15 BEST Restaurants in Rawalpindi: Menus & Booking Info


Pakistani food ranks among some of the most delicious and satisfying cuisines. Rawalpindi, in particular, is becoming a favorite spot for upscale eateries trying to give guests a taste of the nation’s delicacies. 

From spicy mutton karahis to Moghul-inspired kormas and biryanis, we’ve eaten our way through Rawalpindi’s finest restaurants and compiled this list. Satiate your food cravings for the finest cuisine like none other by eating at one of these restaurants.

Best Restaurants in Rawalpindi 

Here is a list of the top fifteen Rawalpindi restaurants that provide exquisite and extensive varieties of food. It’s now time to start working your way through the list.

Sr.NoRestaurants in Rawalpindi Contact NumberAddress
1Mei Kong051 556657732 Haider Rd, Saddar, Rawalpindi
2Bala Tikka House051 5770896Saidpur Rd, Kartar Pura, Rawalpindi
3Monal Downtown051 5130304Murree Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi
4Saffron Restaurant051 4855018Pindi Stadium, Food St, Shamsabad
5Marco Polo 051 111 505 505The Mall, NH 5, Rawalpindi
6Diva051 2541111Jinnah park & Bahria Phase 7
7Asian wok051 8840180Bahria Springs North, Phase 7 
8Tuscany Courtyard051 8440666Bahria Food St, Intellectual Village Bahria Town 
9Bbq tonight0324 5804487Phase 4, Riding Club, Bahria Town
10Kallisto0332 6251111Phase 7 Bahria Town Intellectual Village
11Nandos051 111 626 367Theme Park Avenue, Phase 7 Bahria Town
12Habibi Restaurant051 4855047Cricket Stadium Rd, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi
13Mindanos051 8444450Bahria Food St, phase 7 Bahria Town
14Bin Riaz Grill051 2728200Bahria Town & Satellite Town
15Lasania Restaurant051 5130365Main Murree Rd, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Note: All of the restaurants are famous and best in their own ways, AND we have no intention of showing any competition among them. Purpose of this article is to provide you with helpful information if you are planning on eating out. We have provided menus, and images of all the restaurants, you can pick and try the one you like. 

Mei Kong

The Mei Kong restaurant absolutely dazzles its visitors with a lifetime of flavors, aromas, and textures. Serves authentic Chinese, European, and Pakistani food. Also great is its atmosphere; Be it family get-togethers, lunch dates, or friend reunions,  Mei Kong makes sure that a cozy, calm ambiance is created for all gatherings. So, the next time you are in Rawalpindi, definitely stop by MEI KONG. You are going to have a great dining experience, we guarantee. They promise to deliver wonderful food to their customers in a tranquil, serene setting.

Mei Kong
Mei Kong – Rating

Mei Kong serves Chinese, Thai, and Pakistani food. Some of the delicacies that visitors commonly order here include Chef Special Jumbo Prawns, Royal Mei Kong Chicken, and Fish Cracker.

Must-try: Oyster Fish, Jumbo Prawns

Address: 32 Haider Rd, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Contact Number: 051 5566577

View & Download the Complete Menu of Mei Kong Below:

Bala Tikka House

Located in close proximity to bani chowk, Bala Tikka House offers a beautiful rural ambiance with a modern spin. It is one of the top Pakistani restaurants in terms of taste since the cooks work hard to add a homey touch to every dish. What is more is that the affordable prices along with a courteous and friendly staff act as a cherry on the cake. 

Bala Tikka House
Bala Tikka House – Rating

The restaurant offers a range of classic Pakistani delicacies including namkeen karahi, taka tak, bar b q, dumpakh, maghaz, etc. A couple of Chinese dishes are also available.

Must-try: Chicken Broast, Mutton karahi

Address: Saidpur Rd, Kartar Pura, Rawalpindi

Contact Number: 051 5770896

View & Download the Complete Menu of Bala Tikka House Below:


Located in the thriving area of Rawalpindi Saddar, Monal Downtown is another great food outlet available for you. This restaurant features magnificent indoor and outdoor dining with a panoramic view of the city. If you really want to spend some quality time with your loved ones while enjoying delicious food, this is the place to go. The chefs of Monal Downtown are also highly experienced, which gives all the delicacies a rich flavor. Prepare yourself to feast on some of the most exquisite cuisines! 

Monal – Rating

To suit every palette, the menu of monal includes a wide range of Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Pakistani cuisines.

Must-try: Mutton Champ Masala, Butter Chicken, Thai Chilli Garlic Fish

Address: Murree Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Contact Number: 051 5130304

View & Download the Complete Menu of Monal Restaurant Below:

Saffron Restaurant

Saffron is an award-winning restaurant in Rawalpindi serving the best Pakistani and Chinese cuisine to both locals and visitors. With excellent décor, a lovely setting, quick service, and a broad choice of fast food dishes to provide, this place also rank high on the list of finest fast food restaurants in the city. The rates are affordable too. What’s more, Saffron is among those eateries on Rawalpindi Food Street that are always crowded on Sundays.

Saffron – Rating

The Saffron Restaurant Menu focuses primarily on Chinese and Pakistani cuisine.

Must-Try: Chicken Tikka Biryani, Chowmein

Address: Pindi Stadium, Food St, Shamsabad

Contact Number: 051 4855018

View & Download the Complete Menu of Saffron Restaurant Below:

Marco Polo 

Want to have the finest dining experience? Visit Marco Polo in Saddar Rawalpindi. With a classy and tranquil atmosphere, this restaurant is especially well-liked by the business community. It is a place where you can sit, and talk with your clients comfortably. Other than that, you can also go for it for your dinner date. The ambiance is lovely and the seating is great. Have a romantic evening with your partner here. Along with a stunning royal ambiance, this restaurant also offers a comprehensive menu to its guests. Don’t miss their chicken malai handi especially. 

Marco Polo
Marco Polo – Rating

Must-Try: Mutton handi, chicken malai handi

Address: The Mall, NH 5, Rawalpindi

Contact Number: 051 111 505 505

View & Download the Complete Menu of MarcoPolo Below:


Among the finest desi and continental food restaurants in Rawalpindi, Diva Restaurant is the most preferred location, one should visit. Everything from chicken ginger, murgh karahi, mutton handi, and chapati, to continental dishes like pasta, soup, and salads is homelike, delectable, and authentic. The comfortable atmosphere and quick service are also noteworthy. So, if you’re looking for restaurants in Rawalpindi that provide Pakistani and continental cuisine, you know where to go. Diva has two branches in Rawalpindi—one in Jinnah Park and the other in Bahria Phase 7.

Diva Restuarant
Diva Restuarant – Rating

Must-Try: Punjnad Platter, Special Punjnad Platter, Diva Family Platter

Address: Jinnah Park, Airport Road, Rawalpindi | Phase 7 Bahria Town Intellectual Village, Rawalpindi

Contact Number:  0512541111

View & Download the Complete Menu of Diva Below:

Asian Wok

If you’re looking for authentic Pan-Asian food in Rawalpindi, this is the place to go. Offering the best of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese delights, this place enchants both locals and tourists. The recipes are authentic, tasty, and beautifully presented, which has really helped it become one of Rawalpindi’s most popular restaurants. The ambiance of the restaurant is also pretty sophisticated and calm. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy delicious eating in a beautiful setting with pleasant service at Asian Wok today. 

Asian Wok
Asian Wok – Rating

From sushi and sashimi to prawns and lobsters to thai chicken fried rice and noodles, this restaurant offers all kinds of wholesome and tummy-filling Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine.

Must-Try: Chicken Manchurian, Szechuan Fish

Address: Spring North, Phase 7 Bahria 

Contact Number: 051 8840180

View & Download the Complete Menu of Asian Wok Below:

Tuscany Courtyard

Make sure to stop by Tuscany Courtyard if the foodie inside of you wants to try some Italian food. For quite some time, this restaurant has been delivering the best Italian food to people in Rawalpindi. As for the menu, you can have their paninis, steaks, thin-crust pizza, sandwiches, spaghetti, and hamburgers. What is more, is that Tuscany Courtyard serves a large range of Thai cuisine as well. You should definitely try their shrimp soup, Red Curry, and pad thai if you are a fan of thai food. 

Tuscany Courtyard
Tuscany Courtyard – Rating

Must-try: Polo Passanos, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Fettuccine Alfredo

Address: Bahria Food St, Intellectual Village Bahria Town 

Contact Number: 051 8440666

View & Download the Complete Menu of Tuscany Courtyard Below:

Bbq tonight

This eatery has many features that distinguish it as one of the best in Rawalpindi. For starters, it serves a wide assortment of authentic Pakistani and BarBQ delicacies that are worth trying. Indeed, it is setting new benchmarks for exceptional quality and taste, delivering a diverse range of cuisines to satisfy every flavor and tongue in its own distinct way. So, if the finest dining experience is in your mind, then your quest should end at Bbq tonight. They are situated in Phase 4 of Bahria Town. If you like, you may also have their delicious, high-quality meals delivered straight to your door.

Bbq tonight
Bbq tonight – Rating

Must-try: Seekh kabab, Behari kabab, Chicken Boti

Address: Phase 4 Bahria Town, Riding Club, Street, Rawalpindi

Contact Number:  0324 5804487

View & Download the Complete Menu of BBQ Tonight Below:


With stunning views of Bahria Town, and a magnificent royal setup, the Kallisto Restaurant provides the best dining experience to its customers. It is the pioneer of terraced restaurants in Rawalpindi, offering a diverse range of western and traditional cuisine to satisfy all palates. Choose from the food menu and explore their beverage selection to make the most of your day. Kallisto also has two outdoor seating areas, a rustic coffee shop, and a rooftop lounge in addition to the two main dining rooms. 

Kallisto – Rating

Must-try: Mutton karahi, Steaks, and Pannini

Address: Spring North, Bahria Town Intellectual Village

Contact Number:  0332 6251111

View & Download the Complete Menu of Kallisto Below:


Nandos is an Afro-Portuguese restaurant in Bahria town Rawalpindi.  Nandos makes the best PERi-PERi Flame grilled chicken, and it can beat all the Rawalpindi restaurants in this category. Its superb service has also received many accolades; with a kind, accommodating staff that is always ready to welcome you, it gives you the best atmosphere to dine in. Live music is another alluring aspect of this eatery. Get ready to enjoy some outstanding musical performances while dining on delectable cuisine.

Nandos – Rating

Must-try: Flame-Grilled Chicken

Address: Theme Park Avenue, Phase 7 Bahria Town

Contact Number: 051 111 626 367

View & Download the Complete Menu of Nandos Below:

Habibi Restaurant

For those looking to try desi Pakistani cuisines, Habibi Restaurant is the place to go. From karahi, biryani, nihari, and payee to daal and sabzi, they have all the scrumptious classic Pakistani delicacies waiting for you. What makes Habibi Restaurant set it apart from its rivals is its Minimum profit rates; the prices are reasonable. You can enjoy wonderful and delicious meals at a reasonable price. They also provide dine-in, take-out, and home delivery options.

Habibi Restaurant
Habibi Restaurant – Rating

Must-Try: Madrasi Chicken,  Habibi Special Seafood Platter, Jumbo Prawns

Address: Cricket Stadium Rd, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi

Contact Number: 051 4855047

View & Download the Complete Menu of Habibi Restuarant Below:


Thai, Italian, and Chinese cuisines have found their way into the hearts of Pakistan’s foodies over the years. Every major city in the country has at least one restaurant serving true continental fare. Mindanos is one such example in Rawalpindi. With a meticulously crafted menu, it brings all of the world’s delicacies under one roof. Menu highlights include chicken grilled paninis, Caesar salad, and molten chicken lasagne. Aside from delicious meals, this restaurant provides a relaxing experience with its elegant décor and homey vibe.

Mindanos – Rating

Must-try: cheesy chicken, black pepper beef steak

Address: Bahria Food St, phase 7 Bahria Town

Contact Number: 051 8444450

View & Download the Complete Menu of Mindanos Below:

Bin Riaz Grill

If your heart is craving Pakistani food; Biz Riaz Grill will not fail to impress you. Featuring the most exquisite desi items, this is one of the most popular Pakistani food restaurants in Rawalpindi. Choose from a wide selection of karahi, handi, biryani, and bbq. It also features a comfy setup and provides excellent service. All in all, it should be on your list of eateries to visit while looking for Pakistani food. There is another franchise of Bin Riaz Grill in the satellite town.

Bin Riaz Grill
Bin Riaz Grill – Rating

Must-try: Chilman Biryani, Chicken Cheese Handi

Address: Phase 7 Bahria Town | D-Block, Satellite Town 

Contact Number: 051 2728200

View & Download the Complete Menu of Bin Riaz Grill Below:

Lasania Restaurant

We will conclude our list of the best Rawalpindi eateries with this lively and busy eatery. Situated at Murree road rwp, Lasania Restaurant offers a variety of delectable traditional dishes, seafood, Chinese, and continental dishes to visitors. Some of their popular offerings include Biryani, chowmien, maghaz, soups, and salads. What adds to their uniqueness is the atmosphere. With an elegant chandelier, comfortable lighting, and soft chairs, this space is the perfect place to dine in.

Lasania Restaurant
Lasania Restaurant – Rating

Must-try:  Definitely try their freshly cooked chicken makhni handi! 

Address: Sehgal Plaza, Murree Rd, Saddar

Contact Number: 051 5130365

View & Download the Complete Menu of Lasania Restaurant Below:


Rawalpindi boasts a wide range of restaurants to please every taste bud. In this article, we listed 15 locations that, according to popularity and high ratings, offer the most scrumptious food to both locals and visitors. We encourage you to explore all these services yourself to select your favorite!

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