10 Best Setting Sprays for Long-Lasting Makeup

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

Setting Spray is like glue that holds your makeup together. Do you ever wonder how some people have that flawless makeup all day? When your skin is producing tons and tons of oil that makes all your makeup slip away. Well, the answer is a “Setting Spray”, now it won’t be wrong to wonder how a spray can hold the makeup? Usually, these setting sprays contain alcohol that can secure the makeup for you without smudging it further. There are many Setting Sprays available in the market; however, choosing the right one is a bit tricky because so many options are available for you. We at Blog Pakistan understand all your daily life problems therefore we try to make things as easier as we can for you. After doing thorough research we are providing a list of 10 best Setting Sprays that can give you flawless makeup even in those humid summers. Without wasting any more time let’s look into the article.

Best Setting Sprays for Long Lasting Makeup

Here is the list of best Setting Sprays for long-lasting Makeup, that can solve all your issues of Makeup:

Best Setting Sprays Price in Pakistan
Revolution Makeup Fixing SprayPKR 2,475
MAC Prep +Prime Fix Brume Fixante Makeup Fixer Spray PKR 8,000
Makeup Revolution Glow Illuminating Fixing Spray PKR 2,475
Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Setting SprayPKR 2,349
Maybelline Lasting FixPKR 1,920
NYX Matt Finish Finni MattPKR 1,800
Makeup Forever Mist and FixPKR 4.600
LA Girl Pro Setting SprayPKR 2,199
Eveline Makeup Fixing MistPKR 1,145
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Setting SprayPKR 1,797

Revolution Makeup Fixing Spray

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

The pinnacle of Makeup Revolution’s Professional line. Professionals and regular people use it to keep their Makeup intact all day. Revolution Makeup Fixing Spray will protect your makeup from heat and humidity, cold, and windy weather, and regardless of how your skin reacts, this will help your makeup last up to 8 hours. You can get that flawless makeup look in no time by this setting spray. It will keep the oil away from your face for straight 8 hours. Shake the bottle. With your eyes closed, hold your Professional Fixing Spritz at arm’s length and spray the microfine mist until your makeup is completely covered and avoid any direct touch with their eyes. Moreover, the product is cruelty free as it is a vegan product. 

MAC Prep +Prime Fix Brume Fixante Makeup Fixer Spray 

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

The MAC Prep and Prime spray has so many benefits such as it refreshes your skin along with soothing effects. The formula of the spray also hydrates your skin and improves the quality of your makeup by lasting up to 12 hours. It allows you to roam stress free for 12 hours. The product is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested so you do not have to worry about having any kind of skin allergy. Moreover, if you have acne prone skin then this is the ideal spray for you because it won’t clog your pores and allow your skin to breath at the same time.

Spray evenly while holding the bottle 12 inches away from your face. Use alone or to complete makeup. Apply your favorite powder foundation and softly spritz it all over your face to set and moisturize. Apply your favorite eye shadow or pigment to your preferred brush, lightly wet the bristles, and sweep across lids for an accentuated shadow look.

Makeup Revolution Glow Illuminating Fixing Spray 

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

With light reflecting particles that provide a natural glow and signature lighting, you can now keep your makeup on longer while also moisturizing and brightening your skin. Whatever the weather, you can preserve that freshly applied look for a longer period of time now that it has an incandescent shine. The product is vegan and it is also approved by PETA as animal test free. Apply the spray to your face after you are done with your foundation and it will save your foundation from oxidizing. Get that flawless look with Glow illuminating fixing spray.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Setting Spray

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

Set and refresh whenever and wherever you want. Fit Me Matte + Poreless Setting Spray by Maybelline New York is a mattifying setting spray with clay that regulates oil for an even longer shine-free makeup look. You will get a 24 hours oil control Non-drying sensation and it will allow the make-up to look fresh all day. Moreover, if you have acne prone skin this product is ideal for you because it is non-comedogenic and it has witch hazel formula in it that can keep your skin bacteria free.

For applying first, shake the bottle vigorously and spray after applying makeup. Close your eyes and hold 8-10 inches away from your face. Spray in an even, clockwise motion. Avoid spraying directly into your eyes or your lips.

Maybelline Lasting Fix

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

With Maybelline lasting fix your makeup will last easily for up to 16 hours. Bye-bye, fading and melting makeup. Maintain the integrity of your foundation, powder, eyeshadow, and brows for up to 16 hours. With our long-lasting setting spray, you may get the most matte finish and improve the longevity of your makeup. This lightweight spray reduces shine, gives a matte look, and lasts all day.

Set your cosmetics look! Firstly, shake the bottle vigorously. Now keep your hands 8-10 inches away from your face and keep your eyes closed. Spray your face 4-6 times and avoid spraying directly into your eyes or your lips.

NYX Matt Finish Finni Matt

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

NYX has got you and your skin covered. Use NYX Professional Makeup’s famous Matte Finish Setting Spray to put your best face forward. The breathable composition keeps shine at bay perfect for oily skin types. Furthermore, it helps to keep your makeup in place for up to 16 hours without causing interruptions or settling into small lines. It’s no surprise that this long-lasting product is America’s favourite makeup setting spray. Niacinamide is present in this mild, water-based setting spray that can save your skin from pollution, sun and different toxins.

After you have finished your skincare routine, apply primer to your skin if you have large pores and oily skin. Apply your makeup as usual, then hold your setting spray six inches away from your face and mist the matte spray lightly over your skin. When it dries, your makeup will last up to 16 hours.

Makeup Forever Mist and Fix

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

A light, alcohol-free setting spray that preps and refreshes skin while also setting makeup for up to 12 hours of wear. A water-rich formula quickly hydrates skin by 63%, while an O2 skin complex boosts cellular oxygenation and radiance for a healthy-looking glow. Hence, the spray will not only fix your makeup for the day but also give you a radiance that no one can ever ignore.

The makeup setting spray has been reinvented to give 23% more hydration than ever before. This innovative solution comprises 90% pure water, pvp polymer, and O2, the skin is complex to create an invisible barrier that increases makeup wear while caring for the skin. It may also be used to prime and refresh the skin. The Alcohol-free spray for prepping, setting, and refreshing. Makeup that lasts 12 hours and increases skin hydration by 63% in an instant.. The spray is suitable for all skin types and a new pvp polymer offers flawless makeup adhesion while staying flexible and pleasant on the skin. A water-rich formula and humectants provide strong moisture. Nasturtium extract in the skin complex promotes cellular oxygenation and skin brightness. Dermatologists and ophthalmologists have tested this product so you can use it without any stress.

LA Girl Pro Setting Spray

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

To maintain the matte texture of freshly applied makeup, spritz evenly with PRO Setting Spray after applying makeup. The non-sticky, lightweight formula sets makeup for all-day wear. The ultra-fine mist is pleasant and swiftly dries, setting makeup to keep you looking great for longer. The spray is free of parabens and scent hence it won’t clog your pores or cause acne. After applying makeup, spray 12-16 inches away from the face while keeping your eyes closed.

Eveline Makeup Fixing Mist

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

The delicate, alcohol-free fixing mist enhances the wear time of make-up by up to 12 hours. The revolutionary product, based on carefully selected active ingredients, not only properly fixes and protects make-up but also refreshes and prevents skin dryness. The mist’s recipe contains an anti-pollution component that protects the skin from environmental aggressors. When applied to the skin, it acts as a thin, invisible film that traps pollutants and prevents them from penetrating the skin. Moreover, the spray will save your foundation from oxidizing so your face will look as natural as possible. It can be used shortly after makeup or as a refresher during the day.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray

makeup setting sprays to buy in pakistan

This proprietary solution prolongs the life of makeup by keeping it from cracking, smearing, fading, or creasing. It is compatible with all cosmetics and skin types, and it contains aloe to moisturize your skin. Perfect in one step and the formula for Weightlessness; moreover, it is suitable for all skin types. Before applying the spray, shake the bottle and apply once you have finished your makeup. Mist the PhotoFocus Setting Spray in a crisscross pattern 8 inches away from your face.

Get That Flawless Look Girl!!

Buy any of the amazing setting sprays to get intact makeup all day. Keep your skin oil-free and say Adios to the cracked, melted, or smudged makeup look. Keep your skin fresh all day long in any weather.

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