Is It A Dressy Or Casual Event? Don A Polo Shirt To Style Up

Casual Dressing Guide for Men

Who shops more in Lahore, men or women? While prevailing wisdom might push you to think it’s the latter, shopping malls in Lahore and other big cities unveil another side of the coin. You can see that most men shop to keep pace with the latest style and fashion.

Men do not only see solid, catchy colors and a stylish fit, but they also check durability, high quality, and, most essentially, uniqueness of the attire. When it comes to wearing certain clothes for each occasion, men tend to follow a protocol. Although men wear formal and casual shirts, polo shirts have a unique fit that many men prefer. It doesn’t hug your body and is more loose-fitting than a traditional dress shirt.

The shirt has been an exclusively male garment for a long time, and still yet. On the other hand, the polo was designed in the twentieth century to uniform the teams that practiced sports. In current fashion, polo shirts are halfway between a t-shirt and a shirt at the level of formality. Known men’s clothing brands like Cambridge gave distinction and sophistication to this attire without losing elegance and style.

If you are worried about what you should wear on each occasion, step up to Goldcrest Mall in Lahore and get the polo brands you want. You will find the known brands, like Edenrobe and Cambridge, and you will be able to get the style you desire the most. Keep reading this blog and know when you can wear a polo shirt and a formal shirt.

When should you wear a shirt and a polo?

You might have faced times when you do not know how to distinguish where the limit is between the formality of a shirt and the informality of a polo shirt. The shirt, especially the formal one, symbolizes masculine elegance. If you choose a white shirt, it is even better because it goes with everything.

Today, you can find formal and casual shirts in many attractive colors. However, remember that it is usually an essential garment for a suit, whether with a tie, bow tie, or even suspenders. The suit is the ideal formal business attire and an excellent choice for a social gathering that demands formality.

When it comes to attending some informal events and gatherings, you can wear casual shirts available in vibrant colors and prints. If you want to be comfortable and still have an active look, ditch the shirts and go for a polo shirt instead. In addition to wearing a polo shirt, you may want to add a most original personal touch to it. If so, you can always customize it with the design of your choice.

In summer – an elegant polo shirt will suffice

Men who prefer short-sleeved shirts, on the other hand, feel that they look far better. However, in the summer with a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside, it is sensible not to want to wear a long-sleeved shirt. Why not an elegant polo shirt as an alternative for a short-sleeved shirt? A polo shirt is a wonderful substitute for a short-sleeved shirt.

Polo shirts are go-to garment for guys, but they’re just as good for gals and kids. You can find many styles of polo shirts available on the market in all sorts of colors, sizes, and brands. It all comes down to how you style it.

Polo shirts are commonly seen in sports, as they allow for more movement. For example, tennis players and rugby players often wear polo shirts. Polo shirts made from high-quality, breathable cotton material are perfect for hot weather since they prevent sweating. They’re also comfortable for people with very sensitive skin.

Now, having the desired style with stunning polos is not a big deal for you. Just visit Goldcrest Mall, the height of luxury shopping and entertainment. It is right in the heart of DHA, Lahore, where you can find all your favorite brands.

How to pick the perfect polo shirt?

When buying a polo shirt, it would be good to check the fabric quality and other related aspects. You can identify the best quality of a polo shirt by checking its double stitching at the seams, the fabric reinforcement at the shoulder seams, the collar construction, and the ribs.

You should also pay attention to the polo shirt’s size, which is appropriate for your frame. You need to make sure that your polo shirt is well-tailored and comfortably fits you without being too tight or restricting. Avoid selecting a shirt that is either excessively short or excessively loose. High quality will ensure that it retains its original style as long as possible, so be picky about it.

Where to buy quality polos in Lahore

Lahore is the most populous city of Pakistan known for historical places, but the mega shopping malls it has are what make the city stunning.

The beautiful Goldcrest Mall is Lahore’s biggest mall, with well-known national and international fashion labels. Check out Cambridge and Edenrobe in the Goldcrest Mall if you want high-quality polo. The brand combines premium-quality fabric with Pakistan’s exceptional artisanship to produce polo shirts that set you apart.

Final Thoughts

Polos now fall under the casual fashion category. However, they have become necessary for men’s casual and formal wardrobe collections. Although shirts are traditional wear and any garment could not wipe them out, polo shirts have become popular. The comfort aspect of polo shirts is that you can pair them with a sports jacket and either nice jeans, chinos, or trousers. Polo shirts give you more freedom of movement since they are made of knitted material instead of woven material.

If you want to get stylish polos, Goldcrest Mall is the perfect place where you can find high-quality polo shirts. Whether you want Cambridge clothing brand in Lahore or Edenrobe, you will find everything here. In addition, you can also shop all your desired fashion garments from here and bring a drastic change to your personality.

We hope this blog will help you know when to wear a polo shirt and what things you should check when buying it. We will appreciate you if you share it with your social circle!

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