How to Get Advance Balance of Jazz – Jazz Loan Code 2023

how to get advance balance of jazz

There have been times when you needed to call someone or sign up for an offer, but the code or number indicated that you had insufficient amount in your account. We know what you’re going through, so we are here to give complete details of how to get a loan in Jazz.

Jazz Advance was developed by Jazz in order to assist its customers who have run out of credit and need to make an urgent phone call. To make phone calls, send SMS, or sign up for an internet package, Jazz customers can acquire an advance loan balance in this case.

How to Take Loan in Jazz

With Jazz Loan service 2023, you can obtain an advance balance of up to PKR 200, based on your usage history. However, carefully follow these steps if you want to make the most of this fantastic service:

  1. From your Jazz prepaid SIM, dial code *112#
  2. Wait for the service confirmation message from the provider
  3. Utilize the new balance to fulfill your urgent needs


With Jazz Advance service, you have the convenience of receiving three advances of PKR 15 each. Information received from some unofficial sources suggests that the charges for the advance service are PKR 4.60 + tax. For more details, you can contact jazz at the helpline number 042 111 301 301.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Jazz Advance is only applicable for prepaid customers. 
  • After subscription, the offer remains valid for the next 4 hours. 
  • The offer can be availed only when the balance drops below PKR 100. 


Q. What is Jazz Advance?

Ans. Jazz Advance is a service from Jazz that allows you to obtain a balance of up to PKR 200, depending on your usage history.

Q. How do I get Jazz Advance?

Ans. To get the Jazz advance balance, simply dial *112# from your prepaid Jazz SIM. Depending on your usage history, you can get an advance of up to PKR 200 with this service.

Q. How many Jazz advances can I avail at a time?

Ans. You can receive 3 advances of PKR 15 with Jazz Advance balance service in 2023.

Q. Can I take Jazz Loan multiple times? 

Ans. Yes, you can subscribe to Jazz Advance a minimum of three times. 

Q. What are the consequences of not repaying Jazz Advance within 120 days?

Following a period of 120 days from the provided SIM activation, Jazz can claw back the unused Jazz Advance. Jazz also reserves the right to recover any remaining defaulted amount and applicable fees related to Jazz Advance from the mentioned SIM or any other SIMs registered under the same CNIC of the customer without any further notice.

So, that’s all about getting a loan through Jazz Advance. If you have any more questions or comments on Jazz packages, please leave them in the space provided below.

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