10 Restaurants in Sialkot Every Foodie Should Know About

restaurants in Sialkot

If you are planning a family event or a chill time out with friends, here are 10 restaurants in Sialkot that can make your day. 

We have listed the menu and contact info of each restaurant, so you can easily pick the one that suits you. 

Restaurants in Sialkot

Below are 10 popular restaurants in Sialkot that should be on your bucket list. We have added famous restaurants with positive ratings. 

Note: The list is just for reference as we believe that each restaurant is unique in its own way. 

#Restaurants in SialkotContact Number Address
1Grandiose’ Restaurant (052) 4295999Aziz Shaheed Road, Sialkot
2Frangoz Cafe(052) 4294400Mahmood Ghaznavi Road, Sialkot
3The Kitchen Garden(0300) 2715559Chaprar Road, Country Club, Diamond City, Sialkot
4Cape de Champs(0333) 6646507Sialkot Cantt, Mirza Afzal Road, Sialkot
5Grill n Thrill(052) 4566183Cantonment Plaza, Grill N Thrill, Sialkot
6Boissons Cafe(0301) 2647766Khawaja Safdar Road, Boissons Cafe, Sialkot
7Taboosh(052) 3560001Shahabpura Road, Taboosh restaurant, Sialkot
8Allah Malik(052) 4588138Allama Iqbal Chowk, Khawaja Safdar Road, Cantt Sialkot
9Silver Spoon(052) 4269393Aziz Shaheed Road, Silver Spoon restaurant, Sialkot Cantt, Sialkot
10Mei Kong(052) 4269993Ghalib Road, V Mall, Sialkot Cantt, Sialkot

Now let’s explore each restaurant in Sialkot in detail. 

1. Grandiose’ Restaurant

Grandiose' Restaurant

From mouthwatering Hyderabadi mutton karahi to juicy BBQ, Grandiose is the best place for dine-in with friends and family in Sialkot. 

They serve Pakistani, Pan Asian, Chinese and Italian dishes, with a range of live-cooked dishes as well to feast to your heart’s content. 

Their atmosphere, decor, and ambiance are commendable and it’s a decent place for a classy gathering. 

Address: Aziz Shaheed Road, Sialkot

Contact Number: (052) 4295999

2. Frangoz Cafe

Frangoz Cafe

Popular for its juicy steaks, delicious sandwiches, tempting pastries, and healthy salads, frangoz is the place to go for a cozy vibe and great food. 

Their ambiance, decor, and setting are ideal for families and you should visit the place at least once to try it out yourself. 

Address: Mahmood Ghaznavi Road, Sialkot

Contact Number: (052) 4294400

3. The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden is a venue with pleasing decor, nature vibes, and tasty delights. It is great for both parties and casual events and the place is wheelchair/stroller accessible. 

You can book the venue for birthdays, bridal showers, and anniversaries and they will provide you with the best refreshments and decor to make your day memorable. 

Wheelchairs are available at the venue as well and there is reserved parking for the handicapped & the elderly to make sure every member of the society is equally accommodated. 

Address: Chaprar Road, Country Club, Diamond City, Sialkot

Contact Number: (0300) 2715559

4. Cafe de Champs

Cafe de Champs

In only a few months, Cafe de Champs made a name for itself. Along with quality, their atmosphere and timely service speak loudly about their priorities, making the venue a must-visit. 

The place offers burgers, pasta, BBQ, seafood, Pan Asian dishes, and much more. Their staff is well versed with the dishes and the restaurant offers great value for money. 

Address: Sialkot Cantt, Mirza Afzal Road, Sialkot. 

Contact Number: (0333) 6646507

5. Grill n Thrill

Grill n Thrill

Want to visit a low-key place, with mouth-watering BBQ, roll parathas, shawarmas, and Taka Tak? 

If so, Grill n Thrill in Sialkot is the place to go. The place offers indoor and outdoor dining experiences and is the ideal venue for students looking for a pocket-friendly diner. 

Address: Cantonment Plaza, Grill N Thrill, Sialkot

Contact Number: (052) 4566183

6. Boissons Cafe

Boissons Cafe

Located in the center of Sialkot, the Boissons Cafe is a great venue for family gatherings. 

Their breakfast items, tea, and platters are worth a try and their staff and ambiance are commendable. If you want to dine in alone, at a safe place, you can definitely visit this cafe as it’s mostly quite crowded. 

Address: Khawaja Safdar Road, Boissons Cafe, Sialkot

Contact Number: (0301) 2647766 

7. Taboosh


Taboosh is a Pakistani and Chinese restaurant located in Sialkot. Their BBQ and Desi cuisine are quite popular, and you should also try out their soups. 

Their service is efficient and their staff is very professional as they believe in building long-term customer relations. 

Address: Shahabpura Road, Taboosh restaurant, Sialkot. 

Contact Number: (052) 3560001

Menu: Call for details. 

8. Allah Malik

Allah Malik

Allah Malik is a famous restaurant located in Sialkot serving delicious & high-quality food. They serve pizzas, burgers, continental, and Desi and offer discount deals on various occasions. 

Address: Allama Iqbal Chowk, Khawaja Safdar Road, Cantt Sialkot

Contact Number: (052) 4588138

9. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon Restaurant

Established in 1987, the Silverspoon Restaurant serves Pakistani, Continental, and Chinese food and is located in the heart of Sialkot city. 

The restaurant provides the best service to customers and they always try their best to maintain a high-quality standard of food. 

Address: Aziz Shaheed Road, Silver Spoon restaurant, Sialkot Cantt, Sialkot

Contact Number: (052) 4269393

10. Mei Kong

Mei Kong

Mei Kong is a popular Chinese restaurant chain in Pakistan with one of its branches in Sialkot. 

They offer authentic Chinese taste and also serve Continental and Thai cuisines. Their ambiance and the vibe of the place are truly captivating and if you are in the city, you should try it out. 

Address: Ghalib Road, V Mall, Sialkot Cantt, Sialkot

Contact Number: (052) 4269993

Final Words 

In this article, we explored 10 restaurants in Sialkot that every foodie should consider. We added their menu, and contact details so you can better decide which venue to visit. 

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