8 BEST Restaurants in Multan: Menus & Contact Info

Restaurants in Multan

Food is a form of art that offers a diverse sensory experience.

Multan is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan and the city is known for its antique shrines; moreover, the city is also known as the city of gold because of the temples located in the area. People of Multan are very friendly, loving and generous; hence you will never feel alone in the city. It has many famous restaurants that can satisfy all your cravings and provide you with the most delicious food. Let’s look into the article and find out about some of the best restaurants in Multan.

Top Restaurants in Multan

After doing a thorough research we have gathered these top 8 restaurants in Multan, where you can visit with your friends and family to enjoy the scrumpalicious meal.

Note: We don’t intend to display any competition between the restaurants as all of them are the best and most well-known in their own ways.

#Restaurants in MultanContact NumberLocation
1Yum Chinese & Thai0311 112210419 A, Gulgasht Town
2Bundu Khan(061) 454011164 Abdali Road Near SP Chowk, Altaf Town
3Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant(061) 454553217B Bohra Street, Saddar Cantt
4London Courtyard0322 224711135A, Gulgasht Colony
5Aangan by LCY0341 111156540-A, Gulgasht Colony
6X2 Restaurant(061) 652220725-A Gulgasht Colony
7ChinaTown & Jade Cafe0348 1115656Adali Colony
8Cafe De Brando(061) 8027860Azmat Wasti Road, Nawan Shehr Chowk

Yum Chinese & Thai

Yum Chinese & Thai Multan
Yum Chinese & Thai Multan – Ambiance

Yum Chinese & Thai has become Multan’s first choice in a very short duration of approximately one year. The restaurant offers delectable Chinese and Thai cuisines. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming where all diners can enjoy their meal comfortably. The vast menu has fulfilling items and seafood including crab, lobster, squid, etc. 

Location: 19 A, Gulgasht Town Multan.

Contact Number: 0311 1122104

Bundu Khan 

Bundu Khan Multan
Bundu Khan Multan – Ambiance

It is one of the most well-known restaurants and is situated in a prime location in Multan. There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas at the restaurant. The space is fully illuminated and furnished with antique furnishings.

The restaurant serves both traditional and authentic foods. They offer regular buffets that are delicious and relatively affordable in addition to its a la carte menu. The restaurant’s specialties include chicken boneless handi, mutton tawa chops, and zafrani mutton leg with almond masala.

Location: 64 Abdali Road Near SP Chowk, Altaf Town, Multan.

Contact Number: (061) 4540111

Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant

Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant Multan
Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant Multan – Ambiance

Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant is a perfect place for continental Chinese cuisine. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the staff provides excellent customer service. You must try the delicious chow mein, hot and sour soup, and kung pao chicken when you visit this place.

Location: 117B Bohra Street, Saddar Cantt, Multan.

Contact Number: (061) 4545532

London Courtyard

London Courtyard Multan
London Courtyard Multan – Ambiance

A casual dining restaurant, London Courtyard serves reasonably priced meals such as Italian food, fast food, pizza, coffee, and desserts.

It is unique due to the modern decor and cuisine. Family and friends enjoy eating there. Their iconic cappuccino, Classic Caesar Salad, Oxford Stuffed Chicken, and of course the molten lava cake are some of the most well-known foods that need mention.

Location: 35A, Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

Contact Number: 0322 2247111

Aangan By LCY

Aangan By LCY Multan
Aangan By LCY Multan – Ambiance

One of Multan’s most opulent and expensive restaurants is Aangan. Everything speaks of refinement and quality, even the interior design and cutlery. Aangan is the place to go if you want to enjoy authentic food in a distinctive and luxurious setting. You must taste the restaurant’s Murgh BBQ, Mutton & Lamb BBQ, Beef BBQ, Taka Tak, and seafood, among other meals.

Location: 40-A, Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

Contact Number: 0341 1111565

X2 Restaurant

X2 Restaurant Multan
X2 Restaurant Multan – Ambiance

The restaurant’s design is modern and minimalist with a hint of elegance. It has a really relaxing and serene atmosphere overall. Both Asian and European cuisine is served at the X2 Restaurant in Multan. This restaurant offers a variety of starters and snacks. In addition to its usual cuisine, the restaurant provides buffets and high tea.

Location: 25-A Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

Contact Number: (061) 6522207

ChinaTown & Jade Cafe

ChinaTown & Jade Cafe Multan
ChinaTown & Jade Cafe Multan – Ambiance

Traditional Szechuan and Thai cuisine is available in a range of tastes and preparation styles in ChinaTown and Jade Caf. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that has been offering a range of cuisines since it opened in 2015. The majority of people enjoy Jade Cafe because of its distinct flavor, all-day breakfast, atmosphere, and range of cuisines.

After a hearty meal, you can enjoy the crunch and sweetness of ChinaTown and Jade Cafe’s fresh and handcrafted bakery items.

Location: Adali Colony, Multan.

Contact Number: 0348 1115656

Cafe De Brando

Cafe De Brando Multan
Cafe De Brando Multan – Ambiance

Cafe De Brando is located on the ground floor of Faletti’s Grand Hotel Multan. It is a modern restaurant with a focus on continental cuisine that offers casual all-day dining. Any time of day is a great time to enjoy Café De Brando. International and local specialties are available for breakfast, while a magnificent buffet or a ‘a la carte menu are available for lunch and dinner.

Location: Azmat Wasti Road, Nawan Shehr Chowk, Multan 

Contact Number: (061) 8027860 

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