Leepa Valley Kashmir – Your Travel Guide in 2023

Leepa Valley Travel Guide

Leepa Valley is home to beautiful gardens, staircase farms, majestic mountains, and the crystal-clear Jhelum River. 

The place is not frequently visited by tourists, so it’s still well-preserved with all its beauty. If you are planning a visit to Leepa Valley, here is our complete guide that you can consider to make the most of your trip. 

Where is Leepa Valley?

Surrounded by rice and apple fields, the Leepa Valley is a natural marvel in the beautiful Azad Jammu and Kashmir. 

The valley has a population of around 80,000 people and is 83 km away from the capital city of Muzaffarabad. 

The Line of Control separates it from Jammu and Kashmir and can easily be seen from anywhere within the valley from east to west.

Snowfall occurs regularly in the area throughout the year, so it’s great for people who love to enjoy the snowfall. 

Climate and Best Time to Visit

This valley remains open for tourists only from May to October. If you visit the valley for sightseeing, the best time is at the start of Summer & Autumn.

Leepa Valley offers a cold climate throughout the year, with heavy snowfall during the winter. 

If you love snow, the best time to get to the valley would be during the autumn season to view the mesmerizing snow views. 

If you want to enjoy the lush and scenic greenery, the ideal time to visit is the start of Autumn. During autumn, the Valley is bathed in rich reds and yellows as the leaves darken and fall. 

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How to Get to Leepa Valley

How to Get to Leepa Valley

A metal road links Leepa Valley to Muzaffarabad. Where ever you might be in Pakistan, you can reach Muzzafaradad and then take the road to Leepa Valley. 

Travelers can reach Muzaffarabad from all over the country and then take a 3-hour trip to Leepa Valley. The route from Islamabad to Leepa Valley is 6 hours (Google Maps).

  • Muzaffarabad to Leepa Valley: 3 hours
  • Islamabad to Leepa Valley: 6 hours

Best Places to Visit in Leepa Valley 

The Leepa Valley is divided into the following regions:

  • Reshian
  • Dao Khan
  • Leepa Village
  • Chananian 

Other Attractions: Kasirkot, Karnah Valley, Shams Bari range Hills, Sad Pura, Nokot-Leepa-valley, etc. 

1. Reshian & Dao Khan

Reshian is a small village located at the entrance of the Leepa Valley. It is situated 67 kilometers from Muzaffarabad on the western side. 

The river Jhelum crosses the village, showcasing its vibrant waves to Hattian Bala.

Dao Khan is a beautiful village in Leepa Valley, 75 km from Muzzafarabad. Due to the high flow of tourists in the summer, the Tourism Department provides tent accommodations to tourists for a comfortable experience. 

2. Leepa Village & Chananian

Leepa Village is famous for its lush green river fields in summer and traditional wooden Kashmiri houses. 

Walnut, Cherries, Apples, and honey are produced in the region, and you can buy some as you end your tour!

Chananian is surrounded by thick pine forests and is located opposite Leepa Village. It is very close to the LOC (line of control) and is situated at 2226 meters, 58 km from Naili. 

You can enjoy accommodation in the Forest and Tourism rest houses of the Chanian region. 

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Hotels to Stay in Leepa Valley

Below are some popular hotels you can look into while planning your trip to Leepa Valley. 

1. Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad

Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad

If you want to stay at an elite and upscale location, you can opt to stay in PC located in Muzzafarabad, 3 hours from the Leepa Valley. 

Location: Upper Chattar, Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Contact Number: (058224) 38000

2. Leepa Lodges & Guest House

Leepa Lodges & Guest House Chakmuqam 

Leepa Lodges & Guest House is a midrange resort in the Middle of the Leepa Valley. It offers comfortable accommodations and spectacular views of the mountains. 

Location: Leepa Valley.

Contact Number: 0355 6155559

3. J&K Guest House & Resort Leepa

j & k resort leepa

J&K Guest House & Resort is a small, mid-range hotel located in Leepa Valley. It offers a comfortable stay near the breathtaking mountains. 

Location: Leepa Valley.

Contact Number: 0333 0460947

The People & History of Leepa Village

Locals in the Leepa Valley are very religious and speak Kashmiri, Hindko, and Urdu. The 80,000 inhabitants generally work as farmers, cattle rearers, tourist guides, etc. 

Leepa Valley was formerly part of Karnah tehsil of Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir. The valley is now part of the Jhelum Valley District in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. 

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Visit Leepa Valley to Enrich Your Soul!

So that was our guide to Leepa Valley. Check out more content on hotel listings, food guides, and tourism on the Blogpakistan site.  


1. Where is Leepa Valley?

Leepa Valley is situated in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, approx. 83 kilometers away from the capital city of Muzaffarabad. 

2. What is the culture of the Leepa Valley?

Locals in the Leepa Valley are very religious and speak Kashmiri, Hindko, and Urdu. The 80,000 inhabitants generally work as farmers, cattle rearers, tourist guides, etc

3. Which river is in the Leepa Valley?

The Leepa Valley is located on the bank of the Jhelum River.

4. How high is Leepa valley Azad Kashmir?

The Leepa Valley is 10,000 feet (3,000m) above sea level. 

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