagram or website link and allow customers to inquire through messenger. 

That way, customers can view their products, and make online orders. While Facebook doesn’t offer a payment method, you can choose “cash on delivery” or visit the brand’s website to carry out the online payment. 

As a beginner, if you want to earn online, starting your store on Facebook is a great idea. You can use local payment methods like Easypaisa, jazz cash, account transfer, or “cash on delivery”. 

The best part would be that you will get a lot of exposure in the vast Facebook community. 

Also, you would be able to benefit from the marketing tools available on the platform. 

2. Registering Through a Foreign Company 

According to Samaa News, video monetization becomes possible if a Pakistani user hires a foreign company in countries including UAE and Singapore. These companies apply for monetization from their region. 

The process is effective but it requires investment which might be hard for new content creators but still is worth considering. 

Final Words 

While Facebook Monetization has not been allowed by Facebook in many regions including Pakistan, there are still ways to earn. 

You can use the Facebook marketplace to display your products and then use a local payment method. Using Facebook allows you to reach a global audience and offers great tools to set up a stunning store. 

Along with these, hiring a company abroad to get monetized is another great alternative. Although a bit expensive, if you want to earn well on Facebook, you should try it out! 

But before you start, check out details about Facebook Monetization, and How Much Facebook Pays for 1000 Views to get a deeper explanation about earning on Facebook! 

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