Pakistan’s Ahmed Safeer Sets Guinness World Record For Most Punches in One Minute

Pakistan’s Ahmed Safeer Sets Guinness Record For Most Punches - Credits The News International


  • Ahmad Safeer breaks Guinness Record of India’s Narayanan 
  • He delivered 301 full extension punches in a minute holding 1 kg weight
  • Ahmed is a martial artist from D I Khan

Ahmed Safeer, recently delivered 301 full extension punches in one minute, holding 1 kg weight, setting a Guinness World Record. 

Ahmed attempted the record in D I Khan on May 11. 

Previously the record was held by Narayanan from India, who delivered 269 punches in one minute, which was broken by Ahmed who has now become the fastest puncher in the world. 

Ahmad Aspires to be a Coach

Ahmad aspires to be a coach, like Irfan who specializes in weighted pack push-ups and short-time frame exercises. His coach Irfan Mehsood is a serial record breaker himself. Irfan, took to Twitter to congratulate his students and expressed his joy on his victory. 

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